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In the original Lavos timeline, the early humans still witness the Fall of Lavos, and name him Lavos as a result. Ages later Lavos' power is tapped into in the kingdom of Zeal. Presumably the Fall of Zeal happens much as in the keystone timeline, with survivors living among the Earthbound. Knowledge of Lavos should be intact up until this point. The survivors of Zeal know for a fact it exists, and the Earthbound should too, even if they've never directly felt its power. All of them should be aware that Lavos is still there, deep inside the planet's core.

Yet somewhere, over the course of 13,000 years, this knowledge was lost. It seems like it wasn't even reduced to a legend, because nobody in 600 AD or 1000 AD even refers to it as such. If humanity had known about Lavos' existence, I feel like somewhere down the line they could have staged an admirably pre-emptive attack, or even a defense in anticipation of its impact. Yet by 1999, the world was caught completely off guard.

How was this knowledge lost throughout the ages? Did the surviving Zealians and Earthbound not think to warn future generations of the danger sleeping deep inside the planet?

It's especially strange considering Melchior was displaced to 1000 AD, so they had a Zealian alive and well in the present day era who had been fully capable of warning the world about the threat Lavos posed. Yet he seemingly sat idly by as the world lived in ignorance until the Day of Destruction.

So in the year 2300 AD Lavos sits atop Death Peak where it reproduces asexually, creating Lavos Spawns that eventually are supposed to take off and continue the cycle.

Mother Brain states that, given enough time, the planet will heal. Question is, is that possible as long as Lavos still lives? What happens to it once its "purpose" is complete? Does it live forever on the surface of the planet, or does it leave the planet after some time to find different planets? Or, does it simply die after a certain amount of time?

What do you think?

First off... in 600 AD, Guardia is ruled by King Guardia XXI and Queen Leene. In 1000 AD, it is ruled by King Guardia XXXIII and his wife was the late Queen Aliza.

Is "King Guardia" a title, or a name? As in, are all the Guardia kings from the same bloodline? And going by those numbers behind them, there have been 12 different kings in 400 years... isn't that straight up impossible? 400 divided by 12 is a little over 33... so in order for that to work every single king after Guardia XXI had to have passed on the throne around the age of 33. Seems extremely unlikely to say the very least.

Also... Lucca's little display to Crono shows that Nadia has descended from a long line of queens of Guardia. But... in both 600 and 1000 AD, it seems that the king was mainly in charge. And if Guardia is a name, then doesn't that mean King Guardia XXXIII is a descendant from a long line of male heirs all the way from 600 AD? Which makes Nadia a product of... incest?

Maybe I'm thinking about it in the wrong way. The fact that there's been 12 generations of kings in merely 400 years, when humans tend to live to 80-100 confuses me. The only way it works is if there have been some very unfortunate Guardia kings who died of extremely young age due to disease or being killed in action. But since it doesn't seem like there has been much conflict since the Mystic war, that latter one seems unlikely.

So Chrono Cross has no option to sort weapons, armor, or accessories. That always bothered me, and one day, having played the game so many times I had nothing else to do in it, I decided to make a meticulous plan to get a sorted weapons inventory. I'm assuming the RD Edition also won't have this option, so it should work for that too.

Note that this is just for weapons, but you can also do it for armor and accessories. However, those are much easier, because unlike with weapons, there aren't any armors in the game that can't be disassembled, and they can be equipped on anyone (with some female / child size exclusive exceptions). Accessories are even easier because you can equip three of them on every character (excluding helmets). If you want to do this, I leave it up to you to figure out which armors and accessories are unique and one of a kind that you probably shouldn't miss.

Anyway, here's my guide for the weapons part. Please let me know if you spot any contradictions or errors. I have done it successfully myself on my PS1 copy of CC, but I don't know if I wrote all my steps down correctly.

You can go with any order of weapon types you want. But personally, and for the sake of this guide, I’m going with:

Kitchen Utensils

IMPORTANT NOTE: As you progress through the game certain weaker types of weapons cannot be forged anymore. It’s best to forge everything you can as soon as possible so have at least one of each. Try not to disassemble the weaker weapon tiers, just spread them out on characters you don’t use much.

One of the goals of this savegame is to recruit every character. Recruit every character you can whenever you can, except for Janice. You don’t want Janice until the time is right.

Start a New Game
Recruit Poshul
Save before fighting Karsh
If Karsh drops Bone Axe continue, otherwise reload until you get it
Do not let Kid join you
Save before choosing Viper Manor guide
Choose Pierre as guide
Make a separate save with Pierre in party
Load save before choosing Viper Manor guide
Choose Nikki as guide
Make a separate save with Nikki in party
Load save before choosing Viper Manor guide
Choose Guile as guide and continue. You want Guile because the Porcelain Rod is his starting weapon and that’s the only way you can get it in the game.
Save before choosing to save Kid or not
Don’t save Kid, recruit Glenn, Macha and Doc (DON’T SAVE THE GAME UNTIL ALL ARE RECRUITED)
Make a separate save with Glenn, Macha and Doc in party
Load save before choosing to save Kid or not
Save Kid, recruit Korcha, Razzly and Mel (DON’T BRING RAZZLY TO HYDRA FIGHT) and continue
Save before fighting Dead Head
If you steal Bronze Axe from Dead Head continue, otherwise reload until you get it
After becoming Lynx and recruiting Harle, make a separate save with Harle in party

DO NOT RECRUIT JANICE. Recruiting Janice will net you the (right now) useless Carrot weapon only she can equip and cannot be disassembled, and after a New Game+ you’ll still have it (or even multiple) which ruins the whole thing.
DO NOT DO MASTERMUNE QUEST. You only get one Sea Swallow in the game, and doing Mastermune takes it away permanently.
DO NOT COLLECT VIPER’S VENOM. Viper’s Venom can only be equipped on Viper and can’t be disassembled,
DO NOT COLLECT RAZZLY’S LVL 7 TECH. It gives you the Floral Rod which can only be equipped on her and can’t be disassembled.
DO NOT COLLECT PLASMA PISTOL YET. Plasma Pistol can only be equipped on two characters and can not be disassembled.

After obtaining the Chrono Cross, make a separate save with Chrono Cross in inventory
Make a separate save before Terra Tower
Save the game right before TD

Before beating the game or doing anything else, you should forge, equip and disassemble weapons until you have these in this order:

   ⁃   Sea Swallow
   ⁃   Copper Swallow
   ⁃   Steel Swallow
   ⁃   Silver Swallow
   ⁃   Stone Swallow
   ⁃   Spectra Swallow
   ⁃   Ivory Dagger
   ⁃   Bronze Dagger
   ⁃   Iron Dagger
   ⁃   Mythril Dagger
   ⁃   Prism Dagger
   ⁃   Bone Axe
   ⁃   Bronze Axe
   ⁃   Iron Axe
   ⁃   Silver Axe
   ⁃   Stone Axe
   ⁃   Rainbow Axe
   ⁃   Great Hammer
   ⁃   Ferrous Gun
   ⁃   Argent Gun
   ⁃   Denadorite Gun
   ⁃   Spectral Gun
   ⁃   Shockwave Gun

After you have this, COLLECT THE PLASMA PISTOL. Then continue forging / equipping disassembling to get:

   ⁃   Bone Glove
   ⁃   Bronze Glove
   ⁃   Iron Glove
   ⁃   Mythril Glove
   ⁃   Granite Glove
   ⁃   Spectral Glove
   ⁃   Silver Staff
   ⁃   Stone Staff
   ⁃   Spectral Staff
   ⁃   Steelerang
   ⁃   Silverang
   ⁃   Rockerang
   ⁃   Prismarang
   ⁃   Spatula Ca20
   ⁃   Besom Cu29
   ⁃   Ladle Fe26
   ⁃   Frypan Ag47
   ⁃   Saucepan SiO2
   ⁃   Crystalpan C6

DO NOT beat the game before you at least have these sorted. You can only ever have one character who can equip Swallows, and after a New Game+ you will have 2 Sea Swallows which can’t be sold or destroyed in any way.

After Kitchen Utensils there’s nothing more you can do right now, the next weapon you need is Bone Sword which can only be gotten through recruiting Pierre.

Beat the game
Save the “cleared game” on a separate save
Continue+ on Pierre save
Beat the game, overwrite “cleared game” save
Continue+ on one of your saved games where you have access to Viper’s Venom. Make sure Bone Sword is first after Kitchen Utensils, then get:

   ⁃   Bronze Sword
   ⁃   Steel Sword
   ⁃   Silver Sword
   ⁃   Stone Sword
   ⁃   Spectral Sword

Go whoop the Mystic Trio at the Bend of Time to get Slasher
Collect Viper’s Venom
Now forge / collect the Rods in your inventory in this order:

   ⁃   Porcelain Rod
   ⁃   Brass Rod
   ⁃   Iron Rod
   ⁃   Mythril Rod
   ⁃   Denadorite Rod
   ⁃   Rainbow Rod

Collect Razzly’s level 7 tech and get the Floral Rod
Now get:

   ⁃   Bronze Shot
   ⁃   Steel Shot
   ⁃   Silver Shot
   ⁃   Stone Shot
   ⁃   Prism Pellets
   ⁃   Private Deck
   ⁃   Pack of Lies
   ⁃   Bronze Lure
   ⁃   Iron Lure
   ⁃   Mythril Lure
   ⁃   Stone Lure
   ⁃   Prism Lure

Next you need Porcelain Pick. Only place to get it in the game is recruiting Nikki.
Beat the game, overwrite “cleared game” save
Continue+ on Nikki save
Beat the game, overwrite “cleared game” save
Continue+ on one or more of your saved games as you need to collect / forge all the remaining Picks
Beat the game, overwrite “cleared game” save
Continue+ on Glenn, Macha and Doc save
Beat the game, overwrite “cleared game” save
Continue+ on Harle save
Beat the game, overwrite “cleared game” save
Continue+ on before TD save
Use Chrono Cross to get characters from separate saves (you should have all characters EXCEPT Janice)
Recruit Janice, beat the game and overwrite
Continue+ on before Terra Tower save
You should now have Carrot at the bottom of your weapon list
Go through Terra Tower and collect Betta Carrotene, which should go below Carrot
Congratulations, you have all characters and a perfectly sorted weapons list.

I've been wanting to try this out in a fresh playthrough (maybe RD Edition), but I wonder. Normally you'd pick up the Heavy Skull first, and then every time you collect a part Skelly has some dialogue. But what if you decline Skelly's request to take his skull, then collect it later when you have all the other parts? Does it just skip immediately to the dialogue of him piecing himself together? Is there a time limit where you can't collect the Heavy Skull anymore? I'm 99% sure you can always go back and take it anyway after declining him first...

Fan Art / Chrono Cross wallpaper update
« on: February 10, 2022, 06:47:49 pm »
I think ages ago I posted a Chrono Cross wallpaper here that I made. To celebrate the remaster I kinda remade that. Found a pretty clean version of the Cross logo, so used that instead, added some shots, and made it for a higher resolution. It can be kinda tough to find decent Chrono Cross wallpapers, so maybe some of you will find this useful.

I wanna make some CC videos, it'd be really cool if there was a way to toggle the UI and damage numbers on or off during battle. Does anyone know if such a thing is possible?

Never really thought about that, but why would it disable the Prometheus circuit? The Prometheus circuit was built so that once Serge made contact with the Frozen Flame, the circuit would activate and block access from anyone who's not Serge. If that's true, then why would simply killing Serge disable it? We're talking about technology, its programming wouldn't magically change even if it could somehow sense that Serge had died.

Or are we to assume that Wazuki drowned Serge and then dragged his 7 year old corpse back to Chronopolis to unlock the Flame?

9 would be a smash hit. There's still plenty of people who know what Chrono Trigger is, and I feel like even casual fans would watch that. Especially coupled with how succesful the Castlevania anime is, and also the wave that the Dragon Ball franchise is currently riding. I feel like even Dragon Ball fans who haven't played Trigger would watch this because it looks like Dragon Ball.

I don't think it'll ever happen, but I think it would be very succesful if it did. A long time has passed, but so what? After Dragon Ball GT, nobody ever thought a new Dragon Ball anime would ever happen, even though fans hoped and hoped for years. It's never too late.

One can dream, I guess.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / What if Magus had been in Chrono Cross?
« on: February 15, 2020, 10:06:34 am »
I think many fans share one mutual regret about Chrono Cross: That Magus was planned as a character, but ultimately scrapped in lieu of Cross' extensive and colorful cast of randomly recruited party members.

So... Let's imagine for a minute that that wasn't the case. What if Chrono Cross had had a more compressed character roster, one of them being Magus? How would the story in Chrono Cross have changed? What would have been Magus' storyline, his character arc? Where would we have found him and where would the story have taken him?

Even though there's still snow everywhere, the water is not frozen, so I guess it's not below zero? Maybe the ice age was already in the process of ending? What do you think? How cold is it really in 12,000 BC (not including Zeal)?

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Is there anyone else who...
« on: May 31, 2018, 02:45:27 am »
...Always changes Frog's name to Glenn when playing Chrono Trigger?

He's the only character I rename. Glenn is his real name, and he never chose the name "Frog" when he was changed into a frog. He still just used his regular name, which is Glenn. It just seems stupid to me to call him Frog.

There are others in the game who have other names, but I leave them alone. Robo's original "name" is Prometheus or R66-Y, but when you meet him he doesn't remember Prometheus (I think, and it's too long anyway) and he seems okay with being given a new name. Marle's name is really Nadia, but she chose the name Marle for herself to escape the royalty life. Magus' name is really Janus, but he himself changed it to Magus when he became the leader of the mystics. And since you recruit Magus late in the game, and he's referred to throughout the entire game as Magus, it makes no sense to change it back to Janus. Plus, he's a completely different person now.

Anyone else who changes names?

After charging up Schala's pendant, one of the things you can do is open up those pesky sealed doors you encountered earlier. In 2300 AD. Behind one of those is the Epoch. While it would make sense that Belthasar has the know-how to create a sealed door, it doesn't explain the others. Since they are located in domes, they must have been placed after their construction, which would be at least a couple thousand years after the fall of Zeal.

These sealed doors also can only be opened using Schala's pendant. Since Schala's pendant seemed long lost at that point of time, I don't even know how that works. Did the people in the future construct sealed doors that they would never be able to open afterwards? What's the purpose of that? And is it even possible to accomplish that without help of Enlightened Ones?

Why would sealed doors from such an ancient time period exist in the far future? Surely Belthasar did not visit several domes and installed sealed doors inside of them?

So in 1010 AD, the dimensions were split and Serge was saved as planned by Kid and Belthasar. But in Another World, FATE was succesful in completely warping Wazuki into Lynx and making him its servant. Even though Serge was succesfully drowned in Another World, the existence of Serge in Home World still denied FATE access to the Frozen Flame. FATE reasoned Serge would eventually cross the dimensions, but by 1015 AD, FATE (or Lynx) got impatient and hunted down Lucca to have her disable the Prometheus circuit. This endeavor was unsuccesful.

Then, in 1020 AD, very soon after Serge has crossed the dimensions, Lynx's men are at his throat. The capture attempt fails, and after Serge and pals invade Viper Manor they manage to escape him once again. Lynx seems visibly upset by this. Then at Fort Dragonia Lynx finally managed to do the body switch with Serge.

What I'm trying to establish is, it seems like either FATE or Lynx were very impatient and eager to regain access to the Frozen Flame as soon as possible.

However, after Lynx has completed the body switch and obtained everything FATE needed to have access once again, all of this haste seems to disappear. Afterwards, for some reason, Lynx (or "Dark Serge") seems to be terrorizing the people of Arni and El Nido. Why would FATE want to do that? Isn't its purpose to create a peaceful utopia?

Even if we regard the endings involving Lynx as non-canon, by the time Serge makes it to Home World Fort Dragonia (which took forever), Lynx STILL hasn't returned to Chronopolis.

But that's not all. Even when he finally does make it back to Chronopolis, he seems to be waiting for Serge's arrival. Why is Lynx so obsessed with challenging Serge all the time? He went out of his way to have several battles with him when he didn't need to. In the end, he tells Serge to show him "What it means to be alive".

Now Lynx was essentially FATE's arms and legs, and to some degree he had some free will. Was all of this Lynx's decision? Or was it FATE itself that sought to challenge Serge?

In most traditional RPGs of the time, and even some later ones, four party members was the standard. Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest being the best examples.

I've never put much thought into it, but from a developer's perspective, I wonder why they chose to have three party members at a time. The battle system in Chrono Trigger was certainly a bit more ambitious than your standard turn-based battle system, but I don't think that made it impossible to have one more character on the screen. So I believe this was a design choice, not a technical limitation.

Perhaps they felt having four characters present at all times made it more difficult to give everyone something to say in cutscenes, or perhaps they wanted less clutter in battles. What do you guys think?

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