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Crimson Echoes / I'm back
« on: October 09, 2005, 11:14:08 am »
Hey everyone, first of all, let me apologize deeply for my absence.  Several things have gotten in the way of me getting here regularly to do anything at all.

First, my workplace has cracked down on Internet use, and I used to do a lot of Compendium-browsing at work.  So that's hindered me.

Second, Hurricane Rita.  My girlfriend/almost-fiance Katie lives in Houston and needed a place to stay that week, so of course she came up here.  She also just needed some emotional support as she continues on with some new plans in her life...  She finished high school early (finished last week actually) and started to attend massage therapy school...  Which puts her on track with her plans to move up here around January.  So I've been spending a lot of time with her, either in person or on the phone.

On top of that, there's the CT Remake Petition and all that jazz; plus a friend of mine recently suggested starting a private server of Lineage ][, so I've been checking into some numbers on that...  (By the way if anyone would like to help out with donations to get us up and running there, my PayPal address is  Bigger donations will also net you more power in the game when we get launched ;))

So now, hopefully I will have a little more time for this place. :)  I'll just have to discipline myself to keep coming here and check on things and all that. :)  (Previously I was having to discipline myself NOT to, because I knew if I came here I'd be sitting and making replies for 3-4 hours!)

Who's ready to work?

Crimson Echoes / Standards of communication and testing
« on: September 08, 2005, 11:02:21 pm »
DDK: These guidelines are a bit old, and I don't *think* these forums are closed off anymore. They might be, but I forget. Oh well. In any case, we're still following these guidelines, except with an extension of leaking powers to me, understandable with Jake's absence.

Seeing how a lot of the plot is posted in that 35-page thread and the final pieces of the plot will be revealed to the Dream Team soon, I need for each of you to remember a few things as we go about the production.  Some of these have to do with plot, others with beta testing.  In any case...

Keep quiet about what's going on, and handle public relations through interviews or "press" releases
This includes plot, advancements made in technology (such as managing to implement the MP3 support I've discussed in another thread, or if we manage to implement Schala as a PC), etc.  This forum is closed off for a reason.  While I will intentionally leak VERY small hints at something in a setting other than a press release, I should be the only one doing the leaking.  Cool?  Good.  Moving on...

-Be ruthless and unforgiving when beta testing
You know those games where you play them intentionally the wrong way just to see if you can break them?  Go where you're not supposed to.  You'll know what (not) to do.

-Explore every possible opportunity available
While this goes hand-in-hand with what I mentioned above, it needs to be underscored.  Every time the game turns your Explore Mode on, get out of wherever you are so you don't trigger the next event, and go explore the whole world that's available to you.  Does an town NPC say something that should be changed in the context of where the storyline is at this time?  When you exit and re-enter the area where the storyline is taking place, does the storyline start up as if you had never been in the room before?  (In other words, do certain events repeat?)

-Publicize on the forum and subject to peer review every development, to include any modifications to the ROM or alterations to the plot, to ensure the entire project is a collective effort and not a fragmented tug of war.
There are a multitude of reasons for this.  One of the foremost, as I just stated above, is to keep everyone moving in the same direction.  Another major reason for this policy is because we do have a limited amount of space in which to convey our vision of Chrono Break.  Therefore, we will need to watch out for unnecessary maps and areas.  If we keep those to a minimum, we won't have to reduce the size of a major dungeon or anything like that.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Does anyone have screenshots of...
« on: September 05, 2005, 05:37:52 pm »
Hey, I never got to the Bend Of Time in New Game+ on CC, so I never saw or fought Ozzie, Flea, and Slash on there.  How did they look?  Did they translate well from 2D to 3D?  Does anyone have screenshots of them in the field screen and battle screen?

Crimson Echoes / Improving on CT's sound
« on: September 04, 2005, 12:40:09 am »
OK, what I have here is an idea for improving CT's sound...namely, by adding in better (non-synthesized) music, and having at least the ability to do our own sound effects.  This would give us a great deal more control over the player's reactions since we'd be unlimited in what we can do on sound.

It'd probably be a huge pain in the butt (in fact, I know it would), but tell me what you think, would it be worth the trouble, and above all, CAN we do it?

A standard emulator is designed to play any SNES game, and output the sounds of that game based on the values of the stuff it's told to play.  Of course this means that if the value it's told to play is 02, it plays "Chrono Trigger," song 02, out of the ROM.

But what if an emulator was made SPECIFICALLY for Crimson Echoes?  It would read the ROM as any decent emu would, but when it's told to play song 02, it wouldn't necessarily go to that corresponding place in memory, but would instead reach for, say, 02.mp3 or something along those lines.  The emulator could read other files besides just the ROM, enabling us to use our own music.  Since it's for this game only, we could even go so far as to have the emulator watch one certain address in the game, and when the value of the address is, as said before, 02, it might play 02.mp3 from the same directory.  Does that make sense?

So now the questions, as I said before, are:
What do you think of this?
Would it be worth the trouble?
Do you think the ZSNES or SNES9X team would be willing to help create this modification to their emulators?
Can we even do it?  As in, do we have the coding expertise to make it happen?

If so, we could really bring down the house with this...  Claado Shou and his team could go NUTS on it!  Thoughts?

Crimson Echoes / Crimson Echoes Wiki
« on: September 03, 2005, 08:50:58 pm »
I don't know much about building the various pages of a wiki, but ZeaLitY is letting us use Herograw for the areas we need.  So what we're going to do, I think, is list the main pages of the wiki right here, which will link further into the data.

This will have a list of the various chapters of Crimson Echoes.  The list will have links to a separate page for each chapter, and we can organize and modify the plot inside there.

We all know about the main characters like the PCs and other basic ones.  This page will be primarily used to give data on new characters (like King Zeal, etc), their ultimate fate in the end, etc.  Also, since we don't need to know the basics about people like the PCs, the data on their pages will be more centered around their ultimate fate (such as Schala being sent to the DBT by trying to save her father from the Chrono Break).

This will contain a list of the PCs, with a link on each PC leading to his/her weapon list.  The page for each character's weapon list will have that weapon's attributes.

This will list armors, organized by type (helmet, body, accessory).  Or maybe each type will have its own page...  I'm not sure how this one needs to be organized.  Anyway, each armor will list its attributes as well as who can equip it.

For other stuff that needs to be included in the Wiki (I KNOW there's more, like probably changelogs and lists of areas mapped and needing to be mapped), let me know and I'll get those added here.  Let's get organized...

Also, one of my big objectives from the start is to dismantle that 35-page-long thread and get all its information distributed into the Wiki in some form or another.  So people, please start working through it post-by-post, adding data as needed, and overwriting data as things got changed in the thread. :)  Mention it in this thread when you've completed a certain page of posts by transferring their info to the wiki, and we will start deleting posts and making that thread shorter until we've cleared it. :)

Crimson Echoes / Question about replacing graphics
« on: September 03, 2005, 03:26:32 pm »
Hey all, I have a quick question on this...  I'm really into the ideas of characters having a couple of different costumes throughout the game, and would like to have at least two different, fully-animated sets of graphics of Crono and maybe Lucca as well.  However, we're sorely limited in graphics space because each era requires a whole different set of NPC graphics, and so on.  BUT, can we replace terrain graphics with character graphics?  Ie, the graphic that has the Black Omen Summit...since that wouldn't likely be reused in Crimson Echoes, can that be replaced to make a little more room for character graphics?

In case anyone's wondering, I'd just like to have a costume set where Crono has sort of a kingly cape thing going on (reminiscent of the Kingdom Hearts version of Cloud), and maybe a set for Lucca without her helmet, etc.  I think I had previously mentioned a few other sets a few months ago (Marle in tight black Kevlar for that Kevlar Suit ^_^), but these are just two that I'd be particularly interested in seeing.  Heck, Lucca could even get contacts from the new future and end up looking like a hottie! :lol:  Of course, there'd probably be a Nu you could talk to in Chronopolis that would let you switch between any costumes you have available, something like that.  Anyway, thoughts and ideas on this?

General Discussion / I'm just wondering...
« on: August 19, 2005, 08:37:38 am »
This is a question about Christian videogames (or the potential for them) but the question is for non-Christians here too.

If there were decent (meaning, entertaining) videogames that contain strong, overt, plainly Christian content, who here would play them?  Further...if you're a Christian, would you play them because of the content?  If you're not a Christian, would you play them in SPITE of the content?  Would you say that it's just like every other religious overtone in games and you wouldn't care that it's in there?

This is a good opportunity to discuss the stance your parents might take on games too.  Personally my parents have always been against stuff like RPGs that Square makes and so on...but they've known I'm mature enough to handle stuff like that.  As for Christian games...the ones I've seen (mostly on PC) are just inexcusably lame beyond compare.  However, I've always suspected that the market for them is there...just no quality product on that market.

Your thoughts?

I vaguely questioned them about what might provoke them to issue a C&D, and the guy (his name was Carl) was clearly reading from some prewritten answer about if a site contains copyrighted material, then it's against their policy and they will take appropriate action, blah blah blah.

Now that policy technically puts every "Chrono" thing you see on the Internet (fans sites, Compendium and all) as being against policy and legally worthy of getting a C&D order.  I told him there are hundreds of Chrono fansites on the Internet, all using something at least as basic as the game's logo, a screenshot or a piece of Toriyama's concept art.  Would even sites such as that be against policy and worthy of a C&D order?  Carl responded by essentially repeating what he said earlier...damn robot.  I didn't press any further, seeing how I was getting nowhere.

So I think it's just the more prominent Chrono stuff that centers around projects (CTR, CTRP) that get those things.  Now the question is...the two examples I just cited were meant to be a game in and of themselves (even though CTRP was actually a giant mod for Unreal Tournament)...  But would an ongoing project like this one get a C&D?  We're not making a game, but this would be arguably more visible and well-known than your average random spoof...  Meh...

I, for one, will not back down until such a letter arrives at my doorstep, but I suggest we might think about making access to the files (and even the site) password-protected.  That way, from outside the passworded area, it looks like a basic, badly built, overambitious fansite.  On the INSIDE...COOLNESS. ^_^

If we do that, we shouldn't just post the password on the forum or should be distributed in like, mass PMs to each other and stuff.  I don't want a Squenix guy getting a hold of it, so I can basically try and field requests that way.  Fortunately they'll only need the password once, and it probably won't be anything hard to remember.  Anyway, that's my thought.

Kajar Laboratories / Audition Thread for CT Flash Series
« on: August 10, 2005, 05:01:35 pm »
Hey everyone, this is where you need to come if you're interested in auditioning as a voice for the CT Flash Series...  We need voice samples galore!  Feel free to send in a sample of yourself doing the sample lines for each character you are interested in playing.  (Email samples to  So yes, you can audition for multiple characters.

Between WAV or MP3, I prefer MP3, but if you're not sure how to make one, then a WAV is fine. :)  The characters available are listed below.  (I have to leave for work now, but I'll add more lines later.)

Try to audition first for characters who appear earlier on, ok?  In other words, if you plan to audition for Queen Zeal, try to audition for Lucca or Queen Leene as well. :)

Crono -- Already cast
Nadia Guardia/Marle -- Already cast
Lucca Ashtear -- Already cast
Frog/Glenn -- Mine name is Glenn!  Cyrus' hopes and dreams, and now the Masamune...forthwith I shall slay Magus...and restore honor!
Robo -- Understood.  Madam Lucca fixed me.
Ayla -- No!  Ayla like Kino BEST!  No more do bad stuff, okay?  That wrong!
Janus Zeal/Magus -- Behold, everything is at the bottom of the sea.  Gone is the magical Kingdom of Zeal, and all the dreams and ambitions of its people.

65M BC
Azala -- Already cast
Kino -- You strong, me weak.  Ayla good chief!

12,000 BC
Belthasar -- So to you -- YOU, who have opened the door! -- I leave things in your hands.  Only by mastering time itself do you stand a chance against Lavos.
Dalton -- Already cast
Gaspar -- The Guru of Time, eh?  ...Now what would you want with him?
Masa/Mune -- I wanna be the wind, Masa!  ...Oh, you will someday, Mune.  Sister Doreen's at Enhasa again...  That's 'cause she likes dreams.  I like the wind better!  Whoosh...
Melchior -- The Masamune is made of Dreamstone...  But you can't get it anymore.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been available for a VERY long time.
Schala Zeal -- The black wind...  Janus, you feel it too?  Don't worry, it'll be all right.  I wish I could stay with you...but Mother has other plans.
Young Janus -- The black wind howls...  You...  One among you...will shortly perish.
Zeal -- For you, there will be no tomorrow!  Fate has led you here, and here you will perish!

600 AD
Chancellor -- Already cast
Chef -- Heh.  That's what you get for thinking you're the only ones fighting for your country!
Cyrus -- R-run, Glenn...  The queen...  Protect...Queen Leene.
Flea -- What the...Hey, I'm a GUY!  ...Male, female, what's the difference?  Power is beautiful, and I have power!
Fiona -- My husband Marco hasn't returned yet from the war against Magus.  I'm doing my best to preserve what's left of this forest.
King Guardia XXI -- Sir!  I understand that you are the one who saved my dear wife, the queen.  But can you tell me what happened?  Leene is acting...rather odd.
Knight Captain -- *outraged*  Stop your SNIVELING!  It shames the Knights of the Square Table!
Ozzie -- Already cast
Queen Guardia XXI/Leene -- Already cast
Slash -- That's SLASH, you slimy dolt.  Hmph.  Beat me once, shame on you.  Beat me twice, shame on me!  En garde!
Tata -- Y-you need to get out of here!  Th-this is... a horrible place!
Toma Levine -- Hey, no problem, chief!  I'll have that Rainbow Shell for ya in a jiffy!

1000 AD
Chancellor -- Already cast
Gina (Crono's Mom) -- Crono!  How many times have I told you NOT to bring your pets in the house?!
Judge -- Already cast
King Guardia XXXIII -- Silence, Princess Nadia!  The throne comes before your personal wishes!
Lara Ashtear -- Oh, dear me...  My skirt, it's...  It's STUCK!  Lucca?  LUCCA!
Norstein Bekklar -- (Already cast)
Ozzie VIII -- Already cast
Pierre -- The issue here is motive.  Was there any motive for this man to kidnap Princess Nadia?  NO!  There was none!
Taban Ashtear -- Already cast

2300 AD
Atropos XR -- Prometheus?  Is that you, Prometheus?
Doan -- H...Heal...thy?  Huh...  Got a nice ring to it!
Johnny -- Hey, where's spike head?!  I only ride with HIM.

End Of Time
Spekkio -- (when you first talk to him as red Nu) What're you lookin' at...  Looks can be deceiving, you know!

OK, here's my idea: I was just thinking about how the name, the "Frozen Flame."  Cold + Fire...  Hmm...  It made me think of Marle and Lucca.  Their Antipode attacks are made of cold and fire...and they do Shadow damage.  The Frozen Flame is perhaps the strongest "Shadow" oriented thing in existence...

Which brings me to the idea itself.  Crono having to fight against Marle and Lucca.  It could be done in several ways:
1) They may learn about the above principle I just explained and they may train for the battle with the FF by fighting against each other.
2) They may NOT learn about the above principle, and the FF could possess Marle and Lucca to do its dirty work.

The second method brings in some interesting battle dynamics.  Not only would these two at full power kick Crono's butt in the blink of an eye, but it also brings up what I like to think of as the "Rayearth Principle."  Magic Knight Rayearth on SNES had several battles like this, where your objective wasn't just "defeat the enemy."  Your party members would be turned against you probably 3 or 4 times during the game, and the solution was never to beat them into submission...  In some cases, if you beat them, you'd kill them...and that gave you an instant Game Over.  In others, you had to hit them once or twice to just make them snap out of it.  Or in some cases, if they beat you, you die...Game Over.  While in yet others, you had to let them take you out.  Still others left no such solution and your only choice was to run away or cast a certain spell on them or whatever, which would heal them mentally and end the battle.

This kind of a concept rarely makes it into American RPGs from what I've seen, so it would strike a lot of players as VERY original if we pulled this in conjunction with that Frozen Flame deal.  What do y'all think of this?

Lavos, the Planet, and other Entities / Beating Lavos @ Ocean Palace
« on: August 03, 2005, 01:45:44 am »
OK, most of us know that when you beat Lavos at the Ocean Palace, you just get an ending that's not really an "ending."  I can't remember if it's the programmers' ending or the sleeping Nu ending, but it's one that shows no storyline.

What would REALLY happen in that ending, if they had made one for it?  What would happen in the story if you had beaten Lavos at the Ocean Palace?

Opening Sequence
Black screen.

VOICE: Crono...  Crono...
Note: Voice should be whispering and echoing, and indistinct as to its gender.  In the next line it becomes clear.
GINA: Crono!

CUT to CRONO'S ROOM.  GINA is standing right next to CRONO's bed, with him in bed.  The screen shakes a bit, with the sound of his bed moving.  CRONO looks at his mom.

CRONO (sleepy): Mom, would you quit shaking me like that...?

GINA steps back from the bed. Cue Music: Morning Sunlight.

GINA: Well, you really shouldn't stay out with your friends so late!

GINA begins walking toward the window, then opens it while she speaks.

GINA: I know you have a lot of fun with Lucca...  But my goodness!  You can waste time with her and Taban any day!  The Millennial Fair only comes once, dear!

CRONO groans and stumbles out of bed, and falls flat on his face.  Screen shakes again.  GINA faces toward him.

GINA: Now come on, get going!

GINA exits.  CRONO gets up slowly and starts trudging toward the stairs, looking down as he walks.

CRONO (muttering): Geez, stupid mom *mumble mumble* Lucca *mumble* Millennial Fair...  (Stops and looks up.)  Wait, the Millennial Fair?!  (Runs toward the stairs  Oh no, Lucca's gonna kill me!

CUT to CRONO'S KITCHEN.  GINA is at the stove.  Sizzling sound can be heard.  Cue music: Peaceful Day.  CRONO descends the stairs and runs for the door.  While he's running, GINA turns toward him.

GINA: Hey!  Crono!  Bring Lucca back and have some breakfast, okay?!

He's already out the door by the time she finishes talking.  The wooden door is heard as it opens.  GINA shakes her head and sighs, then turns back toward the stove.  Fade-out.

Fade-in on LUCCA'S LIVING ROOM.  LUCCA is seen sitting on a Telepod unit (lower piece only), working on it.  CRONO enters.

CRONO: Lucca?

LUCCA jumps up and runs toward him.

LUCCA: Crono!  Hey!

CRONO walks toward the Telepod and takes a look from a few feet away, crossing his arms.

CRONO: So is your thing ready?

LUCCA: It's CALLED a TELEPOD!  And of COURSE it's ready!  I'm just giving it a final tune-up before I take it to the fair.  (She walks around it, looking it over.  Hmm...  Actually, I think it's ready to go!

CRONO: Need any help?

LUCCA: That'd be great!  Dad's already at the fair setting up the other pod.  Oh!  And don't forget this!

LUCCA runs to the counter and sits for a moment, then runs back to CRONO with his wood sword in her hand.  She gives it to him.

CRONO: Wh...

LUCCA: You want to try out my robot battle trainer, right?  You'll need something to fight with!

CRONO holds it up, looking at it. (CUSTOM SPRITE)

CRONO: You made this?

LUCCA nods.

LUCCA: Sure did...  Okay, you ready?  Let's get moving.

CRONO sheathes his sword and approaches the south part of the unit, LUCCA approaches the north part.  They both kneel, then stand, the Telepod unit moving up slightly.  They walk toward the door, constantly facing the same direction.  Fade-out, then fade-in on LUCCA'S HOUSE OUTSIDE.  LUCCA is standing at the closed door (she just closed it).  Crono is standing near the Telepod unit, which is just on the ground.  They both get back in position to pick the unit back up.

CRONO: So are you excited?

LUCCA: Yeah...  Something big is gonna happen today!  I can feel it.

Music fade-out.  They pick up the Telepod unit as camera pans up, showing parallax background with Millennial Fair in the distance.  CHRONO TRIGGER logo fades in.  Cue music: SE-Predetermination, starting point 2:41.  Background fades to black, and logo fades to black a few moments later.

Fade in on MILLENNIAL FAIR.  MERCHANTS are seen walking around their tents, giving the effect that they are setting up.  No other people are around yet.  CRONO and LUCCA enter, carrying the Telepod unit.  Title fades in: "Episode I - The Millennial Fair."  They continue north.  As Leene's Bell comes into view, the screen fades out, leaving the title on screen momentarily.  The title fades out as the screen fades in on the TELEPOD EXHIBIT, which just shows Crono, Lucca, and Taban walking around and generally messing with stuff.  After they've done this for a few seconds, LUCCA and TABAN stand at the pods together facing south while Crono stands opposite them, facing north.  LUCCA does her "teaching" animation for a moment, and then CRONO nods.  He then waves, and exits.  Fade-out screen and music.

Fade in on GATO'S EXHIBIT.  MELCHIOR is in the tent at the northeast corner.  CRONO enters and approaches GATO.  Cue music: Gato's Theme.

GATO: Theeeeey call me Gato, I have metal joints, beat me up and earn 15 silver points!

Quick music fade-out.  CRONO draws his sword and starts to strafe to his left.  Cue music: Battle.

CRONO: Wow, Lucca's really gone over the top on this one!

CRONO attacks GATO.  His wooden sword shatters.

CRONO: What the...?!

GATO punches CRONO once and knocks him down.  Kill music.  MELCHIOR jumps just a bit in surprise, and starts to run towards CRONO.  Cue music: Gato's Theme.

GATO: Yoooooou are so weak, and I'm so strong, I punched your lights out!  Now run along...

Quick music fade-out.  MELCHIOR stands just north of CRONO.

MELCHIOR: Are you all right, boy?!

CRONO starts to get up.


MELCHIOR: You took quite a hit there!  Now let me take a look at you...

CRONO gets all the way up and faces MELCHIOR.  MELCHIOR comes closer to CRONO.

CRONO: Thanks... does it look?

MELCHIOR: Wow!  You've got quite a black eye!

CRONO: What?!

CRONO faces south in his "surprised" sprite, and does have a black eye
(CUSTOM SPRITE).  MELCHIOR moves to where CRONO was when his sword broke, and assumes his "thinking" sprite.

MELCHIOR: And that sword just shattered too!  What terrible workmanship, even for wood...


CRONO: Hey, who are you anyway?


MELCHIOR: Oh, I'm sorry!  I am Melchior, a master swordsmith.  I live on the continent to the east.  Came to the Millennial Fair to sell my wares, you know.

CRONO: Ah, I see...  Well hey, it was great to meet you, but I've got to get going so I can get back at the girl who built this thing.

CRONO begins to exit.  He stops when MELCHIOR speaks...

MELCHIOR: Hold on, young man.  Let me just get you something from my inventory here...

MELCHIOR heads for the tent.  CRONO faces him and shakes his head.

CRONO: No, it's okay.  I don't have any money.

MELCHIOR: Pardon me, in my old age my memory isn't what it used to be...  But I don't recall saying that I would charge you!

MELCHIOR walks toward CRONO and gives him a new sword, which CRONO holds up to inspect in the same way he held the wooden one earlier.  CRONO blinks in surprise as he speaks.

CRONO: Wow...  I don't think I've seen any sword this well-made before!  Not even on the Guardia soldiers!

MELCHIOR: Well, you certainly seem to know a good blade when you see one!  I'm going to head closer to the front of the fair...  It's too dead back here.

CRONO sheathes the new sword.

CRONO: Good idea.  See you around, Melchior!

CRONO waves as MELCHIOR exits.  CRONO waits for a moment, then quickly turns toward GATO and whips out his sword.  Instantly, GATO lifts both arms up and readies his punching glove.  CRONO sheathes his sword and shakes his head, then exits.  Fade-out.

Fade in on LEENE SQUARE, at entrance to GATO'S EXHIBIT.  Camera is panning south, CRONO is seen running south, then turning east and running off-camera as the camera continues to pan south.  The camera shifts to panning southeast, and CRONO runs onscreen from the north, and watches a race.  He cheers them on for a moment (CUSTOM SPRITE; use arm animation from climbing anim, but with feet standing still).

CRONO: Go green!  Go green!

He continues to watch as a teenage girl and boy walk past him going north, talking to each other.

GIRL: I wonder what that crazy Lucca has come up with this time...

BOY: Some funky pod or something like that, I think.  Let's hope this actually WORKS.

GIRL: Shyeah, no kidding.

CRONO ("Surprised" sprite): Oh man, I forgot!  I'd better go and see how Lucca's doing!

CRONO runs north and the camera follows.  As he nears Leene's Bell, MARLE enters from the east and they collide.  MARLE'S PENDANT falls to the ground with a clinking sound.


OK, still need to select the music and when it comes in and out and all that...

Still need to finish this scene...  If anyone wants to contribute, please do.  I'm tired.  *yawn* =P

Chrono Trigger Flash Series / What should we call this thing?
« on: August 01, 2005, 02:34:09 pm »
The CT Flash Series...  What should we call it?  I honestly can't even give any examples because I just have no ideas.  So, ideas welcome.

Chrono Trigger Flash Series / Scripters' Thread [LOCKED]
« on: August 01, 2005, 12:53:51 am »
This'll be for posting and working on script revisions.  I'll get on this soon, and would like input. :)

Lordchander: Hmmm, I thought I should leave this due to some of the screens here. You never know, we may need them. Use this only for getting and refrencing the screens.

Anyone who is ripping sprites can post them here.  Don't be surprised if I edit your post to keep things nice and neatly organized. :)

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