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What happened to magus in the original timeline? In a previous topic what magus' fate ending up being before Crono&co came into the picture keeps coming up so I thought I would make it, it's own topic. So far it's either thought that magus was successful in summoning lavos and was either destroyed by Lavos or was teleported much like Crono&co after the battle with magus. It could also be that Frog sought Magus out and killed him. If you will remember one of the endings had frog killing Magus on his own, but this was already with a tampered timeline.

So, I personally believe that instead of dying to lavos, which seems to be the most common belief, is that magus was actually teleported to a different timeline possibly back to 12,000 bc. I figure why would Lavos kill him this time instead of teleporting him like the other time. But one also might think magus was unable to completely summon him because of the interference so some sort of temporal anomaly resulted. Since Crono&co did not run in a make a muk of things, he may have been able to summon him properly and was then promptly eaten. Any other theory's and especially evidence to what happened to Magus would be a great help!

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Magus' apparent knowledge of lavos
« on: March 30, 2012, 05:06:08 am »
It seems that magus some how acquired knowledge about lavos. Their was the incident with his red staff where he had expected to injure him with some specific attack. Also, their was his knowledge of how to "summon" Lavos. If you remember at the end of you first battle he tells you he was only summoning him. How does magus know how to summon him? why does magus think a seemingly insignificant attack should hurt him? As far as I can remember magus' only interaction with lavos was the brief moment of running to the bridge of the ocean palace and then quickly being sucked to 600 a.d. During which lavos wasn't really even their. So did magus get information by some other means about Lavos?

Magic, Elements, and Technology / Magus' red staff
« on: March 30, 2012, 04:58:39 am »
As many of you may know during the first battle with lavos, magus tears of his cloak, unsheathes a person-ish sized red staff, strikes lavos with it, and then marvels at its failure.  My wonder is why would magus expect it to work? Is it possible that this red staff was made from dream stone? That is my only conclusion, otherwise I am not quite sure why he assumed hitting a giant creature like lavos with a red staff would cause a significant amount of damage.

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