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Characters, Plot, and Themes / Serge's Memory...
« on: March 06, 2004, 03:05:28 pm »
I just noticed something in Chrono Cross, and I apologize if it has been pointed out before. Throughout the game, you see FMV videos of someone falling in the water, and of Kid reaching out her hand to help someone. Could it be that these are memories of Serge, and he is actually remembering himself in BOTH worlds, where he drowned and was saved at the same time? Again, I apologize if this has been stated before.

Lavos, the Planet, and other Entities / Information about the Entity
« on: December 21, 2003, 06:43:08 pm »
I was reading a FAQ on GameFAQs about some translation differences in Chrono Trigger and I found that the title of the last chapter of the game, "The Final Battle", is actually called "The End of the Planet's Dream" in the japanese version. This is more evidence pointing to the fact that it is most likely the planet guiding Chrono and his friends through the events of the game.

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