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Um, I was looking on the TV Tropes site about Chrono Trigger, and it claims at one point that the game hints that Ayla was pregnant during the ENTIRE game. I don't remember seeing this in the game script and was wondering if anyone could clear this up for me. Any help would be appreciated. :D

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Has anyone ever thought about this?
« on: March 27, 2012, 03:51:15 am »
Hi! I have been wondering if anyone's ever thought about what the Chrono games could have been if they had been given more time and money. Take Chrono Trigger, what if they had been able to include Singing Mountain or the expanded Sealed Pyramid? What if Chrono Cross's second disc hadn't been rushed, and had been three or even four discs instead?(Of course, all the loophples filled in as well! :D) I really think these games would have been even greater then they are now. But I can't help but draw comparisons between Cross and Xenogears in the way Square handled their development. Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere else, but it's been bugging me for SOOO long! :)

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