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>----------------CHRONO VOID--------------<

Before I tell the story, lets just get one thing straight, forget about Chrono Cross. The events at the beginning of the game that are in the CT world obviously create a new timeline apart from the one that leads to CC so don't question how something could happen because it's not mentioned in CC.

At the end of CT, a portal opened and all the characters returned to their respective worlds. Frog and the king to 600AD, Robo to 2300AD, Ayla to 65,000,000BC etc..

But Robo's time no longer existed, the future 2300AD had changed, and Robo had no place in that new time. Only a few minutes after everyone left Leene Square the portal opened again, and Robo was sent flying out back into 1000AD. He knew he did not belong there, he had to leave; go to somewhere else. He didn't know what would happen if someone else found him there but he didn't want to find out

He knew the way Crono and Marle had travelled through time before, using the Pendant and the teleport pads. Robo had to steal Marle's necklace in the middle of the night, but he needed it more than her at the moment.

He put on the pendant, turned on the telepad, and stepped onto it. It seemed there was no place for him in that world, because the pendant opened a gate to another....the gate grew bigger and bigger, the pendant shattered and Robo only managed to catch the chain before he was sucked into the portal. The portal sucked in all of Leene Square, and then closed. A crater remained.

Ronan, the hero of our story, went the next day to the place where Leene Square had been, to find a small blue stone sitting in the dirt. He was puzzled by this so he picked it up and looked at it, the stone began to shimmer and he was sucked into a portal that suddenely appeared....sucked into another world.

I can't tell any more for the same reason I wouldn't want to tell you about Lavos if you'd never played CT.

All I can say is that the civilisation you find when you get to the other world is at the same technological level as Zeal, and the year is 700AD.

I already have everything worked out, the antagonist, the story-shape, I just need to work on the graphics and get the mapping done. I have a guy who's making (and almost finished) a CT battle system, when that's done I'll be able to do the game.

I'll be away for about a month starting tonight, so not much progress will be made on the game until I come back.

Oh, and you know how the CT party drew their magic from the planet to do magic? Well, the new world is a new planet, so any characters you have in your party that were in the original CT will have to learn everything again, only all the tech/magic will be different.

NOTE: Crono and Marle will NOT be in the game, maybe some of the other characters will be but I'm not telling you who  :twisted:


From the cutscene at the beginning, Robo is going to face his destiny.

Inside one of the houses in the other world.

NOTE: I still don't have a main character, my spriter is working on him, Robo is just there as a placeholder (but you know he's in the game)

History, Locations, and Artifacts / When Zealiens sleep...
« on: July 08, 2005, 12:37:55 am »
I was thinking, Zeal is called "The Place where Dreams come to life" (or something similar), and everyone has magical powers and live in complete luxury. They have technology that's improving rapidly and they can do pretty much anything they want to...

So what's their obsession with sleep? There is an NPC you talk to in one of the cities in Zeal who says something about how good sleep is. And there are beds in the main rooms, with people sleeping in what appears to be the Zealien day. I don't know if this is just because Zealiens have work shifts or something but I was wondering if something else happens when they sleep. Maybe the Mammon Machine recharged their energy when they were sleeping or something. Maybe when Zealiens sleep they go into another world, where they are a different person <=== Fangame idea (Don't do it!), maybe it's just normal sleep.

I was just wondering because they seem to like sleep a lot.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / I can't get New Game + :-(
« on: July 04, 2005, 02:47:29 am »
I beat Chrono Trigger the usual way a lot of times, through the black omen, the Epoch, the bucket. I'm playing on a ROM but whenever I beat it, it still doesn't give me a New Game + option at the beginning! I have save files from save points in the game, I watched the whole credit sequence with Crono and Marle on the balloons....but New Game + still won't work!

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Kajar Laboratories / A Chrono Trigger Fangame: Currently untitled
« on: July 03, 2005, 06:12:46 pm »
I (and some friends who aren't on this forum) am making a Chrono Trigger fangame (In rpg maker xp).

So far we have decided that the game will be in another world that branches off from the world of Chrono Trigger, it will start in the same world but then you will be transported to a different plane of reality where Gaurdia was never a dominant kingdom, Lavos never came. I'll give some more world and character info later once we've figured things out better.

Here is a test screenshot from the game:

Note: This is just testing the graphics Crono will not appear in the game

Here is a preview of what the main character might look like:

At the moment I'm taking screenshots from playing the ROM to cut up and use as tilesets (The houses and stuff) but I was there a better way to get the graphics? Is there some way to open  the ROM graphics or something?

I'll post more info on the game later, it's not all been figured out yet

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