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I dunno why folks usually seem to dislike/ignore Ayla so much, if the usual comments in fandom-memes and "favorite character list" things are any clue - even Robo and Frog get more affection than her, who more often than not just gets a "meh, whatever".  I mean, she's a badass fighter, which was rare for female characters in those days, especially in RPGs.  She was to RPG's what Samus was to action games, in a way.

Plus, I mean, how can you not love someone who basically goes "Who needs weapons and magic? Imma beat your ass with my bare freaking hands!"  That takes balls beyond measure, especially when you're facing down monsters, mutants, and a cosmic horror intent on causing the Apocalypse, to say "I'm gonna punch that thing right in the face."

It always threw me, Ayla and Kino being a canonical couple, since judging from their official artwork, she looks to be around twenty, while he barely passes for fourteen or so. Guess the ladies liked boys young back then.  Seeing the two of them side-by-side, if I didn't know about their relationship ahead of time, I would've guess they were siblings, not romantically involved.

Explaining how Ayla has perfectly-smooth skin, shiny white teeth, and a salon-quality perm millions of years before the invention of razors and shampoo, however, is a puzzle I have yet to unravel.

General Discussion / Um... where is everything?
« on: August 23, 2011, 07:12:16 pm »
Yeah... longtime anonymous lurker, new poster.

Got a question... why is it that 90% of the stuff on the "fun" old threads like Chrono Comix, Chrnon Motivationals, & etc., all are more-or-less blank with only "[attachment removed by admin]" left behind?

What happened, was there a forum crash that wiped it all out, or what?

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