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Time, Space, and Dimensions / 2300 A.D. Lavos Timeline stuff
« on: December 05, 2010, 07:36:34 pm »
I want to get some action around here once again.

So the original year 2300 A.D. is by far the most touching thing about the game for me. Never have I seen something so sad and horrible as this. There is no food, no hope, nothing. Yet you can't just die away because of the enertron healing. It's just sad and it really touched me the first time and still does.

So anyways, I have some questions and other things about this era.

1. What is the temperature level of the world?
You know, the sun can barely be seen, there is only some kind of sand and dirty water everywhere.
How much heat does the material absorb? Is it really cold around there? I can't seem to have any way to believe it's warm as the sun doesn't shine and it's so dark and strong storm is raging all over the place. My guess would the the temperature is cool, but not really cold as there is no snow. And it's possible to have snow there as there is a lot of it in the Death Peak, but nowhere else, which means it's not that cold.

2. Domes, what are they?
So they are huge buildings inside a big bowl of glasslike material. What is their purpose, why were they made and why did you survive Lavos's attack?
And in 1999 A.D. no cities were shown, only domes. Then why are there ruins of a huge city lying there?

3. Why are there trees on Death Peak?
The place wasn't there until Lavos destroyed the world and it's believed Death Peak is Lavos itself.
Then why did trees grow in such a ruined world, on such a hard place?

4. How old is Doan?
He is said to be a descendant of the director of Arris Dome. He also mentions he used to ride the Bike when he was young.
So why would Doan go outside and drive a bike in such world? Why would he even leave the dome?
One theory is that Doan was a small child during the Day of Lavos and that it took several years for the world to totally die out. And the reason Doan is still alive is that the Enertron slows aging as it fully heals the person using them. And by that time, they had found ways to increase human longevity.

5. What happened to the Ocean?
The ocean is of a very dark color and it looks really toxic to me. Is it only so dark because of the limited sunlight? Is it because of the pollution that happened when all the factories where destroyed, like nuclear factories? Is there any life on the ocean?
In the sewer system, the water was filled by Nereids. The water couldn't have stood there for 300 years, it must be connected somehow to the ocean, yet Nereids still exist.
Now comes my weird theory: Nereids are evolved Mystics. They are somewhat similar in appearance and seem to be able to use magic as well, something that only Mystics were supposed to be capable of.

6. Will there be a nation of Robots in the future?
Mother Brain mentions that she wants to built a nation of steel. Will she succeed? Humans will likely die in a few decades and she has the whole world to work with.
But does she have enough materials? Pretty much everything was burnt to dust when Lavos destroyed the world. Is it possible there is some kind of a storm which destroys the last sources of energy and the robots will eventually shut down due to energy shortage?

So anyways, as I told before, I LOVE this future, it's so incredibly developed and it's so emotionally affecting to me.
Please correct me and tell me your own opinions about the ruined future.

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