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Well, if this game got an enhanced remake, as minimal as Chrono Trigger DS or as drastic as the DS Final Fantasy games, which two systems would you want it on? I didn't include the PSP or DS because those two systems are about to be overshadowed by the newer handhelds.

Kajar Laboratories / Original story idea inspired by Chrono Cross
« on: November 23, 2010, 03:58:26 pm »
This isn't a Chrono fanfic idea, but an original one. Chrono Cross's theme of alternate universes was a huge inspiration. I'm posting here just to see what you guys think, and if you have any ideas of possible scenarios. Here's the basic premise.

What if there were 3 worlds with humans who were Negroid on one, Caucasoid on the other, and Mongoloid on the last, due to adaptation? And what if each of these societies followed a philosophical and theological 'truth' that was irrefutably true on their own world, but false on the others, along with differing laws of physics? And, what if these planets exist in concurrent, paralell universes that could be accesed through some gates/wormholes?

There, that's all I have. I do know I want this to explore the paralells between what would come up from that conflict; namely religion. I'm also intending to point out an observation that's been made; Monochrome casting the humans in tons of fantasy worlds. I noticed that all the humans are usually white or Asian, and that people pretend to not notice or make up excuses. Well, this is going to change that.

Anyways, I'm having trouble finding a plot, as this is going to be a long, plot-driven epic. Under the conditions that no one wins or loses, do you have any ideas?

Polling / Who do you think should be the artist on the next Chrono game?
« on: November 17, 2010, 04:14:19 pm »
This is a really open ended question, but I just had to ask. Oh, and if the game were a direct sequel to Trigger, or a very different and new game like Cross, would your answer change? I'm wanting Toriyama or maybe Eichiro Oda if this were to be a direct sequel to Trigger, but maybe Hiromu Arakawa for the 'different' game.

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