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Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Your top 5 Chrono remixes
« on: January 19, 2013, 03:42:38 pm »
There are some pretty good ones !

1- Back 2 Skala
2- Zeal Feels Good (pretty cool chiptune style)
3- The Last Schala Mix Ever (I hope it's not the last one lol)
4- Diggi Dis - Forced Enlightement
5- Darkest Omen

Too much Schala I know.

Just a weird thought I got. I'm going to Japan next month, and wondered what I would ask him if I ever met him. It's ridiculously impossible (just thinking about how bad my oral japanese is), but just for fun.  :wink:

The question that comes to mind to most is probably : Would you like to make Chrono Break ?

However, with all the plot holes in Chrono Cross, I figured I would ask him :

-What happened to Crono, Marle and Lucca in the timeline of Chrono Trigger ?

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Was Chrono Cross too easy ?
« on: June 15, 2011, 07:09:15 pm »
I always thought so. I've been replaying the game lately and thought that the bosses fell too rapidly. You have about 60 health, and the most damage the mother komodo can do is 7 and she's really slow. She's killable in 2 or 3 turns. I'm at the hydra marshes right now and :

-Karsh, pepper and Solt fight was ridiculous, their attacks were about 2 or 3 damage.
-I killed Marcy in two rounds.
-I killed Lynx and the only attack he could do is 2 Imbecile elements !

If I remember correctly, the only hard boss in the game was Miguel, but that's just if you wanted to keep all your party alive. All the bosses at the end were ridiculous, especially when you had the Mastermune (the "...tor statues especially).

It's one of the rare RPGs that I have to choose defend if I want to see what attacks the enemies would have done if I let them live longer. Even CT was harder. You actually had to heal in the fights. In cross, you just attack and receive few damage. What happened with the testers' feedback ? It's almost impossible to die in most fights except if you wait and receive damage for 5 minutes. I played the game about 15 times if you count NG+ and always thought that the bosses had not enough HP and speed. I understand the system could be a bit difficult to understand for about 30 minute, but the rest of the game should not have been so easy.

What do you think about the difficulty ?

Chrono Compendium Discussion / "Myth 4: The music sucks!" ?
« on: June 02, 2011, 10:39:36 pm »
I'm reading this very good editorial : "Chrono Cross : The good, the bad and the fans". There is however a point that I cannot figure out : "Myth 4: The music sucks!"

I was wondering where this myth comes from. I always thought Chrono Cross was very well received in the music department. It won several "Best Music" awards back then.

Anyone else desperate ?  It looks like Chrono is dead, at least in Square-Enix.

We've shown them that our fanbase is the strongest (CE, CT resurection, CT remake project...), we've bought their ports three times (maybe four times eventually considering PSN) as well as their toys. What else can we do ? Terrorism ? :oops:

...What do you think is the threshold to receive a C&D letter from Square ? This question came to mind while playing the Epoch fangame. For example, if Chrono Cross was a fangame, could SquareEnix have sued the developers ? In this case no sprites were used, only story references and kid versions of CT's main cast.

If Crimson Echoes had the same sprites with different colors, a different interface and new graphic assets, would the C&D still be valid ?

Could I make a game set in the Chrono universe if no asset from the previous games are used ? Hmm...

If my memory is correct he was the guy in charge of Chrono Cross. It seemed he was stuck on FFXI and Square had no other team to spare on chrono. Now FFXIV bombed, his career isn't going so well and Square is probably wondering what to do with the guy now that he's out. What about reuniting the chrono cross team ? With a few antidepressants he could be back on his feet for a new chrono game.  :D

What do you think ?

For those who played CT in 95-96 like me, I have a few questions for you. I'll consider that CT is one of your all time favorite games.

1-What other games did you play back then ? 
2-What other genre beside JRPGs do you like to play ?
3-Has your favorite genre changed since CT ?

I would like to know if you play different games today (Bioware, Blizzard, etc.) or if you still wander in the jRPG genre.

4-Finally, I would like to know your opinion about what Square has become today. Do you like their recent games ? Which ones ?

I'll answer my own questions.
1-Secret of Mana, FFIII (VI), Mario World and Zelda lttp.
2-WRPGs like Diablo, platformers and some action rpgs.
3-No, I still like jRPGs the most, but I tend to enjoy the snes ones more than anything.
4-I like square less than before, but I still recognize their talents. I think they want to make their games similar to movies (Kitase) with not enough emphasis on gameplay. I must admit I was quite impressed with Kingdom Hearts II. Some characters like Axel and Roxas were more interesting that the main character himself. It also had a nice soundtrack. Visiting Disney worlds with FF-like characters is a unique experience. FFXII was fun, but the story, characters and music were too weak. I have played FFXIII a bit, but not enough to express my opinion.

I was listening to the chrono cross soundtrack and wondered : what is the main theme of Chrono ? In the song Field of Time you can hear, at ~20 seconds, the same song that plays at the end of the chrono trigger intro (after the pendulum). This is also the song that plays in the CC intro song (alternating with Another World music), The dream that time dreams. Yet you can also hear Crono's theme in Field of time. Is Crono's theme the chrono series main theme or is it that other melody in both game intros ? Or both ? Just wondering. I was really happy that Mitsuda re-used that melody in CC. It gave me chills back then.

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