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Time, Space, and Dimensions / Schala started Chrono Trigger
« on: November 16, 2009, 06:01:13 pm »
Schala is the only force that could have caused the events of Chrono Trigger. The Lavos Timeline does not have Crono and Marle meeting at the Millenial Fair, thus causing the events of 1999 AD. By the time of the future, Schala, Belthasar, the Planet, and possibly Gaspar and Lavos could have influenced time in such a way to cause Crono and Marle to meet, thus sparking the events of the game. Belthasar was too insane by this point to travel back. the Planet was only awakened by the creation of the orignal gate by Marle. There is no evidence to suggest that Gaspar ever left the End of Time after being sent there, and Lavos would not change the past with the future going so well for him. The only possibility is Schala.
We know she can do it, as seen with the events of Chrono Cross.
We never did find out what happened to her in the Lavos Timeline. We assume she died, but she may have been sent into the Darkness Beyond Time in the first place.
She has some control over time anyway, as seen when she seals the gate for Magus with her pendant.
She certainly has reason to(Fall of Zeal, Insanity of Her Mother, Loss of her Brother)
She seems to be the trigger for a lot of events in ths series(The Entirety of Chrono Cross)
The means, the motive, and the background info all point towards her.

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