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Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Low-Level Game in CT
« on: March 08, 2006, 06:21:13 pm »
Who here has attempted this?

The lowest possible (at least, that we're aware of at this point) party levels have Robo at 13, Marle at 4, and Crono at 1 when you defeat Lavos.  I think Lucca's at 9, and Frog's at... uh.. I forget.

Anyway, I started one today, and I'm up to Heckran with the lowest levels possible at this point in the game (marle 4, crono 1, lucca eight) (i had to type out 8, otherwise a sungalsses dude appeared there).  Heckran is proving to a be a toughy, and it'll take me a bunch of tries to get past him.

On a side note, I LOVE low-level games.  I've actually beaten FF9 (including the ultimo-boss, Ozma) with everyone at level 1.  Very fun.  But which leads me to why I don't like the leveling system in Chrono Cross... no low level games.  :?

History, Locations, and Artifacts / The Nature of Masa, Mune, Doreen
« on: March 07, 2006, 02:24:41 am »
I'll skip past the obvious stuff.

We know that Masa and Mune (and Doreen) were created "out of Melchoir's dreams".  They can seperate, and then combine into one form.

Now, here's my question.  Were Masa and Mune created seperatly?  Or, were they envisioned as one being, which can seperate into two forms?  Another way of asking this is, did Melchoir "envision" them as two seperate beings, and they somehow learned how to morph?  Or, did he envision it as one being that can split?

Secondly, how does Doreen play into this?  When they form the Mastermune, can they form a sort-of "uber"being?  Take note that when serge receives the Mastermune, using Flying arrow shows the original Masamune "monster" behind him, possibly implying that Doreen may not change with them, or she may, but the appearance doesn't change.

General Discussion / Possible Chrono tattoo
« on: March 05, 2006, 07:35:03 pm »
So I'm considering getting a Chrono tattoo.  Here's my explanation for it.

First off, I think tattoos can be great, or a horrible idea.  Most of the time, I think its a horrible idea.  I'd say, at least around where I live, 90% of the ones that girls get are the stereotypical "Butterfly" or "roses and vines" pattern on their back right above their hip.  Most of the guys have one of the stupid barbed wire patterns going around their biceps, or maybe a random dragon somewhere.

In this case, I think tattoos are a horrible idea.  It doesn't mean anything, and its completly unoriginal.

Now, here's why I want my tattoo.  First off, I've been playing the series, non-stop, since 7th grade (I'm currently a junior in college, so thats about 9 years).  I've wanted some sort of Chrono tattoo for about 5 years or so.  I've held off for a long time, thinking that I wouldn't wnat it a year or so down the road, but it hasn't changed yet.  The tattoo to me doesn't necessarily represent the game, it represents the stories and the morals and lessons you learn while playing the game.

My original idea was to get the Chrono C on my right shoulder.  I'm extremely well cut, so it would look pretty decent.  To me, the C represents everythign you learned in the series.  To me, it represents bonds between friends, sacrifice, and a bigger lesson.  The lesson being that, while at times you'd love to go back and change things you've done, or maybe find out what's going to happen to you in the future, the whole point and fun of life is not being able to do either of those.  (Once again, this is what it means to ME.)

I still think that would be a great idea, but I'm thinking that putting it on my right shoulder isn't the best idea.  So, my options are, put it somewhere else, or, get my second idea:

This one would be smaller, and I'm thinking somewhere on my right side, right beneath the oblique muscle.  I've always thought that the greates thing a human being could do is sacrifice their life for the sake of others.  This is also why I think Jesus is so great, whether or not you believe he was the son of God.  

The tattoo I'd get would be a combination of one of the two sprites on the right, with one of the two on the left.  In case you didn't know, this was the pose Crono was in (from the side_ when he solo'ed Lavos and died, with the little.. spark thing.  On top fo that, it always reminded me of Jesus, becaue to me, it looks like the pose he would be in on a cross.

So basically, I like the idea of this.  Besides being original, it actually MEANS something to me, instead of being like "oh wow wouldn't it be sweet if I had a cloud tattoo!?! lolzerz!"

So, comments, suggestions on anything?

Is there any evidence as to why Glenn was tranformed into a Frog as opposed to any other animal?  A few possible questions arise from this, which branch off into multiple possibilities.

First off, did Glenn's experience with Cyrus battling the Frog King have anything to do with this?  

- A "yes" argument for this would be that this is the Frog King's only appearance, and the ONLY time the game shows Glenn in an actual battle.

- A "no" argument is just as strong.  Glenn and Cyrus came out more than victorious, both forcing the Frog King to run, and getting back the Hero Medal.  So, it must'nt have been a bad experience.  Compare this to the reason Lynx was a panther, was because Serge had a phobia of them. It seems unlikely that Frog would end up being cursed by something that didn't bother him.  Had he been defeated by the Frog King, maybe this would have made more sense.

Now, off of this, Frog was obviously cursed by Magus.  Which raises a few more questions.

One, did Magus selectively choose "frog"?  Or did he simply pull out a spell that would morph Glenn?  Ozzie tells Magus to give Glenn "a more fitting form", but there's no evidence that Magus specifically chose frog, only that he selectivly picked a morphing spell.  

Now, IF Magus specifically chose "frog", was this because he was somehow aware of the Battle with the Frog King?  I'm sure Magus knew of the Hero Medal, and its extremely likely that he knew who had it at all times, and was aware that the Frog King had lost it to Cyrus and Glenn.  So maybe this had something to do with the selection?

If Magus DIDNT specifically choose "frog", was Glenn's metamorphisis due to experience with the Frog King?  Or was it simply coincidence?

Actually, another question raised up, is it possible the Hero's Medal somehow reacted with the fact that it was once held by the Frog King, doing something to Magus' spell?  This seems unlikely for many reasons, especially because Frog/Glenn didn't get it back until after he had changed over to his ampohibian form.  I'm just bringing it up for conversation.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Conservation of Time Theorum... reliable?
« on: January 16, 2006, 01:16:37 am »
Something that's always bothered me about some games is the ability to decipher what is actually meant to be part of the game (like storywise), or meant to be somewhat of a joke, seperate from the game.

For example, I consider most easter eggs in games to be "jokes", and to not be considered part of the storyline, etc.  My best example would have to be in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight.  I think it's in the 5th level, if you jump in the sewers and swim the entire way, a door will open with that weird Lucas Art's rabbit mascot, which will run around and kill peple for you.  Obviously, not meant to be part of the game.

Other things, however, aren't as clear.  And, since this is a Chrono forum, this topic refers to if the "Conservation of Time" theorum is valid, or part of a more-subtle joke.


OLD MAN: When 4 or more beings step
   into a time warp, the Conservation
   of Time theorem states that they
   will turn up... the space-time coordinates of
   least resistance.



You can visit your friends whenever
   you wish! But you can never travel in
   groups greater than 3...

This is what Gaspar says when you step into the End of Time for the first time.  Now, it sounds like a very valid theory, but I have to bring its validty into question for a couple reasons.

1) What defines how big a "being" has to be?  I mean, technically, wouldn't I dunno, Lucca have maybe a couple bacterium on her?  By that definition, she would appear there simply by going into a time portal by herself, no?  Kind of a push, but I'm working towards the bigger points here.

2) Robo technically isn't a "being", right?  He's a robot.  Not senitent, or "living", so why would that throw them to the EoT?  Lucca has plenty of Machinery on her at previous points (think gadgets, guns, etc), those didn't throw them anywhere funky (except other random time periods).

3) Probably the biggest thing that throws the validity into question, in my opinion.  Was this just a cop-out to explain why you only get three party members, instead of 4?  It seems like if you would follow to a TRUE story of Chrono Trigger, this would never exist, because obviously in a say, novel, or movie version, you're not going to have one (or more) people staying there at all times.

Obviously, in reference to #3, I give them credit for coming up with something more clever than the traditional explanation for party switching (think cellphone, PDA, in FFVII, for example).  However, due to the fact that this falls into game engine mechanics, I'm wondering if we shoudl really consider this theory legitimate, or maybe just a very subtle joke.


Edit: added a quote.[/quote]

I've been playing Trigger for about 6 or 7 years now, played the game in its entirety about 250 times, and it amazes me I never noitced this until just now.

Whenever I've fought the 2nd form of Lavos (where you destroy the two arms), I've always seen him as being a cyclops, with the big center eye.  After seeing a cover to the CTNP, featuring Lavos with some translucency, I JUST noticed that he actualyl has two more eyes beneath that.  Wow, pathetic.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Where's CE
« on: October 09, 2005, 12:57:19 am »
What hapenned to Crimson Echoes?  The forum for it disappeared.

General Discussion / Next-Gen RPGs
« on: September 23, 2005, 02:15:02 pm »
Well the XBox 360 is being released this upcoming November, and Revoltuion and PS3 should debut within the following year.  So, let's make a list of things we want to see in next-generation RPG's.  I can think of a few.

1) Randomly generated spell-casting.  As in what the spells look like themselves.  Generally, the programmers will make, say, 100 unique spells.  But, every time you cast them, they look EXACTLY the same.  We have the technology and programming skills to make variations within the same spell each time it's cast.  Take CC's "Volcano", for instance.  Does it have to come out the exact samed way every time?  Do the rocks have to fly at the same angle and speed every time?  Let's put in some randomization code and keep things fresh.

2) Figure out a way to keep our eyes fixed on the actual screen.  I probably spend 95% of my time in battle looking at the damn menu on the bottom (top) of the screen.  And let's face it, text is boring.  Let's find a creative way (if menus are involved) to redo them and have everythign on the screen, so you're watching the action.  They say don't fix what isn't broken, but IMO, menus on the bottom of the screen are broken.

That's really all I can think of for now... anything that's major at least.  Continue onward.[/b]

General Discussion / Nintendo Revolution controller: HOLY SH!T!!!!
« on: September 16, 2005, 02:27:07 am »

Read the demos and watch the video at the end.  This thing is amazing.

Remember back int he day when you ahd to make a long jump with Mario, and you would tilt the controller all the way to the side, thinking that would actualyl work?  Well now it does, but to a more extreme degree.

This thing picks up movement in 3 freaking dimensions.  It can be a tennis racket, baseball bat, fishign pole, etc etc.  Anything.  You move it in that direction/way, it moves in that direction/way.  I can't wait for Mario Party on this thing.

Now I can actualyl control where my gun goes.  I can stick my arm out and see the gun go more outwards on the freaking TV.  I'm sorry, I can not WAIT for this thing to come out.  Nintendo was right.  I could give two craps about graphics at this point.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Trigger Music Themes in Cross
« on: September 15, 2005, 11:06:30 am »
I really don't think anyone hates the soundtrack for Chrono Trigger.  In fact, its hard to find someone that doesn't love it.  Cross might be slightly different.  Originally I hated it (save a select few songs) but I eventualyl warmed up to it, to the point where I love it probably jsut as much as Trigger.  It'd be interesting to see how the Trigger soundtrack would be made if Mitsuda had the same technology he had for Cross.

I remember reading somewhere that Mitsuda stated that he put many themes from Trigger into Cross, but that you have to listen more carefully for them.  I never realized this, except for a few obvious songs, but once I started listening, I started hearing more.  Then I started hearing themes within themes in Trigger as well.  so what I wanna do in this thread is basically talk about where certain themes for the games.  Whether they're only in one game, from one game to another, or whatever.

Obvious Carry Overs
- The battle themes from Radical Dreamers and Cross are identical.
- Lucca's Theme (really the fanfare) and fanfare from Cross are the same basic theme, although Cross' becomes more slow than upbeat.
- Overworld Theme in Cross is remake of Crono's theme.

Less Obvious Carry Overs
- I believe the music in Magus' Castle is the same as when you're crossing the bridge outside of Viper Manor into the library.

Repeating Themes Within Trigger
- This may seem obvious to everyone, and even though I've been playing the game for 8 years and beaten it literally 300 times at least, I just figured this out maybe a month ago.  "World Revolution" has the main Theme of Lavos stuck right in the middle of it.  How did I never see that?

General Discussion / Word Association
« on: August 17, 2005, 05:50:38 pm »
I used to play DDR, and on their forums (on the NY board) they had a very popular "game" called Word Association.  It's very simple.  I say a word, and you post the first word that comes to your mind.  It doesn't have to relate to the Chrono Series, it can be anything at all.  Enjoy!  First word:


Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Dungeon Gameplay
« on: August 16, 2005, 11:03:25 am »
It never really occured to me until just now how different the dungeon's in CT are when comparing them to other RPG's, such as FF, Lufia, and Zelda (whether or not you consider it an RPG.)  I'm wondering if this is one of the reasons CT has such a great appeal to it.

First off, there's very, very few switches in the dungeons.  Many of them aren't even required to get through the dungeon. (Think of the switches that open prisoner cells in Guardia Castle and Tyranno Lair).  The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are in Ocean Palace.  One makes the elevator go down, and the other two that raise the platform above the lava.  Now, think to any other FF game.  Switches are everywhere.  Often they activate some door on the complete opposite side of the map, and you have to really explore for 10 minutes before you find where it was.  None of that in CT.

Second, the dungeon map layouts are BASIC.  I mean really, really simple.  When's the last time you got lost?  Probably, never.  Magus' Castle?  You go STRAIGHT for what, 15, 20 minutes?  You can't possibly get lost.  And all the dungeons are like that.  One room leads straight into another.  No activating weird swithces, complicated puzzles, anything like that.  I honestly can't think of one "puzzle" you have to complete to advance to the next room in CT, with the exception of those two swithces in OP that lower the lava or whatever.

So, I'm wondering, is this part of the appeal of CT?  Obviously the main appeal is the storyline, but is this a more subtle one?  I've never seen it mentioned.  Like I said, I never even realized it until a few minutes ago.  So I'm wondering what you guys think.

General Discussion / Nintendo Dual Screen
« on: August 15, 2005, 06:12:14 pm »
Does anyone here own a DS?  I have one, and I must say, its quite the gaming system, IMO.

I have 4 games for it: Feel the Magic, Kirby's Canvas Curse, Polarium, Wario Ware.  KCC I think is a genius of a game, and really shows how to pull off a game wonderfully on the DS.

Also, if you have one, have you used its wireless multiplayer stuff yet?  (Not the WiFi connections which will debut with Mario Kart and Animal Crossing in a few months).  I mean like sitting 50 yards away from a person.  I've only used it one or two times, because not that many people around here seem to have one, but I think it's pretty neat.  It's hassle free and the games really do require 1 cartridge (unlike GBA claiming you only need 1).

It's weird that I onl know 3 other people with a DS, because its apparently selling really well in the US.

General Discussion / Non-spoof Film
« on: August 13, 2005, 02:15:24 pm »
Cast your NON-Spoof guys if there was a CT/CC movie.

Orlando Bloom I think would make a perfect non-frog Glenn.  That's basically his role in every one of his movies as it is.

I think Morgan Freeman would make an AMAZING Gaspar.  And don't say that Gaspar isn't black, use some creative interpretation.  He's got the wise-old-man thing goin, and fits it damn well I think.

General Discussion / RPG's: Past --> Present
« on: August 12, 2005, 02:35:23 pm »
There are a few issues I want to address with the "evolution" of RPG's from say, early 90's (late 80's?) to now.

First off, does anyone feel that there has been a dramatic drop-off in the quality of them?  I feel like the golden age of RPG's was about a 5 year period from around 1993-1998.  After that, it seemed to drop off.  If you look at any general list of the greatest RPG's of all time, most of them will be from that general time period, and most of those dominate the top spots.

Second, I feel like they've gotten easier over time, which makes no sense at all.  Let me explain.  Has anyone here ever played FFI (jap)?  BALLS HARD.  IV (jap) was insane as well.  After that, they seemed to get easier.  Now, this doesn't make any sense, especially when talking about RPG's.  When you think about it, the ONLY difference between current gen RPG's and RPG's from 10 years ago is the graphics.  The jump from 2-d to 3-d.  The basic premise of the game is identical, however.  Use menu commands in a strategic order.  Lots of number crunching.  It's the same.  So, all current consoles do is ILLUSTRATE the commands in a more dramatic fashion.  That shouldn't have any effect on how hard the actual game is, right?  But, for some reason, RPG's as of late are a joke.  And it's somewhat frustrating.


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