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Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Easter eggs/cool stuff
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:18:36 am »
Working on battle sound fx led to me mucking around in the game, and even after many years and playthroughs, I still made a few discoveries.

If you return to the Middle Ages after defeating Magus:
the people of Guardia Castle express their gratitude for helping them win the human-mystic war, and if you bring Frog, you get special dialogue.
over in Manoria Cathedral, there's a nun (real, not fake) who gives you encouraging words.

Pardon me if this was posted before, I just wanted to share with all. I thought I had known all the details of the game, so it was really cool to find something new.

Other points of interest which are probably known:
Singing Mountain (it's unfortunate this wasn't included, it always bothered me that the east side of the continent in prehistory was empty)
the unused dungeon under the Blue Pyramid
the unused cutscene accessed via Schala's room
You can introduce your party members to Chrono's Mom. If you visit her while Chrono is gone, your characters lie about the situation, and Bottom of the Night plays.

If you've got more easter eggs or details to discuss, feel free to post em. This thread can be a repository for any and all obscure content.

Chrono Series Tarot Card Project / Chrono Tarot: The Official Guide
« on: April 23, 2018, 08:53:06 pm »
This thread is a reference for developing the Chrono Tarot (aka the Timekeeper's Tarot). I will document the card selections (made by myself and other Tarot Doctors), a rationale for each decision, ideas for how the cards should look, and other relevant information.

First, a primary source for understanding Tarot and its concepts:

additionally, there's wikipedia, and
Always keep in mind the classic Rider-Waite illustrations. While you are not strictly bound by these conventions, they serve as an ideal for how the cards should appear.

Submissions / Chrono Tarot
« on: February 26, 2015, 11:11:41 pm »
coming back to this, I think I've finally figured out the card choices for the major arcana, aces, and court cards for a chrono-themed tarot deck. there's still room for debate (mainly on fool/magician and the knight of cups) but for the most part, I think this has been perfected. I'm posting this here to make it more visible to anyone who wants to run with this or contribute.

Thanks to Syna and others for their contributions.


Fool - Chrono (the Player?)
Magician - Norstein Bekkler (Chrono instead?)
High Priestess - Schala (flanked by beast/girl zeal statues instead of pillars)
Empress - Queen Leene
Emperor - Azala
Hierophant - Gaspar (in red Zeal robes, with chrono/marle/lucca/robo instead of acolytes)
Lovers - Crono & Marle (under Leene's Bell)
Chariot - Epoch (white and black exhaust streams)
Strength - Ayla (closing a sabertooth tigers mouth)
Hermit - Belthasar
Wheel of Fortune - Time Gate (w/ kilwala, bullfrog, poyozo doll, cat, nu, doreen/dream species)
Justice - Frog w/ Masamune and Hero's Medal
Hanged Man - Robo (in Fiona's Shrine or being fixed by Lucca)
Death - Lavos (crashing into tyrano lair or destroying zeal, but not 1999)
Temperance - Melchior (repairing the masamune w/ dreamstone)
Devil - Magus (Ogre and Naga-ette in chains)
Tower - Mammon Machine (w/ Ruby Knife in it, and lightning as seen ingame)
Star - Marle w/ Pendant
Moon - Dreamstone (w/ Queen Zeal's reflection)
Sun - Lucca w/ Sun Stone (+Wondershot?)
Judgement - The Chrono Trigger (on the summit of Death Peak)
World - Nu/Entity (with guardian soldier, reptite, mystic (imp), enlightened one)


Ace of Swords - Ruby Knife
Ace of Wands - Gate Key
Ace of Cups - Zeal Sapling
Ace of Pentacles - Rainbow Shell


King of Swords- Masa & Mune 
Queen of Swords- Mother Brain
Knight of Swords- Slash
Page of Swords- Dalton

King of Wands- Spekkio
Queen of Wands- Queen Zeal
Knight of Wands- a winking Flea
Page of Wands- Jetbike Johnny

King of Pentacles- King Guardia XXI
Queen of Pentacles- Crono's Mom
Knight of Pentacles- Ozzie
Page of Pentacles- Gato

King of Cups- Cyrus
Queen of Cups- Fiona
Knight of Cups- Toma (or Kino or Doan)
Page of Cups- Janus


Our ultimate goal is to create a tarot card deck based on Chrono Trigger. We've got several open threads for cards depicting major characters etc. There's already plenty of guidelines/ideas/info for how to go about creating these.

What's really needed is for talented artists (you) to contribute their skills and vision to the project. tushantin has already done some awesome work, but we can always use more. You're more than welcome to join, and myself/Syna/others can answer any questions you have.

(mods, if this is the wrong forum, feel free to move it)

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / are healing techs water magic?
« on: December 12, 2011, 01:27:32 am »
this is based on my replies about the encyclopedia, which has conflicting information on this.

is healing water based?

frog and marle are healers, so it fits there. Robo uses shadow, as well as fire and lightning in his techs, so why not water?

the only exceptions to this are Chrono's Life and Ayla's Kiss. since Lightning is really Sky/Heavens, it's not that much of an exception. also, Slash is more wind based than purely lightning, and a wind sprite represents Chrono's branch of magic.
Which leaves Ayla's Kiss. also, is Ayla's Charm physical or status effecting?

different guides have different interpretations of this. I figure that if there's anywhere to ask very specific Chrono Trigger questions, it's this site.

mods: if this belongs in enhasa halls, feel free to move it there.

Throughout the story, Chrono & the party travel through hundreds, thousands, and millions of years. however, there is a paradoxical sense of a linear progression of time in the story. for example, when you take the gate or epoch to 12000 bc, you dont always come out at the same moment as the first time you arrived. after the fall of zeal, the gate doesnt still take you to the time before the fall. so in spite of the time traveling, time seems to move forward normally for the time travellers.

the only exception i can think of is the time egg and the rescue of chrono.. thats the only time the party travelled through time to change what happened to them before (in their experience of before). edit - and the other exception would be luccas red gate. but thats it.

this also brings the gates into question.. since the gates consistently bring you to a later time than before, doesnt that mean that the gates themselves progress and change through time? meaning, when the "present" was 900AD, the millennial fair gate would bring you to 500 AD instead of 600 AD.

this would seem to suggest that the entity, if it didnt create the gates, certainly lined them up properly so that when the time was right (1000 AD) the gates would all correspond to the correct points in time to make the quest possible.

another example that supports this is the gating after the magus battle. magus gets sent to 12000 BC before you arrive, and when you get there hes already established as the prophet - meaning that he got there at an earlier point in time than you did.

Hi, first thread on here...

First id like to say that the compendium & forum is great, and im happy to find such a wealth of information on my favorite RPG.. as well as many other people who are just as fascinated by the story.


as we know, if your level is high enough its possible to defeat Lavos in the ocean palace incident - this gets you the programmers ending.

but tying this into the storyline, lets say Crono & Co really do this - that means that Lavos wouldnt get the chance to destroy Zeal, and Zeal would continue to exist!

i wonder what that timeline would be like...

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