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Well, we finally got a webhost, so now Nordic Design is up and running. Nordic Design is a community of people (myself included), that develop free mods and stand-alone games for fun. We're trying to get a large, active community together, so if any of you are interested in checking out our site, feel free to. And while your at it, join up on the forums. You don't have to be interested in game development to just hang out in the forums  :D is the url

Hope to see you guys there!
(And once we finish the game Maerchen, I might make a Chrono based game with our NordFX engine  :D )

General Discussion / Your Computer MIGHT Be A Ticking Time Bomb!!!
« on: January 06, 2004, 02:39:29 am »
This is crazy! i found this article at

Quote from: hardocp
Laptop Explodes:
No tabloid headline for this story! I will let Mike Roth explain to you in his own words, just exactly what he found on his service bench.

I work as a pc technician for America's largest electronics retailer. Today a customer brought his laptop in for repair and stated that it "exploded". After five years as a tech I thought I had seen it all and was wondering about his perception of "explosion". As I cracked open the box of a five month old Compaq Presario I was hit with a foul stench and immediately knew the chosen words of "explosion" were appropriate. Somehow, someway....this laptops battery totally exploded causing a large fireball and partial disintegration of the computer. The battery caught fire sending a fireball through the front of the laptop blowing a three inch hole through what used to be the floppy on the opposite side of the case. I know that any battery has the potential for danger given the correct circumstances, however this battery met a truly violent end under normal operating conditions. The customer stated that his entire table was burnt to a crisp and would of been true of the whole house if a fire extinguisher was not as handy as it was.

and for your entertainment: SCREENS!

(this should freak out some laptop users...)

let me know what you think.

General Discussion / chrono trigger novel
« on: December 10, 2003, 02:31:53 am »
i finished the demo a while ago and it's very, very, very, well done. the battles are NOT like "chrono cast lumiare causing 999999999999 damage to the beetle". they resemble the fight scenes from books like redwall and LOTR. very nicely done. tell your friends and family to support the novel please! even putting the link in your signature would be great!  :D

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