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General Discussion / Gang Garrison 2
« on: November 21, 2009, 03:00:48 pm »
Anyone wanna play it with me sometime? or perhaps start a group session of it =D

General Discussion / Designing the TCG topic
« on: August 29, 2009, 05:59:04 pm »
Alright, if you're actually interested in designing a TCG, there will be a number of topics to discuss upon what will go down:

1: What will the theme of it be, if any?  Just because this is a chrono site, doesn't mean thats all we think about all day every day, nor does it mean thats the kind of TCG we'd want to play.  Not ruling out the idea of a chrono TCG though.

2: Game Setup.  Stuff like, how many cards in a deck? How many of each card type can you have at once? etc.  Pre-game info.

3: Card Types, a little more specific than #2.  What types of cards? what will they do? why have them? etc.

4: Gameplay.  Hows the game going to be played? Turn based, how?  What can you do when? Why?

And Finally:
5: The Actual Game: How we gonna do it?  Design a video game based on the above predetermined standards and use online play to rock it out?  We gonna sign a contract with some Taiwan mass-production company to make these cards for us?  We gonna do it ourselves?

Anything else I missed, lemme know.

All of the above are open for dicussion and opinion injection, so please inject opinions!

General Discussion / I wonder..
« on: July 26, 2009, 02:47:07 am »
...would it be possible to take an application thats in .exe form, open it in a hex or binary editor, and then reconvert that into some sort of comprehensible/readable code, based upon known rules of how EXE code is run?

I mean, there oughtta be a way...


Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Chrono Haikus here!
« on: July 20, 2009, 02:39:42 am »
Chrono Haikus, please! It is a competition.  Which will be the best?

Keep them Crono Related!

Rounds will last a day or so, depending.

LAST NOTE:  The competition will always be open to submissions until the final round has begun.   Those submitted after the final round will be used in the following competition.  If you submit your Haiku in the round before the final one, yours will be seeded to the final round. 

Winners Table:

Tournament 1 (07/19/09): Zaichik.  "Flea":   Is it boy or girl?  Man, Woman, It matters not.  Come to me, Magus

Next Competition begins tomorrow

Submissions / My Story
« on: July 15, 2009, 04:47:15 am »
The beginning of the RPG.

I am sort of... Novelizing my ideas for it... that is, after I partially started an outline and wrote out most of my thoughts for it.

Tell me what you think, please?

I'm sure that no one here would plagerize (sp?), nor really would anyone even want to.  Its just an intro, anyways.
“In the beginning, the five great deities looked down at the vast expanse below their heavenly perch.  As their view was filled with emptiness, so were their hearts.  They saw the need to fill it with life, and so they did.  First, the god Terra, with his powers of earth, created the world, which was desolate. Then, Furos, the god of flame, created the sun which provided warmth to the barren planet.  That was when the goddess Celine reached down and spread her healing waters across the earth.  Afterwards, the goddess Eira granted the world with the sky and the air that supports our life.

When the four gods and goddesses had finished their work, the great goddess Luna stepped down and spread life to all corners of the world.  Finally, the four elemental deities combined their abilities and designed the Humans, to take care of their creation.  Luna breathed life into these beings, and placed them upon the world.”

The priest spoke from standing above the altar.   “This is the story of creation, as told to us by their chosen messenger, not but a few hundred years ago.  I understand that most of us already know this, however it is ceremonial for each of the temples to teach this around this time each year.”

Rayu, the 19 year old boy sitting in the back, sighed, wondering why he had to attend.  He had heard this same speech many times before.  The priests would always change it, but it had the same basic message every time.  However, his mother had forced him to come, like always, as she enjoyed the festivities involved with it.  Rayu never had a problem with the temple, the gods or anything related to it.  In fact, he avidly strived to visit the Wind Temple whenever he could.  He was amazed by the artwork and wonderful atmosphere it provided.

“With the presentation of this knowledge, the heavenly courier also brought with him a gift:  The Epsilon Sword.  A sword comprised of the very essences of the five gods.  It was a blessed sword, which no evil can overcome.  This sword can slice back and drive away any darkness.  It was said that there will come a day which a chosen person will draw and wield the sword, using it to defeat the greatest darkness the world has ever known, even more dark than the dark ages through which our race struggled and survived just 500 years ago.”  The look on the priest’s face turned a little more serious and grim as he spoke his next sentence, “Perhaps the chosen one will turn up soon, for the dark monsters we have started recently facing have gotten stronger and increased in number.  I am sure that if nothing is done, they will grow so strong as to overpower us.”

This part of the speech Rayu had never heard before.  Frankly, because the dark monsters, or the darkened ones as they were called, of which he spoke started arriving and attacking just months ago.  No one knows where they came from, and no one knows exactly what can be done about them.  No one except the King, however.  King Zaer recently sent a message to all the villages exclaiming that he had a plan to stop these demons once and for all.  He had yet to tell anyone what exactly the plan was, however everyone trusted in his good judgment that he would be able to solve the problem.

“But the great Eira, goddess of the wind, shall evermore protect us.  I am sure that the five great gods would not abandon their children in their time of need.  They brought us out of the dark ages, and they shall bring us safely through these!”  At this, the priest stepped down, and took his seat in one of the pews next to some of the worshipers in the temple.  This marked the end of his speech, and Rayu was excited to finally be able to stand again.

He walked out of the temple, and walked around the rest of the village.  Normally, the people would be hard at work.  However, with the recent events and struggles, most of the villagers have taken today off as a day of rest, a much needed one.  Rayu knew one person that wouldn’t be resting at a time like this: Paul, the blacksmith.  Paul is the main blacksmith in the village, and a good one at that.  Since Rayu’s father died when he was young, Paul took up the responsibility of becoming the father figure in Rayu’s life.  However, not only was he his father, he was also one of Rayu’s greatest mentors.

As he thought, by the time Rayu walked all the way over to his house, Paul was already working on his next project.  “Must they always force me to listen to that lecture every year?  I mean, it seems as if they haven’t even changed it since they first came up with it.”

Paul stopped slinging his hammer onto the red hot weapon he was forging.  Looking up at Rayu, he said “Maybe it’s because they got it right the first time?  Why fix what isn’t broken?”  The workshop he worked in was moderately small, the size of a single room.  It was open to the outdoors on three sides, held up by wood posts.  The fourth side was a wall connected to his actual house.

Rayu scoffed, “That’s the thing.  They did get it right the first time.  But shouldn’t everyone already know the story by now?”
Paul put his hammer aside, and said to Rayu, “Maybe.  But do you really think that is the point?”

At first, Rayu had seen this as rhetorical, but then the look on Paul’s face said that he really wanted to know.  “Well, maybe not, I guess,” he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

The tan blacksmith walked over to the 19 year old, and said, “Rayu, the high priest doesn’t repeat the same sermon at this time of year just to annoy the rest of the village, nor does he do it because he is too lazy.  Our village is innately built to serve the goddess of the wind, Eira, right?  Well, just because she is the overall focus of this town does not mean that we turn a blind eye to the rest of the gods.  For example,” he stepped over to his furnace, which was used to heat his projects.  “Every time I use this furnace, I give thanks to Furos, for blessing me with this flame.  I can set up everything to the right conditions to make a fire, and I can strike the flint to start the fire.  However, it is not by my abilities that this fire burns, or that it heats the metals.  It is only by Furos’ blessing that I can even do my job.  So, I am thankful to him for it.  In return, I not only get a good furnace, but my metals are always almost perfectly refined, and almost every project I work on gets completed quickly and properly.”

Rayu leaned against a post and gave him a strange look.  “So what do your swords have to do with their sermons?”

Paul wiped the sweat from his forehead.  “By doing what I do, and being thankful, and praising the gods, I get blessed by Furos.  The creation sermon is a good sermon, and it’s one of the few ways that they can praise all five gods and goddesses at once.  As a result, the entire village usually shares in some sort of blessing.  The gods and goddesses aren’t deaf and blind, and they have emotions and aspirations as well as us.”

Rayu smiled at this.  “I think I understand what you’re saying.”

Paul smiled back, turned back to his work, and said, “Well, even if you didn’t, I wouldn’t have the chance to explain any more.  Here comes your mother.”
The teenager rolled his eyes, and turned around.  Like Paul said, here came his mother.  Rayu sighed, walking away from the blacksmith’s workshop to meet her.  He asked her, “Oh, mom, what is it this time?  I already cleaned the house last night and this morning.”  He didn’t exactly want to know the answer, but he knew that she wanted him for something.  Usually something he didn’t want to do.

“It’s not like I intend to ruin your social life, but,” she grabbed his shoulder lightly, pointing his view to the front of the temple.  “The elder and the high priest wish to speak with you.  It’s usually something important when both of them want you at once.”  She gave him a little shove, “Besides, you’re never going to get a girl with that attitude.”

He didn’t feel like he was ever going to get a girl, period.  The closest girl to his age, in the village of the wind, is already married, and the next closest is 9 years old.  He didn’t want to think about that.

Alright, the other day, while on the toilet, I had an idea for the flow of time...

In my theory, time is not actually a "line" but a polar function which circles around, and constanly moves closer and closer to the center, (0, 0), the end of time.  The curve will constantly get closer, by a rate which halves the radius from the center every full revolution around.  It is done this way for the reason of that it will never actually reach the end of time, but still constantly get closer.  For an explanation:

Take a bridge... walk halfway across it.  Then walk half of the distance you need to reach the other side... then half of that, then half of that... will find that you will constantly have some sort of infintecimal distance between you, and the exact end of the bridge... this is because no matter how close to the end you get, you can only move half that distance closer... well, the same goes for this model of time.

I do it this way because it doesn't interfere with the normal human's perception of time, which is that it constantly moves forward, and can never reach the end of time... however, for the time traveler, this make alot more sense than the idea of a "line".

imagine time as a wire with a current always running.  in the normal line theory, there is no possible way for someone to take and bridge the distance from x point on the wire to the end of the wire because the wire goes on infinitely.  However, in this infinite loop/curve theory, one could easily take a short wire and connect it to (0, 0) and some other point in time because it has a finite distance.  It makes the illogical just that much more, well, logical.

I originally wanted to take a picture of an example graph of what the time "line" would look like in this situation but... Then I realized, I needed an equasion for it!  I found an equasion for it but...  well, you'll see.

Below is where I quote my "findings" explained (Math illiterate beware!)

I was trying to find the right polar equasion which (can) start off however

large, and constantly gets closer to the center, with each revolution of 2pi

making the radius X times smaller.

the INTERESTING part is that despite the fact it constantly moves toward the

center (0, 0), it will never reach it until it hits infinity, and that it

starts off at infinity.

However, upon beginning this, I decided that I would work the equasion in


by making an assumption (sp?) that a whole circle around would be 2x, a half

circle around would be halfway inbetween 1x and 2x, being 1.5x, and 1/4 way

would be 1.25x, etc, I realized that there was a possibility for there to

actually be an equasion to specify the radius of a given angle from 0, 0,

given an original point.

I was correct in my assumption of the existance of such an equasion.

I came up with a recursive equasion that seemed correct, which was (r is

radius function, A is angle): 
r(A) = (2z)/(2z-y)*r(A-(2pi*(y/z))
y/z represents the percentage of a full circle that is made, and the

preceding ratio was supposedly correct.

Basically put, the equasion states that the radius of the current angle is

equal to (2z)/(2z-y) times the radius that was (y/z)% of a circle ago.

When I tested this, it worked under the circumstances... i tried taking

halfway around the circle, from a radius of 1, and then took a whole circle

from there.  Afterwards, I took a whole circle from one (putting it at two),

then took a half circle from there (doing the steps in reverse order).  The

numbers matched up.  It seemed to be flawless....

...until I tried to take two halves of the circle.  I took the first half,

starting at 1, it looked fine.  I took the next half from there, and the

number did not equal 2 (double of 1, which should be the number which is

reached from 2 halves).

I gave it thought, and told myself that I had done nothing wrong, and I

thought I lost all the work I had made.  I thought that it was just

impossible to have it double on every single angle, and then I just gave

up.. thinking that I would have to find a more proper equasion, with an

increase by X times every circle, and then maybe I could find a working

number with which it would work...

...and then I thought to myself today, as I was first writing this

message... "What if it wasn't the number two that had been off... what if my

numeric assumptions (at the beginning) in relation to each % around the

circle were off?"

And after a number of thoughts and such entered my head, it came to my

realization that the equasion which I multiplied the radius by was wrong...

the function of (2z)/(2z-y) only seemed to work because I was making the

wrong kinds of tests, with the wrong assumptions.  I had assumed that when I

took 1/2 around the circle it would be (2*2)/(2*2-1), or 4/3, times what the

original radius was...

...I realized that whatever distance around the circle you go, there is a

counter distance that you still have left to travel... and that the two

coefficients to the function r(A) created had to multiply to be equal to


r(A) = (2z)/(2z-y)*r(A-(2pi*(y/z))), the 2 coefficients created by (2z)/(2z

-y) when doing halfway aroudn the circle, and another half, would and could

never multiply up to be two, unless you go all the way around the circle the

first step, and then dont go around at all the next step.

y/z being a percentage... then (z-y)/z + y/z would be equal to one, always.

and thats when it all came togethor.  Its where I am now.  with a working,

proper equasion for it.

r(A) = 2^(y/z)*r(A-(2pi*(y/z)))

is the proper equasion... because of the way powers work.

lets start by taking a whole circle in one step, from r(0) = 1.

w/z, the distance around circle, = 100%, so y=1 and z=1

r(2pi) = 2^(1/1)*r(2pi-(2pi*(1/1)))
= 2 * r(2pi-2pi)
= 2 * r(0)
= 2 * 1.

this is the perfect, original idea to this equasion.

Now, the next test was to get past the flaw of my original equasion: you

take it twice, with intervals of 1/2 a circle, from the starting point being

1... this should presumably then make 1 whole circle around, bringing the

equasion to two.

r(0) = 1

r(pi) = 2^(1/2)*r(pi-(2pi*(1/2)))
= 2^1/2 * r(pi-pi)  = 2^(1/2) * r(0).

r(2pi) = 2^(1/2)*r(2pi-(2pi*(1/2)))
= 2^1/2 * r(2pi-pi) = 2^(1/2) * 2^(1/2) * r(0).

now, the way that powers work, (which I am sure you already know but I feel

like explaining anyways because I'm bored and excited) is that when you

multiply two different powers, which have the same base, you add the powers

togethor, and keep the original base.

so 2^(1/2)*2^(1/2), add the two 1/2s togethor, you get 2^1, which is two.

So, contrary to my original ideas, rather than the coefficient to the

equasion constantly being a fraction, it is constantly a power!  Going less

than one full 2pi makes it a strange root of sorts, and going more than 2pi

makes it a power greater than 1.

now... after this i realize that this equasion is not only applicable to a

function that doubles in size every full circle, but to a function that

increases by X every full circle...

so a completely generalized equasion would be:

r(A) = X^(y/z) * r(A - (2pi * (y/z)))
A = Angle at which the radius is being determined.
X = rate by which the radius increases over 2pi.
y/z = percentage of 2pi which is being traversed.
All of this given that
r(b) = c,  b and c being constants.

now, I know this isnt the exact equasion for graphing the curve which I was

originally trying to find... however, I'm sure that with some manipulation

and calculus (maybe), that equasion isn't too far off either.

NO! I just found it! No calculus needed, of coarse.
by taking the origin angle 0 to be given any radius "c", the equasion is

formable into a non-recursive equasion!

by taking the origin angle and radius combination, and replacing r(A - (2pi

* (y/z))) with it... you can rewrite the other half of the equasion...

...making a combined form of:

r(A) = X^(A/(2pi))*c, c being the original radius.  This works because all

the original recursive equasion was doing was taking a previous radius and

multiplying it by a power derived from the ratio of how far around the

circle it is going.  Now it can be used to graph the curve in which the

radius increases X times over every full 2pi.

... this is the point where I laugh at myself... because this dumbass over

here spent his entire night trying to find a so-called "complex equasion"

for a function that he fathomed as "impossible"...

... this is the point of realization of "damn... I probably could have found

this stupid thing on the internet! *bangs fist on desk* ".

My "big realization" was probably nothing but foolishness to begin with...

this is the part where you all post "lul idiot".

General Discussion / New clothes...
« on: June 06, 2009, 02:43:25 am »
I am going to be short about this...

I am designing a new humanoid race, I really do not wish to give anything away about them... I have most things down already, but I'm completely stumped on clothing.  They are humanoid, so they have the basic limbs (torso, arms, legs, head)... but they are unrelated to humans and they share no history... that being said, I wish for them to have a new or different method of clothing themselves...

Humans have the basic Top (covers arms and upper torso), Bottom (covers legs and lower torso), and full (like a dress), and each of these have a few variations, like pants vs skirt, or such...

I wanted to know if any of you had any ideas for a different way to do this... it can be something simple like whole torso plus legs and then sleeves as a different item,  to left half of body vs right half of body, to having half of the torso 2 arms and one pant leg vs the other pant leg.

If anyone had any thoughts on this, it would not only be an interesting topic it would also be very helpful to me...

EDIT: edited topic title to be more appropriate

General Discussion / MAGGIEKARP!!!
« on: May 26, 2009, 02:37:05 am »
I <3 (most) ALL OF YOU PICS!

Make moar please =D

(theres just one exception, one pic that makes me want to kill myself (which I wont do [shouldnt I be using brackets before I use a 2nd set of parenthesis? oh well] ) )

Whatever the fuck you're talking about already has a thread or a PM would do. You has great learning disability? Meds not quite right? Seriously, I worry. Anyways...


General Discussion / Ever hacked PC games...
« on: May 22, 2009, 03:07:41 am »
You guys ever hacked PC games?  And in this specific case, im talking about like, old school, 1990's FPS PC games.

There is a certain Video Game that I have.  Extremely rare, unknown to, well, practically the rest of the universe.

But in my personal opinion, it was a wonderful game... like, AMAZINGLY wonderful game.

I was just wondering if you guy have ever hacked something along those lines, like.. ya know?

I would totally have it on my computer right now installed and I would play it often but...  ...the problem is the game supposedly only runs with a specific (albeit extremely old) graphics card.

I was just wondering if there was some way to be able to reach into the source code and either get rid of whats stopping it from running, or change it in such a way that it could be runnable... or even go to the extreme of taking the code out of it, and reworking it to be a new copy of it...

...anyone have any thoughts? 

If you care... the game is called "Rebel Moon".  Search it on google, the only thing you'll really come up with is limited information about its sequel, "Rebel Moon Rising".

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / What the...
« on: May 07, 2009, 03:24:39 am »

what are those statues at the bottom of the page, and those other figurines, and where can i get sum?!

General Discussion / My Chat Client/server.
« on: May 06, 2009, 03:18:28 am »
I over the last 4 days, i have written a chat program and server program in which you can use...

If you want to start a chat room, just download the Server and Client files (You MUST have the most recent version of Java installed).   --- Server   ----  Client

get whoever you want to join you to download the client and you should be set!

You must run the server before anyone can start connecting....
When you run the server, it will show you your IP address (write this down)
and then ask you for:
the Port you want to use (4 digits, ALWAYS)
then the codename and password to use to login for admin privilidges (do NOT use spaces!)
NEW: afterwards, it will give you your server's LOGCODE (Write this down too!)

once a box pops up that says Connections: 0, you're set to start having people connect!

On the Clients side of things:
WHen you start to connect it will ask you for your username. type whatever in... !'s are illegal tho (used for code interpretation)
Afterwards, it will ask you if you want to log in using a log code...

just copy paste in the log code that the server gave you, and you're set.

you'll need to use the IP adress and port that the server uses to connect.

Advantages to LogCodes: you don't give your IP address out! No need to hassle people with an IP AND a port.
Disadvantages: Its somewhat a long code.. but copypaste makes it easy!

Hope you guys enjoy it!
Summary of actions:
* IAmSerge does something...: *username does something...
/name name: renames you to "name"
/login adminname password:  gives you admin capabilities (adminname and password are the words that the host put into the server)
/kick user: kicks the user, admin only... the only admin thing that is up.
/pm user: PM's the user, only you and the user know what the PM says!

Have fun!

Kajar Laboratories / CT stageplay.
« on: April 30, 2009, 04:41:00 pm »
Teaflower and I had a wonderful idea to make a CT stageplay based upon the storyline and events in CT.

however based upon real-life limitations and stage limitations, many things would have to change, in my opinion.

Basically, this is going to be a non-canonical retelling of CT.

Things that would be problematic:
1: Magic.   Possible solution would be the use of light and sound effects, but would still be hard to convey.
2: The whole 3 character party.  Personally, the 3 character party would seem quite annoying on stage, especially when changing characters.
Possible solution would be to have the whole party be doing something, but not always at the same place or time.
3: Lavos.  How would he be portrayed during the entire story?  Would he be a giant backdrop object, or some ubered-up prop? RIght now I have no possible solutions for this.
4: The final battles would be problematic... just seeing one fight after another doesnt really do much for a crowd.  Personally, I think that the play would cut off right before the final battle with lavos... and have the ending possibly narrarated, or have it cut to the moonlight parade or something, you know, the ending ending.
5: the epoch.  how woudl it be portrayed?
6: TIme travel in general, in what way could it be done using onstage methods?   

Also, I want to hear story/script ideas from you guys which would not technically be canon but nor would it be breaking the storyline...
I cant give an example because I must leave, and because I dont have time to think of one, but im really interested in hearing your ideas.


Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / So ima be up til 9:00...
« on: April 30, 2009, 05:31:56 am »
because I couldnt sleep so if i fell asleep now I would miss my 7:30 test...

and now for some of the worst quotes from other sites...
I personally have to join the hardcore chrono trigger fans and say Chrono cross never happened. I still await a true chrono trigger sequel.

Cross felt like a dark angsty RPG that lacked the epic feel, the heart, or the endearing characters Chrono Trigger had. I'd rather in fact think of CT as a perfect stand alone game with no need for a sequel.

I love how he thinks of himself as a "hardcore" fan.  Yeah, right.  What foolishness hath thou wrought.

Chrono Trigger, was just...amazing..hands down one of the most amazing RPG's honestly still..yet to play cross..i loved trigger so much i was scared of ruining my experience of the chrono series

Thats EXACTLY the foolishnes thou hath wrought.  Its people like that first guy that ruins the series for everyone else.   It takes one person to kill it for many others, and its hard to reconvince those people otherwise after they've been spoiled.

I think I just realized why those who play CC before CT usually like it better.

Atleast, another reason why...

CC and CT have the same stories behind them...  And as such, they have the exact same "OMG WTF" moments when you learn something new.

Like when you first learn of Lavos in CC or CT its an "OMG WTF" moment...  Both games carry the same moment, HOWEVER its only experiencable ONCE.  or for that matter, only experienceable on one or the other. Its like this with many of the other moments in the games as well...

Basically, when you play one,  you already learn the backstory of the other, which both try to "teach" backstory in a way that will give players a deeper feeling.

When you play CC first, alot of the Shared moments get allocated to CC and increase its rep by alot,
and the same with CT as well.

??? eh?

General Discussion / List of forum post ranks
« on: April 29, 2009, 04:52:55 am »
like, is there a list of the ranks and the required number of posts to reach them? jw

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / I just remembered!
« on: April 29, 2009, 04:39:42 am »
I had a dream about Harle last night!

I woke up at 11 something and knew that I had dreamed about her...

but then I "hit the snooze button" til 11:36... aka: slept on and off til 11:36...

when a voice in my head told me to "Get Up"...

...It was Harle's voice, of course.

the reason I had forgotten until now is because of the whole On and Off Sleep til 11:36...

..damn, sure wish I could remember it

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