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Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Howdy
« on: April 21, 2009, 12:06:56 am »
Normally I don't make these "hey, look at the newbie" threads, but thought I would this time. I've lurked around here a bit, but never dove into the boards too much. I was reading the DS spoiler thread which came up on a search and decided to register.

Basically, CT has been my favorite game ever since I played it on my friend's SNES soon after it came out. Never really had a chance to play CC, but I think I've found a remedy for that... Played the CT ROM off and on once I discovered emulation. Recently decided to buy a DS and found out about the CT port for it, so that rekindled my flame and I found some of the ROM hacks here like "Prophet's Guile" and "Crimson Echoes".

Right now, I'm currently waiting for my 2nd purchase of CT for the DS to get here. The first one I bought came from Hong Kong, and while I've had a number of dealings with buying good stuff from there, this time, I got screwed, as the saved game data would corrupt. It would somewhat work at first, but then it just completely went out on me, and I got ebay to give me my money back and go after the seller when he wouldn't respond to my emails.

Enough of that. Hope to see some more awesome stuff from the folks on this board.

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