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I've heard people who claim it's called the Lunar Dragon, and claim they know the original Japanese better than anyone...I've also heard people claim it was TimeDevourer in Japanese as well.

Is there any actual proof or just hearsay?

Speaking of the devourer, I've heard people say that killing the Time Devourer doesn't work because it just can regenerate instantly due to multiverse-magic. Is this stated canon anywhere?

From what I hear, it's:

 Kid / Leena AND Poshul - Kid can be blown off the entire game if she's not taken here
 Guile/Nikki/Pierre - have to have one of them join for Viper Manor
 Korcha - if you do the Save Kid path only
 Sprigg - automatically joins
 Harle - automatically joins
 Radius - the guards at Fossil Valley won't leave until you fight and recruit him
 Norris - need him to get a boat.
 Starky - Mandatory as he's needed to get into Terra Tower.
 ZOAH or Karsh - Need to get one of them to do the Viper Manor Revisit
 Orcha - automatically joins
 Grobyc - automatically joins
 Riddel - need to speak with her to progress at Hermit's Hideaway and she automatically joins during the conversation
 Viper/Fargo/Marcy/whoever wasn't picked earlier between Karsh and Zoah - all automatically join

Is that accurate?

History, Locations, and Artifacts / Gaea's Navel and its history
« on: October 03, 2010, 08:26:20 am »
Is there any specific proof that Gaea's Navel existed BEFORE Chronopolis arrived?

I realize it's often taken for granted that it existed before El Nido was created.

However, is that actually stated in game? The map in Chronopolis that shows El Nido's unchanged state already has Chronopolis in it. Meaning it's post time crash.

Is it possible Gaea's Navel was brought there at the same time Chronopolis was?

Perhaps it was brought there with Dinopolis?

On a similar note, other than the Dragon and Leah, is there any other difference with Another's Gaea's Navel?

Chrono Trigger DS Analysis / Anyone explored the Schala's room glitch?
« on: March 06, 2009, 06:40:08 am »
In case you're not familiar with it, if you turn on the Walkthrough walls cheat code in both the DS and SNES versions, you end up in a strange glitched version of the Millenium fair.  I think someone on the compendium itself suggested this may be a leftover secret passage for the unfinished Zeal dungeon that still exists in the coding in the SNES version.

When I tried it, I ended up on one of the Ocean Palace elevators with Magus now in my party, then eventually froze at the Mammon machine.

Anyone explored this?

On a similar note, what happens if you try to do the "Chrono" part of the Dimensional Vortex without Chrono brought back yet?

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