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Shows unseen Magus artwork from Akira Toriyama. What else might it contain? We need to identify the book first, and then can grab a copy.

General Discussion / Vaporwave and Future Funk
« on: January 02, 2021, 10:50:00 pm »
Late to the party, but I finally finished curating my own collection of vaporwave/future funk based off Jason Sanders' recommendations (for the former) and the entire Artzie archive (for the latter). Threw it up on chronofan for a friend, but anyone wanting to explore these genres can find it at:

Download is huge because my K-mart store PA archive is in there, too (basically

Hope everyone had a good holiday season. About to go into 1.5 months of pure hell work here. May we all stay safe in the springtime of youth.

Chrono News / Chrono Trigger Promotional Store Video Ripped!
« on: December 03, 2020, 05:18:57 pm »
We acquired this video via Yahoo Japan auctions last month. It's a VHS tape that would've played on repeat in a video game store, showing gameplay from Chrono Trigger and Front Mission. The Chrono Trigger portion seems to have been recorded using the Prerelease build, or possible a build in between, as it contains the Prerelease version of the Lavos eruption sprite. The only other interesting part I caught was the exploration of Magus's Lair—the party finds Magus, but the battle doesn't start (obviously this event was disabled; can't recall if that's how it is in the Prerelease as well).

The most exciting find with this tape, however, is that it plays A Premonition, Chrono Trigger, Secret of the Forest, and Battle 1 as they would've originally sounded before downsampling/conversion to Super Famicom/SNES hardware. These versions are potentially how Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu heard them before they were placed into the game. Check them out! Also check out the Front Mission video if you're a fan of that series; I sadly don't know enough about it.

Big thanks to Hidden Palace for alerting me to the auction.

Site Updates / 2020 Update
« on: September 14, 2020, 12:41:31 am »
Lots of exciting stuff below, but as a result of this update, Material Requiring Translation is starting to break the bank. If anyone has contacts or ideas for getting translation assistance, please reply. Even if we have to death-by-a-thousand-papercuts this thing, it'll be wonderful to start getting some steady, even if microscopic progress. How many secrets still lay in wait for English-speaking fans?! (Also, the albums and doujins update will take longer—VGMDb enabled viewing all works attached to a particular franchise at some point in the last few years, and apparently we're missing like 300+ different fan arranges in the encyclopedia. Life is pain.)

[PRERELEASE]  A truly massive update has taken place on Alpha Screenshot Page, the tragically-named repository for prerelease screenshots! We've combed all the great recent scans on Twitter and have expanded and reorganized the page to index them all; check it out!  [MOCKUPS]  Reld has done some fantastic investigative work into the early screenshots and mockups! First, check out recreations of some of the more interesting mock-ups featured on the Alpha Screenshot Page, near the bottom. Second, check out the V-Jump video section—there is now a discussion on the probable name of the bridge shown on the overworld. I'd never even realized those Prerelease tombstones had been used on the bridge's field map!  [VIDEO]  Cabbusses's Retro Obscurities has also put up a backup of the Brut Press Volume, December 1994 coverage of Chrono Trigger as well; find it on the page under the Video section!

[TRANSLATION]  Shea Melvin has graciously translated the V-Jump video special on Chrono Trigger! The interview features most of the main developers (including Akira Toriyama) hyping up the game, with most of them talking about the capabilities of the 32 Megabit cartridge. Many thanks to Shea for this; check it out here[CE]  trig has rescued the old Youtube annotations from the Crimson Echoes Memorial playlist; grab them here[CT TRANSLATIONS]  But that's not all! Turkish, Spanish, Catalan, and Polish translations of Chrono Trigger for SNES have been uploaded here.

[ENCYC]  Many miscellaneous updates have been made, but chief among them are Mauron's contributions to the Chrono Trigger monster pages, which now list accurate weakness/resistance percentages to elements, as well as stamina stats (though most are 10). A page has also been added for the unused Magus enemy. Check it all out here[REFERENCES]  ForTex brought us the news that Another Eden made a field map of a beach that pays tribute to Opassa Beach, from Chrono Cross. Check it out here.

[CROSS HACKS]  Remi Negest made a patch to fix the Pip element grid issue. Note, it only works on savegames before the glitch has been triggered. Download it here[2]  Prizvel has made a patch to restore the Wraith with Ghetz's shirt to the Viper Manor sewers; grab it here[CT MODDING]  TheMage and Mauron have brought us this wonderful sprite insertion guide[2]  Mauron's made some significant updates to the Tech Data Notes page, as well as Menu Data. Also check out Vehek's PSX research here[3]  Likewise, we now have a guide on adding the last few enemy offsets as functional enemies! Find it here[4]  Plugin updates! HiTech 32 - The Rest (also updated/uploaded to the static webhost)

[OFFICIAL ART]  Acacia Sgt has ripped the source images in lossless PNG for the bonus art featured in the Steam version of Chrono Trigger! We've also added V-Jump scans from the Alpha page where better-resolution art has been located. Check it out!  [FAN ART]  Hit the page and look for new art by: batensan, chrono.source, cym0rg, gabrielf, Sailor Phantom  [FAN ANALYSIS]  New pages! [ Fates of the Chrono Trigger Team ][ Prometheus Circuit (Function) ][ Polis War (Timeline) ]

[REMIXES]  First up is OCReMix, but too many remixes have come out since 2016 to list individually here—hit up these chronological CT and CC pages instead: Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross. (Don't worry; they've still been added to the encyclopedia.)  [DWELLING OF DUELS]  [ 'Wings that Cross Time' by sigmabeta ][ 'Trial and Errors' by Soniferous ][ 'Singing Mountain' by newip ][ 'Omen of Antiquity' by Careless Juja, Brandon Strader ][ 'Atlantis Burns Under a Lunar Eclipse' by Rifftus ][ 'Queen Zeal's Bedroom' by Team Pixels ][ 'Tango in the Sewer' by Hat ][ 'Time - Lavos - Chance (original - Moiré Effect)' by Katamari
[ 'The Secret of the Forest' by Ian Martyn ][ 'Jonny Races FATE Down Under' by Ian Martyn
[ 'Far Promise - Dream Shore' by Somewhere in Time ]  [CELESTIA]  [ Confrontation with Magus' by scare96 ][ 'Corridors of Time' by lookers-on ][ 'la nostalgie du vent -from Chrono Trigger-' by hiyama ][ 'Prayers Arise' by lix ][ 'Earth Dragon's Isle' by voile ]

[LEGEND OF RENEGADE SEGA GENESIS ARRANGEMENTS]  [ 'Battle 1 Sega Genesis' ][ 'Battle with Magus' ][ 'Boss Battle 2' ][ 'Confusing Melody' ][ 'Corridors of Time' ][ 'Fanfare 1' ][ 'Memories of Green' ][ 'Sealed Door' ][ 'Secret of the Forest' ][ 'Wind Scene'[VGMIX 4]  'Corridors of Time (Lounging in the Corridor Remix)' by Gary Stevens  [OCR WIPS]  [ 'Corridors of Time' by Celestial Aeon Project ][ 'Guldove (Another World)' by DCapo89 ][ 'Manoria Cathedral - Meditation for Solo Piano' by DCapo89 ][ 'Battle 1' by Mercurius FM ][ 'Termina (Another World) Arrange' by 0x000000FF ][ 'Secret of the Forest Piano and Flute Cover' by DCapo89 ][ 'Spekkio's Joy' by GeoffreyTaucer ][ 'Secret of the Forest' by Light of Aether ][ 'To Far Away Times' by pixelizer ][ 'Get T-Rekt' by YoshiBlade ][ 'Zealous Ambition' by Fusion42 ]

[COMPENDIUM REMIXES]  [ 'World Revolution - Last Battle' by GaMetal ][ 'Schala's Theme Remix Trance Super Extended' by Alexander Prievert ][ 'Chillopolis WIP 1' by bLiNd ][ 'Corridors of Time YM2612+SN76489 by Break ][ 'Another World' by Carpet Monster ][ 'Corridors of Time' by EchoGhost ][ 'Ocean Palace (Rising Beast Remix)' by EchoGhost ][ '600 A.D. Mix' by EchoGhost ][ 'Chrono Cross Dream of the Shore' by Fredrik Miller ][ 'Star-stealing Girl' by Fredrik Miller ][ 'Corridors of Time' by Fredrik Miller ][ 'Battle with Magus 2015' by GaMetal ][ 'Millennial Fair Jazz Cover' by insaneintherainmusic feat. ocabanda ][ 'Arni Village Trigger Style' by MagilsugaM ][ 'FATE Trigger Style' by MagilsugaM ][ 'Star-stealing Girl Trigger Style' by MagilsugaM ][ 'Schala Trance 91bpm' by Manomym2 ][ 'Outskirts of Time' by Jonny Atma ][ 'Schala Trance 125bpm' by Manomym2 ]

That's all for now. Pop into the forums to see what else you may have missed! And check out that bLiNd Chillopolis WIP in the remixes above; just incredible!

These games are supposedly what became of Chrono Break. Another Eden was written by Masato Kato and contains his vision for the game, while the rest of the Chrono team (Sakaguchi, etc.) ended up putting their ideas into FFDII. Unfortunately, we can't find good plot summaries anywhere to actually theorize what the games would've been if they were still in the Chrono franchise.

The APKs can be found on Google and emulated on one's PC (no need to buy/play them on an Android device, I think...)

General Discussion / Prototypes, Sonic Month, etc.
« on: September 13, 2020, 05:21:52 pm »
Anyone else been following these?

I started getting in on the action and contributed to the February group buy, which is starting to yield protos:

Waiting for the X-box series to come out with a couple Unreal Championship 2 prototypes that'll no doubt yield some unique stuff. Still holding out hope that an old-overworld Chrono Trigger proto will surface.

The Great To-Do List / [3000] Japanese scene messages regarding CT in 1995
« on: November 13, 2019, 11:35:46 pm »
Undisappearing for this:

The link above is an archive of communications within a Japanese scene community. It's 100% not translated right now, but there are 23 references to Chrono Trigger, and one of them is someone telling another person that they'll check if their Chrono Trigger build is the final if they send the ROM (with the final build date, per the poster, being January 20, 1995).

The implication is that whomever he's addressing may have a non-final build...the Prerelease, or maybe even a different prototype.

We definitely need all messages containing "クロノ" or in response to those translated ASAP! Put out the call if you know someone who can read and assist. It would be fascinating to find out there might be another prototype of CT out there, buried somewhere in Japan, perhaps rotting in some collector's EEPROM bin.

Sorry if I'm late tot he party, but this just came up on Twitter: Next up is Weekly Famitsu Sept. 23, 1994.

Hate using the "beta" and "alpha" verbiage of yore, but it pretty effectively communicates that what we're seeing here is the old tileset for 1000 A.D. There's also a different Zenan Bridge look going on as well. Will get these in the encyclopedia in the next update. If anyone knows OKD, we would murder to get better scans of those pages.


An extras section has been added!
This has been added to the title menu. After completing the game, the following sections will be unlocked:


View various illustrations from CHRONO TRIGGER

We need someone to extract the native illustrations, or failing that, just screenshot PNGs of each, if you've unlocked this feature.

Dream Splash VI - Dream of Zeal [2018] / Dream Fragments [Short Form]
« on: June 21, 2018, 04:00:45 pm »
These are ideas i need to get down. These probably shouldn't be counted as actual entries.

Zeal Gaiden

If Chrono Break were ever made, I also imagine it being a kind of fanservice tour-de-force with the old gang (CT, CC, and RD's best characters combined), but I always had an idea about King Zeal I wish I could do. (Crimson Echoes spoiler.) He liberates himself from where Magus had been holding him, as Magus hasn't returned in quite some time. He pays a visit to the End of Time and discovers what's transpired regarding Project Kid and the Ideal Timeline. In this continuity, whatever we're calling "Schala" has gone beyond to the Sea of Zurvan, and having no further business with his son, Zeal decides to seek out the sea and find out once and for all what lies at the apex of dreaming. The philosophical themes are a bit like Moby-Dick, dealing with the fundamental meaninglessness of the universe, eternal recurrence, etc.

Anyway, as enchanting as that sounds, the real ideas are in the rogue's gallery of teammates Zeal would recruit for his cause. The party and their innates would be (and forgive that there are no names):

  • King Zeal - Shadow
  • The Zeal Woman - An aide to Gaspar who suffered long exposure to ill effects of Time Egg R&D and now has unreliable, out-of-phase but sometimes-broken level Shadow magic
  • The Chrono Cross Innate - If the Chrono Cross is the lost eighth element, why can't there be an innate? I'm not sure how they come about, but by being a Chrono Cross innate, they're inherently on the edge of dimensional stability and have extra-sensory awareness of probabilities/eventualities
  • The Shade - One of the shades from CT DS, potentially Crono, revealed to be a fragment from a discarded timeline that survived through use of a special Time Egg (and this could be a villainous design by King Zeal), preferably from a darker timeline as to give this person a believable enmity for their true, Ideal Timeline counterpart

Beyond that, my ideas are scattered. At some point, the End of Time terminus idea would be used, where denizens of planets/entities across the universe start linking each other's realms via each respective planet's End of Time/Time Error zone. As Gaspar customized our End of Time to look like a Victorian station, the terminus is represented by a rail line now connecting to the End of Time, allowing faster-than-light travel to other planets. None would necessarily be visited, but the tantalizing idea is that entire waystations would result, and a kind of Time Error civilization would come about of errant time travelers and others who'd transcended the normal flow. Zeal would use these to eventually reach Zurvan, realizing that...oh, who knows; it could be some physical place allegory for baryonic asymmetry, whatever.

Radical Dreamers II

CT ROM hack involving the use of four overworlds to represent 1020 A.D., one to represent an unspecified time between 12,000 B.C. and 1 A.D., and one potentially representing prehistory. Serge, Magil, and Kid are totally embroiled in a fiasco after attempting to burglarize part of the old Guardia estate near Truce and are persona-non-grata on the northern continent. Legends of a Mystic treasure take them farther south, where they get swept up in a centuries-in-the-making plot to conceal the mysterious backup plan should the summoning of Lavos have failed.

Agents of Porre in search of power, Guardia guerillas seeking a way to restore the Kingdom, Chorasian explorers (including a Toma descendant) in search of a way to resist Porre's inevitable maritime invasion, and Mystics seeking to protect the sacrosanct treasure all conspire to reach it first, sometimes crossing paths with, and other times following the trail of the Radical Dreamers. Many other world-building takes place, including a flesh-out of what exactly happened in that timeline, such as Crono never being revived and the RD origins of Lynx. At some point, the trio stumble upon Slash & Flea's former abode, which has strangely not decayed over 420 years. Inside, a Gate takes them to an undisclosed warming Ice Age period, where certain Mystics gather to refine their magic in a way that will not disturb history (almost like a CT colosseum), with not all of them aware that some among them came from other time periods.

After some boss battles occur (Slash and Flea, as well as other Mystics in a worldbuilding capacity, and best of all, Spekkio), Slash and Flea privately confront Magil and reveal they know his true identity. After the collapse of the Mystic Army, Ozzie settled down and had children, while Slash and Flea were contacted by Spekkio and invited to participate in his little gathering of Mystics, giving them a plausible connection to the Bend of Time in Chrono Cross. Magil challenges them for knowledge of the location of the Mystic treasure, which predated even his leadership in the army (he had no use for it, and honestly believed it to be a fairy tale). They point to prehistory, and...unfinished. They eventually return to 1020 A.D. and settle on the Frozen Flame as their next target.

A French fan has reached out to be about a book their writing, and is going to be collecting experiences to portray how deeply the series has impacted the fans. Feel free to share what the Chrono series means to you, such as:

1. How did you get hooked on the games?

2. What do the games mean to you?

3. What feelings have they left you with?

For me, these are:

1. How I got hooked

Back in 2002, Ramsus, the site administrator for the Chrono Compendium (which didn't exist yet), suggested that I play a few J-RPGs. I had just finished Breath of Fire II, and was ready to play the next one on the list, Chrono Trigger. I was having a blast until I reached the 12,000 B.C. Exiting that cave, finding an icy world of snow, and then riding that gate up to the Kingdom of Zeal...I would forever be enthralled by the Chrono series after that experience. Zeal was an incredible place to visit, and the scenarios of the game were completely gripping. I couldn't rest until I'd progressed through the Ocean Palace and said goodbye to the Enlightened Ones. It was an exciting time to be a Chrono fan, as Radical Dreamers was translated in 2003, so I was able to play both it and Chrono Cross very soon after.

2. My feelings on the games

Everything began with Zeal for me, but Zeal is just another part of the games' main lesson to be a "Chrono Trigger", or rather, be an agent of change for the better in your own life and the timeline at large. Go for it! Give it your best! The future will refuse to change unless you make it change. The philosophy of the games taught me the value of trying and maintaining one's idealism. Dreams are also an iconic part of the games, which encourage you to go out and pursue your own wild ambitions. "The Dream of the planet is not yet over!" became "The Dream of Zeal is alive!" for us. Take action and realize your dreams.

3. What the games mean to me

My favorite poet is John Keats, because of his imagery. If you've ever read "The Eve of St. Agnes", the way he can describe the world is overwhelmingly, almost painfully beautiful. To me, the Chrono series has a similar effect. Akira Toriyama, Tetsuya Nomura, and others made Chrono Trigger one of the most beautiful 16-bit games ever released, with colorful, distinct worlds and memorable character design. Who can forget the architecture of Enhasa, or the almost-autumnal environment of 600 A.D.? Likewise, Chrono Cross maintained an almost-dreamlike quality through the art of Yasuyuki Honne. How incredible was the scene on the balcony of Viper Manor at night, or the haunting Dead Sea? How burned into our minds is that defeated, frozen sun behind Miguel at Leene Square? The music also conjures supreme feelings in each game, and the writing—look no further than Radical Dreamers for the true definition of "atmosphere". These games are truly like visiting another world.

Site Updates / 2018 Dream Splash Update
« on: May 07, 2018, 02:18:41 am »
Sorry for the hiatus, everyone (and huge apologies to my Peach Mountain Shoguns). Let's sum up everything that's happened since the last official mega-update. Since it'll take even longer to add remixes and doujins, those will be updated separately.

The Chrono Compendium is hosting another Dream Splash contest, the first in nearly 6 years! These contests are a way for fans to create and share their wonderful art, music, fiction ... anything having to do with the Chrono series that YOU make. We encourage anyone and everyone to participate, so tell your friends and join us in keeping the dream alive! (Thanks to tushantin for the art!)

[CHRONO BREAK]  A Chrono fan named Mariela Gonzalez managed to contact Masato Kato on Facebook in 2015, publishing a retrospective on the series (that was later translated to French) with the interview. She asked about his original idea for Chrono Break; find the translated section here. Note that no other part of the interview has been translated, nor has an additional interview with Yasunori Mitsuda, and so the book has been placed on Material Requiring Translation. Long story short, and using a separate post from Kato's Facebook page, "Chrono Reflect" would've encompassed Serge, Kid, and Janus saving the original Chrono Trigger crew shortly after the events of CT concluded (perhaps from the Fall of Guardia?) and would've featured Crono, Lucca, and Frog returning as well.

[HOWEVER]  We're not sure if Kato's concept is the same as Takashi Tokita's planned Chrono Break game, which is probably how the trademark filing originated. Check out this interview, where he mentions that the concept carried over to Aemo's character and the balance of three starting characters seen in Final Fantasy Dimensions II. Boo the Gentleman Caller followed up and researched what the game was about. As taken from the FF wiki (our proud affiliate for over a decade at this point): "The game follows a young man named Morrow and his companions as they travel through time and space in order to save the world from beings attacking the fabric of history." Per Boo, based on this, the game would have returned to time travel akin to Chrono Trigger, visiting different eras. More importantly, it would have revolved around the "Chrono Break" being the literal breaking of space-time by multiple aligned big bads attacking different points in space-time in unison. Check this thread for a further character run-down and speculation.

[INTERVIEWS]  Takashi Tokita revealed in 2016 that Tetsuya Nomura created the famous courthouse location art! Check out the interview here[2]  Hironobu Sakaguchi mentioned last year that FF7's development was halted so that virtually every resource at their disposal could work on finishing Chrono Trigger. Check it out here[3]  Next we have Takashi Tokita stating which ending of CT he thinks is canon (see the interview here. Spoiler—it's the one where the Epoch must be sacrificed to reach the Lavos core.  [4]  shmuplations completed a new round of very similar 1995 magazine interviews with the Chrono Trigger team; find it here. Many, many thinks to him for this work!

[MODIFICATION RELEASES]  In case you missed it, Temporal Flux 3.04 is out! Grab it here[2]  LethargicOwl has produced an addendum to Doctor L's re-retranslation of KWhazit's original Chrono Trigger retranslation, hoping to polish it further. Check out the patch notes here[3]  Right behind is Chrono Trigger Complete, an effort by Kakera Sorcerer to create a complete experience with clarification of mistranslations, additional text from CT DS, and even some original lines taken from Chrono Compendium theory (such as referencing the Frozen Flame in Zeal).  [4]  From Chronospolit, we have the CT Bug Fix and Uncensoring Patch. This patch fixes several bugs and also restores censored dialogue from the Japanese original, as well as restoring things referenced by Chrono Cross that were not originally localized for the American release. Find it here[5]  Moving on from translations, we have The Fang's Chrono Trigger 1.01, a hack with several tweaks oriented for low-level gameplay. Check it out here and hit the page for full patch notes.  [6]  Notthisguy has provided a patch allowing one to start the game with Marle at Crono's house, bypassing Crono's first encounter; find it here[7]  Last but not least, we have three tweak patches from Laputan Machine, which eliminate the randomness of Reptite Cave treasure, tweak Johnny's race mechanics, or offer better prizes for completing the race. Find them here[8]  Okay, one more...thegreatBen released Chrono Trigger + unrelated to the Zakyrus project of the same name, restoring a lot of cut content; check out the readme for the full list!

[CROSS MODIFICATION]  nullpointer has uploaded the Chrono Cross 70-80% complete NTSC Disc One beta disc! This disc remarkably features working debug rooms, which were stripped out before the game went gold. The Compendium has picked up the dump for hosting on this page, and a research effort is underway at this thread, with some action items just waiting to be explored. Many, many thinks to nullpointer for releasing this!!  [2]  utunnels got pretty far on dumping Chrono Cross models into his viewer utility. Check out the full list here. Enjoy seeing several Chrono Cross characters and enemies like you've never seen before!  [3]  It's worth noting that the model viewer has given us basically our only true good look at Tia; check it out here[4]  Danetta has authorized linking the Chrono Cross Single Disc project, which avoids the need to change discs when playing Chrono Cross on an emulator. Check it out here!

[FLUX PLUGINS]  Mauron and others have been busy creating Temporal Flux plugins capable of an incredible range of Chrono Trigger modification!  [1]  Hi-Tech is Mauron's flagship tech editor; grab it here[2]  A bevy of others are this zip file! they include: Fiendcrafter, An enemy stat and appearance editor; Inventory Manager: A shop editor; Itemizer: Item and equipment editor; NPCustom: NPC graphics data editor; Save Master: A plugin to control the data copied into save files; String Relabeler: A plugin that allows editing of some of Temporal Flux's global strings; and Warrior Workshop: A character stat editor. Thank goodness, no more using Crone!

[CHRONO TRIGGER]  someguy339 recovered an amazing piece of lost CuteLucca fan art; see it here[2]  Xouman has released soundfonts for Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and other games; find them here[3]  If you're into speedrunning, check out this page, hosting practice run and textless hacks for Chrono Trigger. The hacks have been mirrored at the Compendium. Good luck!  [4]  Scintillating_Void provided a great write-up on Lavos in the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft, which is now our newest feature! Check it out here.

[CHRONO CROSS]  Lina Takezawa, a Japanese user, graciously stopped by to try and help us with the Chronopolis battle text romaji. Check out her translation as juxtaposed with XABY's old attempt here[2]  utunnels made an awesome topic comparing characters' listed heights to their height as measured with his model viewer utility; check out the surprising results here[3]  The rules for each card of the Chrono Cross Bandai Card Game have been translated here. We still need the name card translated, however (check here).  [4]  Masato Kato released a storyboard of a cut FMV on his Facebook showing Harle leaving Serge at Chronopolis when the Dragon God formed. This rather settles the fact that Harle, too, merged into the Dragon God, which was previously not explicitly shown. Find it here.

[DREAMERS AND ECHOES]  Crimson Echoes peripheral content has been restored to this page, including all the art done for release, beta screenshots, the CE Memorial soundtrack, and several interviews. This was originally hosted on, and now is coming home to the Compendium.  [2]  Masato Kato released his character art for Serge and Kid (Radical Dreamers) on Facebook; check it out here[3]  I'm not sure it's being worked on any longer, but it's always worth checking out utunnels' web version of Radical Dreamers. Easy to play at work!

[ANALYSIS]  Schala (why does she send away Magus from the Dream Devourer battle?)  [2]  Lynx (Why didn't he simply wait for Serge to cross dimensions and grab him?)  [3]  Anti-annihilation energy (Counter Time Experiment)

[STEAM]  Chrono Trigger's maligned Steam release prompted various hackers to release patches and other utilities to improve the game. This site has a wonderful selection of them. As the site and its efforts are still ongoing, the Compendium has not picked up the patches to host here, but has added a link to their page on the Modification encyclopedia page (and has backed up all items to date).

[COMPENDIUM]  We now have a Discord thanks to V_Translanka; check it out here[2]  Rounding out the update, we're announcing a new Guru court! Guru of Reason will be Mauron, who has been a constant, steady presence over the last several years, quietly working on and expanding Chrono Trigger hacking knowledge and serving as a linchpin of the surviving modification community, along with several others. Guru of Time will be shared by Danetta and Prizvel, who have made countless invaluable contributions to Chrono Cross modification, and have taken time frequently on the forums to help new Chrono Cross hackers find their footing. Lastly, Guru of Life will be Boo the Gentleman Caller, whose community-focused efforts and threads have kept a sense of Compendiumite spirit going, when we'd all assumed a quiet death would ensue a few years back. The Dream Splash is going and life is good! Congratulations to everyone.

Kajar Laboratories / Recognition for hackers
« on: May 07, 2018, 12:25:44 am »
Ages ago, we created the Architect of Kajar rank for Kajar Labs participants who had no other ranks or affiliations on the forum to get some recognition. This made things equal, since prior to that, we'd been giving out the Guru of Time / other ranks, but this always resulted in people getting neglected.

I'm going to update the memberlist to give everyone I can find the rank, and also create a sort of plaque on the Modification page honoring everyone. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know.

Site Updates / Summer 2016 Update
« on: July 06, 2016, 06:39:55 pm »
A bevy of modification and ROM hacking news rounds out a new update! It's the...

[MODIFICATION]  The Chrono series is in its twilight. There have been no rumors of a new game, and the cease & desist order, combined with the march of time, has gutted the community; activity is at an all-time low at the Compendium. In light of these developments, the Compendium has elected to restore the modification encyclopedia and Kajar Laboratories forums. Though everything was crippled by that sad turn of events, perhaps something can continue now. Fan projects will still not be hosted—please don't submit story hacks or projects here. You can access the revived forums at this link (the interstitial Kajar Labs forum has been moved to a lower category), and the Modification page here. The dream of Zeal is alive?

[MOD NEWS]  prizvel has released the Chrono Cross debug room restoration mod, which brings the debug room back and adds extra features! Check it out here[2]  Insane Difficulty's has released both a Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross "hardtype", making the difficulty of both games shoot through the roof. If tough battles are your RPG delight, then nirvana awaits. Check out Lavos Awakening and Time's Anguish! And speaking of this absolutely have to check out the Mega Man X hardtype here. Straight-up impressive work.  [3]  JLukas's notes on battle debug functions (supplemented by Vehek and Mauron) have been added to the encyclopedia here[4]  RY_Dumper has been added to the Chrono Cross Utilities Page[5]  A Spanish translation of Radical Dreamers has been recovered; it dates from 2011, by Dervour Traducciones. Grab it here.

[OTHER]  utunnels' fantastic browser-enabled Radical Dreamers port has been added to the Games index[2]  Check out the complete Chrono Trigger DS bestiary as ripped by utunnels here[3]  Three new COMIX have been added here courtesy of CaptainB.

[REMIXES][ 'Battle with Magus' by HeartImpaled ][ 'Punk Hairdo Kid' by HyperDuck SoundWorks ][ 'Secret of the Forest Final' by Light_of_Aether ][ 'The Dark Defender' by pu_freak ][ 'Time Has a Chill Corridor' by Valence ][DOUJINS][ Mariachi Entertainment System - Mariachi Entertainment System ][ Pixel Mixers - Clockwork - A Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross Tribute Album ]

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