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LAST WARNING, if you don't want to get spoiled, leave the thread at once or don't read past the first paragraph:

So, for anyone not yet aware, the new Radical Dreamers edition actually has a small bit of new content. It can only be accessed by clearing both Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross, which unlocks a new Credits option (for the Remaster staff) in the main menu, and the "scene" (it's just text on a black background, as it were) in question will play after the credits themselves.

Someone has already made an upload here:

A transcription itself is here:

The time was near - the final battle awaited.
There, alone in the shadows, the man lingered.
His partners, a young man and a young woman,
had already made their preparations, and were
waiting for him at the place they had agreed upon.

Their foe was a fearsome opponent indeed.
Would the three of them be able to defeat him?
There was only one way to find out.
All the better - what fun is a battle
whose outcome is all but certain.

The man reached a hand to his mask-
silver and unembellished,
save for a few subtle details.

It had been many long years
since he last revealed his face.

Did he wear the mask to hide himself from others?
Or did he wear it to hide from himself?

Enough time had passed that
not even he was sure anymore.

But it didn't matter now.
The end was coming - an end to everything.
Soon, his long days of wandering would be over.
So too would the girl's ill-fated, fleeting existence.

How many years had passed?
How many centuries?
How much love and prayer,
how much hatred and rancor,
how much despair and resignation,
had slowly and silently fallen over him,
piling up like snow?

On that fated day, long, long ago...
everything that he was had vanished...
Faded away into nothingness...
without so much as a whimper...

There was nothing he could have done to stop it...

But one memory stayed with him,
even after everything else fell away.
One unforgettable image...

That kingdom of winds, forever lost...

Those blessed days in a paradise above the clouds...

And that face... Her gentle, bitter-sweet smile...

Perhaps his time behind the mask
was coming to an end...

His icy gaze seemed to thaw for a moment-
and then he sprang to action.

The moonlight flashed across the mask's surface.
His silvery hair flowed behind him,
reaching out like the tail of a coment.

"The time has come, o fated star-
the king has returned."

And with that... he vanished into the darkness.

Though a life may end, a story lives on.
Not forever, perhaps, but...

What's eternity...

... compared to this moment in time?


Since last Monday the Japanese Twitter account of the Chrono Cross RD Edition has been uploading pictures serving as an introduction to the playable cast of the game. You can see them here:

I took it to start translating their contents (admittedly relying on DeepL for it), which will be put all in this first post. It will be edited as more character pictures are released accordingly. So, without further ado, here it is, in publishing order:

Turnip - "A vegetable person who came out of the ground"
A mysterious human turnip who emerged from the ground. He speaks in a relaxed tone with "~damo" at the end of his words. He seems to get along well with the improved NeoFio, perhaps because they share the same plant(?) background.
He seems to have been a knight in a previous life and has a knightly appearance, and judging from his reaction in ANOTHER WORLD's Viper Manor, there is a possibility that he is a soldier who was reborn after the disappearance of General Viper and the others three years ago.

Orlha - "A female fighter searches for her estranged sister" (Thanks to trig for the correction)
A woman who runs a tavern in Guldove. Her parents taught her martial arts when she was a child, and she has been training her body ever since. Her daily attire focuses on ease of movement.
She has a twin sister named Tia, but she and her mother left for the continent when she was very young and have never been heard from again. She keeps a family heirloom, a blue stone brooch, which she and her sister split in half, as a source of comfort, and hopes to be reunited with her sister one day.

Steena - "The divine child of the Dragon Shrine who guides people"
A priestess in the Dragon Shrine in Guldove. She is quiet and graceful, and has a mystical atmosphere. With a wealth of knowledge and the ability to make accurate judgments, she shows the way to those who have lost sight of what needs to be done.
In ANOTHER WORLD, she is the next successor to Direa, the priestess who is the head of Guldove, and serves by her side, but in HOME WORLD, where Direa has already passed away, she has succeeded her as the head of Guldove.

Leah - "An energetic primitive girl"
A primitive young woman who was sent to the present from over 60 million years ago in the aftermath of a massive tectonic shift called the "Wrath of the Earth". She is small in stature but possesses great strength, and loves to fight strong opponents. She is pure and innocent, never doubting others, and honestly believes her grandmother's words that her late father is up in the sky. She has to make a decision before returning to her home village.

Miki - "Passionate Dancer"
One of the main members of the Magical Dreamers. She is a dancer with a healthy sex appeal and passionate dancing, and has received enthusiastic support from men, contrary to Nikki, who has many female fans.
She has a flamboyant and overexposed appearance, but her character is very serious and hardworking. She is also a big-sisterly and caring person, and keeps the group together by patting on the backs of Nikki and other slightly unreliable members who are easily influenced by their emotions.

Marcy - "One of the Four Devas of the Dragoons"
At just nine years old, she is a fearsome girl who is one of the four Devas of the Acacia Dragoons. She still has a pretty face with a hint of innocence, but when she fights, she freely manipulates many sharp metal threads and mercilessly tears through her opponents.
She was separated from her parents soon after her birth, and was raised in Viper Manor under the protection of Luccia. As a child, she has both innocence and cruelty, and is insensitive to the pain of others.

Zoah - "The taciturn and calm Deva of the Dragoons"
One of the Four Devas of the Acacia Dragoons who specializes in martial arts. His face was scarred in a war in the past, and he always wears a mask to hide it.
He is a large, muscular man, but despite his appearance, he is a philosopher and has a supernatural air about him. He doesn't talk much and has a hard time gauging his emotions, which is why he seems to be uncomfortable with Karsh, one of the Four Devas. He is a good sleeper, and once he falls asleep, he rarely wakes up.

Karsh - "The short-tempered and direct-minded Deva of the Dragoons"
One of the Four Devas of the Acacia Dragoons, and a master of the axe. He looks like a cool, gentle man, but his personality is brash and easily provoked. He can be easily provoked and easily loses his temper. At best, he is single-minded.
He is a childhood friend of Dario, Glenn, and Riddel, and he is deeply in love with Riddel. He admits that Dario is a good friend, but at the same time, he can't help but feel inferior to him in terms of love and martial arts. It is rumored that he is deeply involved in Dario's death.

Riddel - "The beautiful and quiet daughter of Viper Manor"
The beloved daughter of General Viper. She is an elegant and modest young lady, but she has a strong core and will to not give in to unreasonable pressure.
She is a childhood friend of Dario, Glenn, and Karsh of the Dragoons, and she and Dario were engaged to each other. Since his death three years ago, she can't hide her sadness. Although she loves her father dearly, she distrusts Lynx who calls himself her friend.

Viper - "Lord of El Nido leading the Acacia Dragoons"
Lord of the El Nido region. He was once a famous war hero on the continent, and his rank of "General" still remains in his name. In order to gain power to counter the pressure from Porre, he is working on a plan with Lynx who has information about the "Frozen Flame".
He is so well received by the people that a statue in his honor has been erected in Termina. He deeply loves his only daughter, Riddel, and is worried about her, who has been depressed since the death of her fiancÚ.

Fargo - "A man of the sea with feelings for his late wife in his heart"
He is a bit rough around the edges, but a good-natured man of the sea. He once fell in love with Zelbess, a mermaid girl living in Marbule, and vowed to build a world where humans and demi-humans could live together in peace. In HOME WORLD, he locks himself away in his ship, which he has turned into an entertainment district, and turns a blind eye to reality; in ANOTHER WORLD, he believes that his wife's death was caused by General Viper, and is bent on revenge, attacking ships under the General's command with a pirate ship disguised as a ghost ship.

Grobyc - "Revenge Android"
An artificial human made by Luccia's older brother in the great country of Porre for the purpose of assassination. He was thought to have died in an explosion at a laboratory several years ago, but in fact, he is still active as an assassin for the Special Forces.
He is heavier than his appearance would suggest due to the countless weapons inside his body. He is confident in his fighting ability and only accepts orders from those he recognizes as "stronger than himself".

Orcha - "A flamboyant chef with two faces"
He is a cook from Guldove. He is a cheerful and good-natured old man, and his cooking skills are second to none. However, in ANOTHERWORLD, his dark side was taken advantage of by the Porre army, and he unknowingly stole the Dragon Tear. He is working at Viper Manor based on a plan that he is unaware of.
He is Macha's brother, and is an uncle to Korcha. He also has a younger brother in the village of Arni in HOME WORLD who is also on the same culinary path.

Irenes - "Sister of the late Zelbess, who wishes to coexist with humans"
She is a mermaid from Marbule, an island where demi-humans live, and is the sister of Fargo's late wife, Zelbess. She wants to carry on her sister's legacy of "creating a world where humans and demi-humans can coexist and live happily together," and is first seeking ways to restore Marbule, which has fallen into ruins.
She also understands the despair and grief of Fargo over the loss of Zelbess, and therefore wants to help him recover, but she is unable to persuade him.

Janice - "Rabbit demi-human enthusiastic about monster raising"
A rabbit demi-human who works in the Zelbess. Her job is to raise monsters to participate in the "Grand Slam," the biggest event in the Zelbess, and she is looking for strong monsters who are worth raising. She is a competitive person, and gets very angry when a monster she trained is defeated.
Unusually for a demi-human, she has a cheerful and upbeat personality, and her characteristic is to run while skipping. Her favorite food is carrots, which she uses as a weapon.

Sneff - "Gambling old magician"
A self-proclaimed "magician" who loves to gamble. He used to be called a great magician, but he lost his fortune by frequenting casinos. He now owes Fargo a large sum of money and is forced to work for free on the stage of the Zelbess to cover the debt. He is skilled in a variety of magical arts, but his specialty is the "doppelganger," a technique that transforms humans into cats. He has a peculiar way of speaking, such as pronouncing "ji" as "dji".

Starky - "A stray alien dreaming of returning to his home planet"
An alien who flew in from another planet a long time ago and crash-landed in the El Nido Triangle by accident. He can manipulate gravity freely and walks while floating in the air. He wants to return to his home planet, but the spaceship he was on was broken into pieces, so he is collecting "star fragments". It seems that he originally came to this planet for a purpose, and he is always interested in observing human common sense and behavior.

Draggy - "Newly born dragon child"
A dragon child just born from an egg. It seems that he had parents and many siblings, but none of them are alive today. Although he is the only dragon born in the modern world, he is unable to grasp the fact that almost all dragons other than himself have become extinct, and he is trying to find his relatives, believing that they are out there somewhere. Still a baby, he is innocent and sweet-natured. However, when it comes to battles, he shows his full potential.

Funguy - "Poor mushroom monster"
A man who loves mushrooms eats an unknown mushroom and becomes a monster. In order to find a way to return to his original human form, he decides to become a member of the party. Even though he is now a mushroom monster, his love for mushrooms has not changed.
When he was human, he ran an Element store in Termina. He is the father of Lisa, the store's signature daughter, and is acquainted with her friend Leena.

Norris - "Captain of the Black Wind"
He is a young captain of the "Black Wind", a special forces unit of the Porre army. He is a polite and serious elite soldier who has no interest in drinking or entertainment. He is highly idealistic, and when he disagrees with someone, he will not yield, even to his superiors, which often leads to antagonism.
In ANOTHER WORLD, he is loyal to the military, but in HOME WORLD, as he investigates, he begins to question the military's policies.

Van - "Money-hungry kid"
He is a somewhat pompous boy who lives in Termina. His mother died when his father was an unsuccessful painter and they were poor, and he became obsessed with money in reaction to his continued poverty in HOME WORLD. In ANOTHER WORLD, where his father became a successful merchant, he lives a wealthy life in a mansion with a maid, but he still feels somewhat unfulfilled. In both worlds, he has a love of art.

Zappa - "Gung-ho craftsman who is dedicated to his work"
The owner of a blacksmith shop in Termina. Father of Karsh. He is a stubborn craftsman who never compromises his work. At first glance, he appears brusque and unapproachable, but he is kind at heart and well-liked by those around him.
He used to be one of the Four Devas of the Acacia Dragoons, active together with Radius and Garai. His dream is to forge a weapon that surpasses Garai's sword, Einlanzer, and he is searching for a rainbow-colored shell, which is said to be a universal material, in order to realize his dream.

Radius - "Former Acacia Dragoon"
In his younger days, he was famous as one of the Four Devas of the Acacia Dragoons, and was the chief of the village of Arni. He was a close friend of Garai, the most powerful of the former Four Devas, and became the guardian of his sons after his death. 4 years ago, he retired when Dario took over Einlanzer, and moved to Arni Village in HOME WORLD and to a small island in the middle of nowhere in ANOTHER WORLD. He appears to be a mild-mannered and elegant old man, but his eyes are sharp and keen.

Sprigg - "A jolly old woman who likes to drink"
An old woman of the Fiends. She has the special power to take the power of monsters and reproduce their abilities exactly as they are. She has a hut in the Temporal Vortex, but she does not like to stay there.
She has a foul mouth, but she is surprisingly good at taking care of people. In ANOTHER WORLD, she is acquainted with the old woman Fortune Teller of Termina.

Pip - "Curious Evolutionary Guinea Pig"
A completely new kind of monster created by Luccia. It is named "Tsumaru" because it likes to "get stuck" in something.
Perhaps because he has been in a cage since his birth in the laboratory of Viper Manor, he has a strong longing for the outside world and dreams of someday sailing out to the great ocean. Despite its cute appearance, it has unfathomable power, and can evolve into a new form as it gains experience in battles.

NeoFio - "Flower child produced by Luccia's hands"
A new species of humanoid plant created by Luccia, who improved upon the bipedal plant "Fio". Perhaps as a result of Luccia's research, it is able to talk with people and use the elements. In battle, it attacks enemies by slamming its rose-like hands against them like a whip or by sending seeds flying.
Since she has just gained consciousness, she is very curious about the outside world. Her tone of voice is young, and her words and actions are innocent.

Luccia - "Genius Scientist at Viper Manor"
A female scientist who spends her days working under the supervision of General Viper. She has a genius mind, but she also has a mad scientist side, and when she gets absorbed in her research, she can go so wild that even the General can't handle her. On the other hand, she also has a calm emotional side that allows her to see things theoretically under any circumstances. She is currently devoting her energies to the study of evolution, using a variety of organisms as experimental material.

Skelly - "Skeleton Clown"
A clown reduced to bones. Before his death, he loved to make people laugh and joined the circus to make many people laugh, but he died in the middle of his ambition. Even though he is now only bones, he still retains his cap, neck, and other decorations, as well as his red round nose and other characteristic features of a clown.
He appears cheerful at first glance, but he carries deep sadness inside. His parents live in Termina, and he loves pasta with squid gut, a specialty of the city.

Greco - "Former wrestler medium"
He is a big man who works as a grave keeper in Termina. He used to be one of the best wrestlers on the continent, but was trapped by a dark heart and fought with lust in the ring. However, he was converted when his best friend Ghetz lost his life to save him. He lives a simple life with Ghetz's sister, Romana, while atoning for his own sins by saving others from the darkness. He keeps his masks and other items from his days as a wrestler as an expression of his regret for his past.

Doc - "The well-liked village doctor of Guldove"
A young doctor who came to Guldove from the continent. He runs the only clinic in the village. He is quiet and mild-mannered, and is well-liked by the villagers.
When he was just starting out, he had a history of losing patients to death due to his lack of ability. Perhaps because of this experience, he lacks self-confidence and is often troubled by the limitations of his abilities. However, he always has a desire to make further progress as a doctor.

Mel - "Girl who loves to draw"
A little girl who lives in Guldove and loves pranks and drawing. She is full of energy like a child, and her movements are very quick. She has a black cat named Lucha.
She has recently developed a faint crush on Korcha, who has grown up with her like a brother and sister, but she tries to avoid showing such a crush in front of him. However, he is concerned about Korcha's infatuation with another woman.

Glenn - "Brother of Dario the Dragoon"
He is a lowly member of the Dragoons, with Dario, the first of the Four Devas of the Acacia Dragoons, as his elder brother and Garai, also a member of the Dragoons, as his father. He is a young man with a strong sense of justice, but has a bit of a temper. He has often been compared to his older brother since he was a child, and while he is proud of his older brother's success, he is also a bit rebellious. He is in love with his brother's fianceÚ, Riddel, and feels guilty about it. The name "Glenn" was given to him by his father after an ancient hero.

Razzly - "Forest Fairy"
An innocent and dainty forest fairy. Although she is a girl, she calls herself "Boku". She used to live with Rosetta and other fairies on the Water Dragon Isle, but one day she was swept away by the wind and separated from her friends.
She loves plants, trees, nature, and living creatures, and is antagonistic toward humans who destroy nature, but on the other hand, she wants to believe that humans who love green trees and living creatures exist.

Macha - "Motherly Mother"
Korcha's mother is bright, strong, and tough. She has a generous nature and does not care about small details. She is usually mild-mannered, but she has a strong will to do what she thinks is right. Like her son, she is good at boating and swimming. In battle, she makes full use of her intimidating body and the skills she has acquired as a housewife.

Korcha - "Self-proclaimed South Sea fisherman"
Born and raised in the maritime village of Guldove, he is a bright and strong boy. He has been familiar with the sea since he was a child, and is a skilled port builder and carrier using a homemade boat. He also loves fishing, but his skills are not so good.
He has a foul mouth, but he is kind at heart and will lend a helping hand to anyone who is in need. He may be naive or immune to the opposite sex, but when he falls in love with a woman, he goes straight for her.

Pierre - "A self-proclaimed brave young man with red ambitions"
He is a long-haired, handsome man with a unique sense of fashion. He is a narcissist who values his appearance above all else, and he cuts back on his living expenses in order to dress in the loud and luxurious outfits that he likes.
For some reason, he has no doubt that he is a brave man, and tells everyone around him that he is. However, he is only good-looking and not very good with a sword. He is self-centered and self-serving, but he does not take offense.

Nikki - "Visual-kei idol at the height of its popularity"
Leader of the visual minstrel troupe "Magical Dreamers". He is currently on a world tour aboard a large ship owned by the group, and his neutral good looks and seductive voice attract many people wherever he goes. He has attracted countless women of all ages.
Although he is a popular singer today, there was a time when he tried to quit singing because it did not sell at all. He also has a dark past, having been separated from his immediate family when he was a child.

Guile - "Mysterious wanderer in a mask"
A skilled magician who travels in search of the mysteries hidden in the world. He is a handsome man, but he rarely smiles and always keeps a certain distance from his friends, giving off a somewhat cold air. He is very tight-lipped about his own life and always wears a mask to hide his true face, so no one knows who he really is.
He claims that there is no mystery that he cannot solve, but it seems that the greatest mystery is his true identity.

Mojo - "Souvenirs of the Orient"
This doll came from the far east as a souvenir. Originally, it was a tool to curse someone, but perhaps a misunderstanding occurred during its transportation from the East, and it came to be respected as "a lucky doll that brings love and good fortune," and it somehow became conscious. He has a very cheerful personality and is always taking light steps as if he were dancing. Perhaps because he is a straw doll, he says "~da straw" in habit. He is said to have an elder brother who was separated from him.

Poshul - "Mysterious creature that looks like a canine but is not a canine"
A mysterious creature with the appearance of an oversized canine. It can understand and speak human language, but its tone is faltering and it has a habit of adding "~shisuru" at the end of words. Although she is concerned about being overweight, she is unable to control herself when confronted with her favorite food.
She is often indebted to her friend Leena, who is not her master, and her "home" is in Leena's house. The collar she wears has an important meaning, and something is said to happen when she takes it off.

Leena - "Dreamy Damsel"
A bright and active girl who lives next door to Serge's house. She has a positive attitude and hates crookedness. She is a bit of a tomboyish girl and tends to put her hands before her mouth, but she is gentle and caring at heart, and is well-liked by the children of the village and Poshul.
She has feelings for her childhood friend Serge, but is unable to express them herself, secretly hoping that he will take the lead.

Harle - "Mysterious girl who appears and disappears"
She claims to be one of Lynx's right-hands, and is the only woman who serves near his side. She is dressed as a clown, but her true identity is shrouded in mystery. She is characterized by her unpredictable appearance and disappearance, as well as by her devilish and mocking behavior.
Although she is Serge's enemy, she often acts in mysterious ways, such as giving Serge advice. For some reason, she harbors a strong sense of rivalry with Kid.

Lynx - "A cold and ruthless demi-human member of the cat family"
A black-robed, beast-faced man. He has the appearance of a wildcat and calls himself "Lynx," but his real name is unknown and his true identity is a mystery. As his appearance suggests, he is ruthless and brutal, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Kid considers him to be his enemy, and he is now in danger of being killed.
He has contacted General Viper with information about the legendary treasure, the Frozen Flame, and they are working together, but at the same time, they are pursuing other schemes behind the scenes.

Kid - "Vengeful Traveler"
A traveling girl who invites Serge on an adventure. She is a famous bandit named "Radical Dreamers" who is feared throughout the land. She is self-centered, crass, and short-tempered. She is a winner, and extremely averse to showing weakness or accepting favors from others. At the age of 10, when Lynx burned down the orphanage where she grew up, she swore revenge against him.

Serge - "The protagonist on a journey to solve his own mystery"
A boy living in the village of Arni. He is a cheerful, gentle, and ordinary boy, but he gradually comes to face the mysteries hidden in himself and the world. He is not the type of boy who runs wild, and tends to be troubled by anything that comes his way. However, he is basically an optimist, so he often acts as if "whatever will be, will be" in the end. Because he grew up by the sea, he uses a "swallow," an oar used to paddle a boat, as his weapon of choice.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Masato Kato Complex Dreams Interview
« on: December 25, 2021, 05:55:48 pm »
Source Famitsu:

Translation done with DeepL and some minor proofreading. Can likely use an actual proper translation. Localization terms used.

Masato Kato, the key player of "Another Eden" and "Chrono Cross", talks about the collaboration scenario "COMPLEX DREAM"... "I'm sure that people who liked "Cross" will also find enjoyment in "Another Eden".

Chrono Cross" is an RPG for PlayStation released by Square (now Square Enix) in 1999.

Following in the footsteps of the 1995 RPG "Chrono Trigger," this RPG spun an epic story about the fate of the stars while moving back and forth between parallel worlds, all the while updating the system and other aspects of the story.

Both games, with scenarios written by Masato Kato, have been loved for 22 years and are still highly acclaimed for their intricacy and depth of flavor, to the point of being the subject of discussion videos. At the same time, the music by Yasunori Mitsuda has been highly acclaimed and has become a legendary title for a long time.

The time has passed, and the single-player RPG "Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space" (hereinafter referred to as "Another Eden") began service as a unique game on April 12, 2017.

This is because, while it is a smartphone game, it eschews the usual friend functions and timed events that are common in smartphone games, and allows players to sit back and enjoy the story and the charm of the characters.

The core scenario of this game is also written by Masato Kato, who once thrilled RPG fans with "Chrono Trigger" and "Chrono Cross".

In other words, "Another Eden" and the "Chrono" series were both written and directed by Mr. Kato, and they have a very strong affinity in terms of the attitude of the characters that underlie the story.

This time, "Another Eden", which has just been released for PC on December 6, 2021, has announced a miraculous collaboration (collaboration) with the legendary "Chrono Cross", literally transcending time and space. The name of the collaboration is "COMPLEX DREAM"!

From Chrono Cross, "COMPLEX DREAM" features the main character Serge, the winsome girl Kid who invites him on a journey, and the mysterious Harle, who is the trickster of the story and sometimes guides Serge's adventures despite being an enemy. The scenario will diverge depending on the choices you make while playing, according to .......

Another Eden" and "Chrono Cross" are two titles in which various thoughts and miracles have come together to form a concerted effort. I asked Mr. Masato Kato about these two titles and his thoughts on both titles and this "COMPLEX DREAM". Especially for "Chrono Cross" fans, this is a must-read.

Incidentally, this is the first time in 22 years that we have had the opportunity to experience new episodes related to "Chrono Cross".

* The interview was recorded in November 2021, before the release of "COMPLEX DREAM".

"I could write as if I were making what I was making yesterday."

--When I heard about this project, I was excited and said, "It's finally here. This is your third collaboration with a work that you yourself created over the past 22 years. First of all, could you tell us how you feel about it?

Kato: I'd rather work on something new than stick to past titles, so I thought it would be fine to collaborate with new titles like "P5R -Persona 5 the Royal-" and the "Tales of" series, but everyone around me seemed to strongly want to collaborate with "Chrono Cross".

So it wasn't so much that it was my idea that made it happen, but rather that it just happened (laughs).

(laughs) -- (laughs).

Kato: I'm very attached to Chrono Cross, so I was really grateful for the opportunity. But it's 22 years old, so younger people may not even know its name.

On the other hand, the fans who have loved the game for all that time have their own feelings about it. That's why I really started to think, "If I'm going to do this, I have to make something interesting.

--So even in your long career, Chrono Cross is something special.

Kato: I like it for what it is (laughs). Looking back, Chrono Cross is the pinnacle of my career as a creator.

I think "Baten Kaitos: Endless Wings and the Lost Sea" is a better scenario in terms of cohesiveness and completion, but "Chrono Cross" is my best work because I created it as I pleased.

As I said at the time, "Chrono Cross" was overdone, and as a game and scenario, it was weird. If you look at it in terms of completeness, it's about 70 or 80 points. It's not a game that gets a perfect score.

--In the past, you've also said that a 9 is the best compliment you can give.

Kato: Yes. I'm sure not everyone will be satisfied with it, but it's the one where my colors came out the best, and I was able to give it everything I had without complaint.

Because of that, the story of Chrono Cross is not finished in my mind. Most titles are finished when they are finished, but somehow Chrono Cross has always stayed with me.

That's why when I was working on this game, I was able to write as many stories as I wanted for Serge, Kid, and Harle as if I was working on the same game I was working on yesterday.

This time they appear in the three-headed form from Another Eden, so there is a freshness to the story, but it's not like I pulled out something I had in an old drawer and put it on .......

I think that's because the title "Chrono Cross" is still very much alive in my mind.

"How do adventures across time and space intertwine with parallel worlds?"

--Since the theme of this collaboration is based on Chrono Cross, do you think it will be about parallel worlds?

Kato: As long as we're collaborating with Chrono Cross, the theme will be parallel worlds. Moreover, it's only a collaboration within "Another Eden".

We couldn't make something like the original "Chrono Cross" where there are dozens of characters and the story branches depending on who you take along.

--To what extent is the story related to "Chrono Cross"? Is it a part of the continuous flow from "Chrono Trigger" and "Radical Dreamers: The Jewel that Cannot be Stolen"?

* Chrono Trigger is an RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) released by the former Square in 1995, featuring an epic story of time and space travel with a splendid production team including Yuji Horii, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Akira Toriyama. The planning, main scenario, and direction were done by Masato Kato.

* Radical Dreamers - The Jewel That Cannot Be Stolen is a sound novel adventure game released by the former Square in 1996 with satellite-view distribution. The game depicts the episodes that connect "Chrono Trigger" and "Chrono Cross", in which the original forms of Serge, Kid, and Lynx appear. The main scenario, "Kid: The Jewel That Can't Be Stolen," was written by Masato Kato.

Kato: In my mind, Chrono Cross is structured so that what the player does in Chrono Trigger will come back to haunt them in Chrono Cross, so the two are connected.

On the other hand, in "Radical Dreamers," the setting itself is connected, such as the interactions between the characters Kid and Serge and Lynx, so those connections are still there in this game.

For me, "COMPLEX DREAM" is the latest episode in the "Chrono" series. The time axis is not after Chrono Cross, but rather somewhere in the middle. Each of the characters will be called into the world of "Another Eden".

--So it's a very strong connection.

Kato: This time, as a tribute, we made the first 3DCG movie for "Another Eden". It's a tribute to the opening movie of Chrono Cross, in which "CHRONO CROSS: Scars of Time" plays. When you watch it, you'll be deeply moved.

--I get chills when I think of Yasunori Mitsuda's famous song. Why did the characters from Chrono Cross come to the world of Another Eden in the first place?

Kato: It has to do with the "dream of the stars", which is one of the most important backgrounds in the Chrono series.

It's a dream that a dying star has at the end of his life, like a running lantern. From the star's point of view, it is only a moment, but for the people who live there, it is years or decades, and life is a piece of the running lights of the star's dream.

To take it one step further, the dreams of the stars in "Chrono Cross" and the dreams of the embryos who see the future in "Another Eden" intersect and intertwine intricately to create the stage for this Symphony.

That's why the title of this Symphony is "COMPLEX DREAM", which means a complex and intricate dream.

--I see!

Hoshi Kato's dream and the dream of the future foreseen by the Embryo become one and the same, and for this reason Serge and the others are called in from the world of Chrono Cross, while the Embryo tries to change its own dream in a "Another Eden"-like development. So the story revolves around the struggle between these two dreams.

--If you're familiar with both of them, it's a bit of a knee-jerk reaction.

Kato: If you know Chrono Cross, you'll be able to say, "So this is how they're going to blend into the new world! For those who have been playing "Another Eden" for a long time, the game takes place in a time and space where the Embryo that was supposed to be defeated is actually still alive.

For those who have been playing "Another Eden" for a long time, the game is set in a time and space where the Embryo that was supposed to have been defeated is still alive. One of the dreams that the Embryo was seeing was the dream of the stars in "Chrono Cross", and one of the futures that the Embryo was seeing on various screens was the opening of "Chrono Cross". ...... I think we were able to intersect the "Chrono" series and "Another Eden" very well.

--I can only hope for the best.

When I first came up with this idea, I thought it would make a great game.

"What Harle and Kid left undone."

--There are a lot of "Another Eden" players who have never heard of Chrono Cross. How do you plan to teach those people about Chrono Cross in the game? Is there any problem in playing the game even if you don't know it?

Kato: For example, Kid and Harle, who are lost in the world of Another Eden, say, "Isn't this the El Nido Islands (the setting of Chrono Cross)?" They ask. Then, when someone asks, "What are the El Nido Islands?", I'll say, "Well, there's a village on these beautiful islands," and I'll give a little background explanation.

We want players who don't know anything about Chrono Cross to be able to play the game and think, "This is the kind of character that comes from that kind of world," and get interested in Chrono Cross.

Ideally, I'd like people to do their own research and make their own discoveries, and then play Chrono Cross and think, "There was a game like this 22 years ago! I'm hoping that through "Another Eden", people will discover Chrono Cross. If they play "Chrono Cross", they will naturally connect to "Chrono Trigger".

--You're also delving into the characters in this collaboration, aren't you?

Kato: When you play the subquests, you get to know the characters Kid and Harle.

Yes, Harle is very much in line with the theme of Chrono Cross. This time, Harle is very much in line with the theme of Chrono Cross, because the end of Harle's life was not fully depicted in Chrono Cross: .......

--That's right.

Kato: This time, we're coming from the Chrono Cross world, so it's Harle before she leaves.

Knowing the fate that will eventually come to her, what will she think when she comes to this world of Another Eden? What would you think if that Harle came to this world in Another Eden, knowing the fate that would eventually come to you? But I think it's okay to live freely." .......

--I think I'm going to cry just listening to that .......

Kato: In the world of Another Eden, I think it's okay for Harle to be driven by her desire for freedom as a living person. I'm trying to depict a way of life.

--When I heard your story, I thought, "Wow! It's a collaboration! That's not the same thing.

Kato: Basically, when I say I want to create something new, I tend to drag out what I couldn't draw (laughs).

(laughs) I wanted to draw Schala, the character that I couldn't draw in Chrono Trigger, so I made Radical Dreamers a long time ago. It started out as a story about three different bandits, but by the end I was like, "This is Chrono Trigger, isn't it? Then I realized that I should make it Schala's story.

After finishing "Xenogears", Hiromichi Tanaka, the producer, and I talked about how we wanted to make "Radical Dreamers" into a more proper game, and "Chrono Cross" was born.

However, we couldn't finish the story of Harle in "Chrono Cross", and now we're going to do the same thing in "Another Eden". (Laughs).

--(laughs). Harle is very popular, isn't she?

Kato: Her design has a great impact, and she played a good role in the story, so she is still loved by fans. That's why I wanted to re-draw her story, which is so beloved.

--The completion of the story after 22 years is unbearable. How do you go into Kid, on the other hand?

Kato: Kid is a story about Ashtear.


Kato: Kid's unfinished business is her relationship with Ashtear. This time, Kid wanders into the world of Another Eden, meets Ashtear, and asks her why she's still alive. And there, a bond is formed. That's where Kid is trying to settle the score.

--It's like, "Whoa! It's a big surprise."

Kato: Right? (laughs)

"The route changes when certain characters are present."

--Let me talk a little about the system. I understand that there is a "new game plus" specification, but does that mean that you have to play several times?

Kato: Basically, you can start the game if you've cleared up to chapter 13 of Another Eden, but the story will unfold in multiple ways, and the endings will diverge. If you've cleared those chapters and finished the first part of Another Eden, you'll see a new branch.

Basically, it's a single storyline, but the presence of certain characters, such as Kid and Harle, will change the events, and the route will change depending on their abilities.


Kato: For example, if it's Kid, she can use his thievery skills to open a closed prison or door, and if it's Harle, she can use her abilities to go to places she normally can't go.

--I see. So there's an inevitability to going around.

Kato: In addition, in both routes there are guests such as Glenn and Starky. Each route will have a new event, which is an added bonus to the branching.

"Starky and Mojo"

--Starky, as I recall, had a sad conversation event with Harle in the main story of Chrono Cross.

Kato: I love Starky. Harle and Starky are good friends again this time. In fact, it's because of this relationship that I wanted to have another good conversation with Starky if Harle was going to be in the game, so I couldn't not include her.

--I see. Even though the number of players is limited, when you think about it, you can't leave out Starky.

Kato: I wanted to include more unique characters like Mojo (laughs). (laughs) When we were choosing the characters, I didn't suggest Serge, Kid, and Harle, but it was a unanimous decision, and I was the only one who said, "Why don't you include Starky and Mojo? (laughs).


(Laughs) Kato: When we were working on Chrono Cross, we only created characters that were not good. Even though people would say, "Nobody needs Funguy," I was happy to write them. I did think to myself, "Now that I think about it, maybe I went too far with Funguy." But he had his own taste.

--At the time, I was thinking that with over 40 characters in the game, there would be characters like this (laughs).

(laughs). Kato: At that time, I was free to do whatever I wanted.

Even for Mojo, when I started thinking about the character, I thought, "Let's make a straw doll! So he inevitably ended up in the first Arni village.

--The first straw doll is .......

Kato: As I said in my old strategy books, I asked Hiromichi Tanaka, "What kind of game is it if the first two friends you get when you start the game are a straw doll and a dog? What kind of game is this? He corrected me and said, "You need to start out with a heroine, a childhood friend, or a proper character to grab the player's attention."

--Was Mojo supposed to appear before Leena and Kid?

Kato: In the first scenario I wrote, Mojo was supposed to be dancing around in the scene where he meets up with Leena (laughs).


Kato: Basically, I'm out of control. When I'm in the mood, I do whatever I want. But the calm people around me keep me in check. That's how it is with "Another Eden" every time (laughs).

(Laughs) Even though I do whatever I want, I only explain the bare minimum in the scenarios, so in Another Eden, I always get criticized by people who say things like, "I don't know what you're talking about," or "Ordinary people can't understand that.

-- (laughs).

(laughs) But of course, in any work of art, it's not just me, but each and every time there is a different staff member who makes it what it is.

--So it was born from the passion that each of you had.

Kato: Yes. Of all of them, Hiromichi Tanaka's presence was the most important. Even though I was selfish and said I didn't need experience, Mr. Tanaka himself came up with various level-up mechanisms such as level stars, and worked very hard on the battles themselves.

Mr. Tanaka himself assured me that this was his ideal battle system, and that he couldn't make anything better. But I responded by saying, "No, that's just weird" (laughs). (laughs) The battles were still too complicated, and I heard many players say, "I don't know what I'm doing."

In this way, I think the staff of the game, whether it was the battles, the scenario, the graphics, or the monsters, were all very passionate about "getting it done."

"How did you convey Chrono Cross to the young staff?"

--I could go on and on, but let's get back to the story of ...... "COMPLEX DREAM" (laughs). (laughs) The battles are the work of the other staff members, right?

Kato: That's our staff. Daisuke Takeshima, the director of the game, replayed Chrono Cross from the ground up, and was able to incorporate as many of the systems as possible, such as the "new game plus", "elements", and "field effects". "New Game Plus", "Elements", "Field Effects", and other systems were incorporated as much as possible to make "Another Eden" as interesting and "Chrono Cross"-like as possible.

Not only him, but all of the staff took the initiative and put a lot of effort into it. However, we couldn't destroy the "Another Eden" system, so they knew what they couldn't do.

The art director, Takahito Egusa, also likes Starky so much that he would ask me to draw it! Let me draw it! He was so excited that he drew a bust-up for the conversation.

--When you decided to incorporate Chrono Cross into Another Eden after 22 years, did you explain anything to the staff?

Kato: There are a lot of Chrono Cross fans among our staff, so there was no need to explain anything. Before I could explain, they all had the strategy book.

--That's a quick story (laughs).

(laughs) But when I'm talking about Chrono Cross with the staff, and they say, "I was five years old," I get a little depressed (laughs).


(laughs) Kato: But he's still playing with me. Of course, they don't understand what's in it, but they can proceed. They didn't understand it when they were kids, but now that they're adults, they play the game or watch the popular videos of it, and they say, "I was surprised to learn that this is what the story is about." That's why people started asking me about it.

Our generation has been making what we want to make for about 30 years, since the days of the NES, but today's young staff in their 20s and 30s have already had games since they were children and have grown up with them. They make games not because they think they are good or bad, but because they like the game or because they want to make that kind of game.

The current staff of "Another Eden" also came together because they like games like "Chrono Cross".

That's why they said, "We can make 'Chrono Cross' this time! That's why everyone is so happy that we can make Chrono Cross this time.

"Micchan and Mr. Procyon"

--It's been a while since I've worked with Procyon Studio, led by Yasunori Mitsuda.

Kato: I had asked Procyon from the beginning to use the music for the scenario that collaborates with Chrono Cross, starting with the opening song "CHRONO CROSS: Scars of Time" and other important songs from Chrono Cross, but since it was a collaboration, I wanted them to draw new songs.

As for "Another Eden", Shunsuke Tsuchiya and Mariam Abonnathar have been working with us for a long time on the music in the game, and recently we've had the opportunity to have them appear in our live performances again, so we decided to ask them if we could have them perform the "Chrono Cross" concert again.

However, Micchan (Mr. Mitsuda) was as busy as ever. However, Micchan is still very particular about the music for Chrono Cross, so we talked about how we would work together as Procyon's supervisors to make sure the music was perfect.

--The result is still wonderful.

Kato: The finished product is as good as I've ever seen.

--Did you find the perfect song for the scene without saying a word?

Kato: That's right. I first worked with Tsuchiya-san and Mariam-san at the beginning of Another Eden, and at that time, I gave them various materials, such as "This is the kind of music I want," and asked them to change the music if I wasn't satisfied with the finished product.

However, as the scenario progressed, the two of them began to adapt more and more to the world of "Another Eden", as if they could see what I wanted to create and what I wanted them to do.

For example, in the Ogre Arc, they created a very cool battle song with a chorus, and without my nagging, they were able to create more and more great songs. So I had a very good relationship with Procyon.

I've been able to work with Tsuchiya-san and Mariam-san again through this collaboration, and I'm hoping to work with Micchan again in Another Eden if there's a chance.

My Kid's here.

--Speaking of the sound connection, the characters in Chrono Cross will have voices for the first time. Did you tell the staff what you had in mind for the voices?

Kato: I'm not familiar with voice actors. That's why the staff knew the characters and chose the right people for them.

On the other hand, while I said that I didn't care at all, I still had an image of the character in my mind. I have my own image of what Kid should sound like, like, "I'll never forgive you guys! I'll kick your ass to the moon!" That's how she says it..

When I went to the recording location to convey this, I found that the voice matched perfectly because it was chosen by people who knew what they were talking about. The moment I heard Kid's voice, I was like, "Oh! My Kid is here! That's awesome!" I was suddenly thrown forward (laughs).

-- (laughs).

Kato: And then there's Serge. In Chrono Cross, Serge doesn't speak. He's just the protagonist and the player's alter ego, so you can hear what he says through choices and such, but he doesn't say a word in normal situations.

In this "COMPLEX DREAM" game, Serge speaks as one of the characters and has a voice, and I thought, "This is something new. It's very fresh." But then I thought about ...... and realized that in "Radical Dreamers", Serge is talking (laughs).

--Oh! In the text.

Kato: Yes, yes. Radical Dreamers is a text from Serge's first-person point of view. So, in other words, Serge is speaking in full sentences. I forgot about that (laughs).


"I hope people will enjoy "Another Eden" through "Chrono Cross."

--Again, what do you think attracted players to Chrono Cross so much?

Kato: The power of Nobuteru Yuki's characters and Micchan's (Yasunori Mitsuda) music. As a person who writes stories, I just gave form to what was inside me, but it was different for other people, and I think there was a freshness to it at the time, like "I've never seen anything like this" or "I've never touched anything like this.

--It was certainly fresh.

Kato: When I think about it now, parallel worlds weren't really used in games back then, and as a fan of science fiction, I naturally thought, "Chrono Trigger was a space-time story, so I'd like to continue the trend in the upcoming Chrono Trigger 2, but with a parallel world theme, and make it a different title." I just did my best to do what I wanted to do at that time in a natural flow.

--Even after 22 years, Chrono Cross continues to be loved. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans who support the title and to the "Another Eden" fans who are looking forward to this Symphony?

Kato: All I can say is thank you very much. There are people who have accepted what I've created with all my heart and soul.

I think it's the same way with people. I think it's similar to the feeling you get when you meet someone, and you don't know exactly why, but you hit it off with them the moment you meet them, and you remain friends for decades afterwards.

If some part of the title, which I could do whatever I wanted, touched a chord with the fans, and they have loved it for a long time, I can only be grateful.

On the other hand, I think there are a lot of "Chrono Cross" fans who don't like to play games on smartphones, and I'm sure there are people who avoid "Another Eden" because of that, so I'd like to get those people interested in "Chrono Cross" and get them to play "Another Eden".

I'm sure that people who liked "Chrono Cross" will find their own way to enjoy "Another Eden" as well.

If that happens, it will make us feel very happy. In a sense, it's a miracle that we were able to make this collaboration happen, so I hope that everyone will play it without missing a beat.

So, with the collaboration between Another Eden and Chrono Cross finally here, let's have a place dedicated to talk about it. I intend to post up of highlights as I go, so if you are mindful of spoilers, then now's the time to turn back.

Chrono News / Another Eden x Chrono Cross Collaboration
« on: December 04, 2021, 02:35:43 am »
Full Announcement part from the Livestream video:

Chrono News / Incoming Another Eden x Chrono Cross Collaboration?
« on: November 28, 2021, 02:19:00 pm »
So, people looking into the data of Another Eden found an interesting discovery. Within the data they found files pertaining to a possible Symphony Collaboration Event with Chrono Cross. Since the past years Another Eden has been doing these sort of events. First with Persona 5, then with the Tales series. For long people have wondered which would be the next collaboration, and it seems we may have an answer now.

Here are the files they've found:

These Symphony Collaborations add four characters, looking over, it looks like it will be Serge, Kid, Harle, and Glenn for this. Now, this isn't exactly full proof a CC collab will be in the cards. However, the fact such files exist means the developers definitely had it in mind, so I'd say it's 95% confirmed. So... maybe we'll see, soon.

On that subject... think it might be tied to that Chrono Cross remaster?

You may have seen that news some time ago. Where on July 2 the PS3, PSP, and Vita online stores would finally close down. Well, not anymore. At least for two of them:

Due to the outcry, they've decided to keep them open. Except the PSP store. That one will still close down. So if there's anything you thought you were on a timer to get in there, well, no need to worry anymore. At least for the time being.

On that subject, the PSN remains today the most [legal] accesible way to get Chrono Cross. So... good news there, huh. Unless you can also buy PSX games on the newer PS's.

General Discussion / Another Eden out now on Steam
« on: March 31, 2021, 02:01:07 am »
Yep, read that right.

If you have yet to try the game out, well, here's another chance to do so. For those already playing it on their phones, apparently the data is transferable, so you can switch if you want to without losing any progress done already.


I just found this thanks to another site, so I want to share it here.

"A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games", a book made to serve as a, well, guide to JRPG's. Covering 38 years of history of the genre, it looks like it will include information about games and series, covering aspects like the gameplay, art, music, among other stuff. Looking at the section of series/game it will include, both Trigger and Cross are on the list. The book will be available in June.

Hmm, looks like an interesting project. I wonder what will it say about the Chrono series, heh...

General Discussion / Dragon Quest: Your Story
« on: April 06, 2019, 11:46:13 am »
So, don't know how many know this already; but it looks like Dragon Quest V is getting a movie adaptation. Trailer can be seen here:

To debut in Japan on August. I think it looks good; and certainly promising. Even if it's quite likely the hero may end with Bianca. I also like that they chose V. It's among my most favorite DQ's. Even recently got the mobile port to play it again. Hopefuly the movie also gets a worldwide release.

So, thoughts?

Does anyone think Cross could be among the chosen 20 titles to be included in the PS1 Classic? So far only 5 titles have been revealed for the thing, back when it was first announced, so that still leaves 15 titles to reveal. Well, possibly more, if they go for region-exclusive titles like what Nintendo did with their NES and SNES Classics.

Personally, I'd hope so. Trigger missed out being on the SNES Classic, so it'd be nice if at least Cross makes it in to this. It could also give it another rerelease and exposure, considering it only ever got one, for the Playstation Network. Compared to Trigger and is rereleases, Cross is starting to get quite a bit behind.

So, what does everybody think?

General Discussion / E3 2018
« on: June 10, 2018, 07:32:40 pm »
So, E3 is upon us again. Anyone been paying attention?

I have, and I must say, I like the new info on stuff like Fallout 76 and Kingdom Hearts III; and I know more will come later on. Also looking forward for new info on stuff like Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Certainly one E3 I'm paying attention to, hahahaha.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Minor thing about Biggs and Wedge
« on: September 07, 2015, 02:19:53 am »
I tried to search if this was already on the site, but couldn't find it. Just in case...

So today I was reading up info on FFVI, and found a place:

That talked about a V-Jump issue that had notes about pre-development stuff. You know, how characters and the like were or would have had before we see them in the final product, and stuff like that.

The thing had a part where Biggs and Wedge (the FFVI characters) answering a few questions (the post only has two, but I don't know how many actually were), and found one was:

"--Valigarmanda made you both disappear... so are you dead?
Biggs: We traveled through dimensions and ended up in Leene Square in Chrono Trigger!
Wedge: Bekkler found us and now we have new jobs. (haha)"

And then below is this note from the poster:

"Please note that this came out of the Jan. 96 issue, 2 months before Chrono Trigger was released in Japan."

Although I think it's mistaken there, since if it really was the Jan. 96 issue, then it was almost a year later. But anyway...

And well, that's it. Something really minor, but find interesting and amusing. Whether or not this was actually serious or just a joke... well, I guess it's up to personal interpretation. Not like this got mentioned again. That I know of, anyway.

But in any case, with the canonicity left ambigious I'm gonna accept that now as headcannon. :wink:

General Discussion / E3 2014
« on: June 11, 2014, 12:23:51 am »
So, anyone here watched/watching this?

For my part, I was only interested in seeing Nintendo's stuff. I found it quite interesting, specially with Hyrule Warriors and Xenoblade Chronicles, plus the extra info with Smash.

I must say I laughed the way they opened that video. So amusing. Specially the Iwata-Reggie fight scene.  :lol:

All in all, it has convinced me to give the Wii U a chance. Perhaps not possible in the foreseeable future, but I suppose eventually I'll be able to get that chance to get one.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / The Legend of RPG
« on: March 08, 2014, 12:23:38 pm »
Well, I learned of this a little too late, but anyway...

So during the afternoon of today (in Japan's local time), the Japanese Philharmonic Orchestra held a concert called The Legend of RPG (, where they basically played many background tracks of RPG's. Chrono Trigger was among these games.

This is the chart with the songs played. Chrono Trigger is the second one. While they played 4 pieces, 3 of them are medleys, so the overall number of songs is actually higher than 4. Since I know little Japanese, I can only tell a few of the songs, but currently I can see Frog's Theme, Guardia Castle's, the Main Theme, etc.

Though it'd be nice to have someone translate it whole to see the whole list.

As I mentioned before, this already passed, since the concerts were held at 3 and 7 PM of Japan's local time. Oh well, what a shame.

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