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I've never encountered this bug myself, nor heard about it happening in the SNES/PSX versions.  After reading the posts on GameFAQs, and now here, I decided to investigate.

The problem occurs if the characters are moving when a save point is activated.  It is possible to be out of bounds of the save point during the time the menu is activated and the screen transition is complete.  Upon saving, instead of saving the exact coordinates, the value gets rounded.  When the save game is loaded later on, the character could be stuck in the wall.

To avoid this situation completely, stop moving before activating the save point.

If you do get stuck in the End of Time, enter the menu, and the instant you press the button to exit, hold the d-pad and dash button towards the open area.

Youtube video:

This video was done on the SNES version.

Other confirmed SNES locations:

Location 17C - Terra Cave
Location 194 - Ocean Palace entrance
Location 19A - Ocean Palace (the second save point)
Location 1C2 - Black Omen (save point before Queen Zeal battle)
Location 1DA - Lavos tunnel
Location 1EF - Death Peak cliffs

Unlike the End of Time, it doesn't appear possible to escape if you get stuck in the wall in these areas.

Chrono Trigger Modification / CT debug battle features, animation note
« on: February 17, 2008, 06:50:02 pm »
A set of various debug flags have been found in the battle engine.  Help is needed for figuring out the unknowns.

01FFFF set to non-zero value to enable
When Select is pressed on Controller 2, all enemies are instantly defeated.
In the Pre-release, this feature is on by default

0D3FFF set to non-zero value to enable
When R shoulder button is pressed on Controller 1, $00 stored to 7ECD02 and 7ECD03, unknown purpose

0FFFFD set to non-zero value to enable
Stores $00 to 7EAE9B and 7EAE94, attack related?

0FFFFE set to non-zero value to enable
Stores $40 to 7EAE94 and $00 to 7EAE9B, attack related?

0FFFFF set to non-zero value to enable
Stores $80 to 7EAE9B and $00 to 7EAE94, attack related?

These can also be used as PAR codes by changing the 0 at the beginning of the address to C (ex: CD3FFF instead of 0D3FFF for the 2nd debug feature)



242800   242983   PTR   N   "Pointers to unconfirmed animation data (local, first at 24A800)"   2004.06.21
A while ago, I looked at this and concluded that the unconfirmed animation data is the frame length for the animations.

Yesterday, I tried to figure out where individual animations start by watching how the menu does it.
Starting at the beginning of the animation data for a direction, animation x starts at 4 * x. This explains why glitch animations exist and why there are 00's between many animations.

Also, the game finds the size of the animation data by looking at the pointer for the next animation data. It then divides it by 4, which I think is to find the size of each direction's animations.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Battle Memory Addresses
« on: February 03, 2008, 07:19:43 am »
For those working on Techs or other battle related data, these memory addresses should be of help.  When a battle starts, the 7E2xxx $50 byte character stat sets (see Geiger's Offsets Guide) are mirrored to 7E5xxx.

Code: [Select]
7E5E2D   01   FF   Battle     PC1 portrait
7E5E2E   01   FF   Battle     PC1 unknown

7E5E30   02   FF   Battle     PC1 current HP
7E5E32   02   FF   Battle     PC1 max HP
7E5E34   02   FF   Battle     PC1 current MP
7E5E36   02   FF   Battle     PC1 max MP
7E5E38   01   FF   Battle     PC1 power
7E5E39   01   FF   Battle     PC1 stamina
7E5E3A   01   FF   Battle     PC1 speed
7E5E3B   01   FF   Battle     PC1 magic
7E5E3C   01   FF   Battle     PC1 hit
7E5E3D   01   FF   Battle     PC1 evade
7E5E3E   01   FF   Battle     PC1 magic defense

7E5E40   03   FF   Battle     PC1 experience
7E5E43   11   FF   Battle     PC1 - unknown
7E5E54   01   FF   Battle     PC1 Helmet equipped
7E5E55   01   FF   Battle     PC1 Armor equipped
7E5E56   01   FF   Battle     PC1 Weapon equipped
7E5E57   01   FF   Battle     PC1 Accessory equipped
7E5E58   02   FF   Battle     PC1 experience next
7E5E5A   02   FF   Battle     PC1 tech experience next
7E5E5C   21   FF   Battle     PC1 - unknown

7E5EAD   01   FF   Battle     PC2 portrait
7E5EAE   01   FF   Battle     PC2 unknown

7E5EB0   02   FF   Battle     PC2 current HP
7E5EB2   02   FF   Battle     PC2 max HP
7E5EB4   02   FF   Battle     PC2 current MP
7E5EB6   02   FF   Battle     PC2 max MP
7E5EB8   01   FF   Battle     PC2 power
7E5EB9   01   FF   Battle     PC2 stamina

7E5EBB   01   FF   Battle     PC2 magic
7E5EBC   01   FF   Battle     PC2 hit
7E5EBD   01   FF   Battle     PC2 evade
7E5EBE   01   FF   Battle     PC2 magic defense
7E5EBF   01   FF   Battle     PC2 level
7E5EC0   03   FF   Battle     PC2 experience
7E5EC3   11   FF   Battle     PC2 - unknown
7E5ED4   01   FF   Battle     PC2 Helmet equipped
7E5ED5   01   FF   Battle     PC2 Armor equipped
7E5ED6   01   FF   Battle     PC2 Weapon equipped
7E5ED7   01   FF   Battle     PC2 Accessory equipped
7E5ED8   02   FF   Battle     PC2 experience next
7E5EDA   02   FF   Battle     PC2 tech experience next
7E5EDC   21   FF   Battle     PC2 - unknown

7E5F2D   01   FF   Battle     PC3 portrait
7E5F2E   01   FF   Battle     PC3 unknown

7E5F30   02   FF   Battle     PC3 current HP
7E5F32   02   FF   Battle     PC3 max HP
7E5F34   02   FF   Battle     PC3 current MP
7E5F36   02   FF   Battle     PC3 max MP
7E5F38   01   FF   Battle     PC3 power
7E5F39   01   FF   Battle     PC3 stamina
7E5F3A   01   FF   Battle     PC3 speed
7E5F3B   01   FF   Battle     PC3 magic
7E5F3C   01   FF   Battle     PC3 hit
7E5F3D   01   FF   Battle     PC3 evade
7E5F3E   01   FF   Battle     PC3 magic defense
7E5F3F   01   FF   Battle     PC3 level
7E5F40   03   FF   Battle     PC3 experience
7E5F43   11   FF   Battle     PC3 - unknown
7E5F54   01   FF   Battle     PC3 Helmet equipped
7E5F55   01   FF   Battle     PC3 Armor equipped
7E5F56   01   FF   Battle     PC3 Weapon equipped
7E5F57   01   FF   Battle     PC3 Accessory equipped
7E5F58   02   FF   Battle     PC3 experience next
7E5F5A   02   FF   Battle     PC3 tech experience next
7E5F5C   21   FF   Battle     PC3 - unknown

Code: [Select]
7E5E2F   01   01   Battle     PC1 HP in critical status

7E5E4A   01   80   Battle     PC1 laying on ground dead animation
7E5E4B   01   01   Battle     PC1 has blind status
7E5E4B   01   02   Battle     PC1 has sleep status
7E5E4B   01   04   Battle     PC1 has confuse status
7E5E4B   01   08   Battle     PC1 has lock status
7E5E4B   01   10   Battle     PC1 loses 1HP/second
7E5E4B   01   20   Battle     PC1 has slow status
7E5E4B   01   40   Battle     PC1 has poison status
7E5E4B   01   80   Battle     PC1 has stop status
7E5E4C   01   FF   Battle     PC1 unknown, likely battle status effects
7E5E4D   01   80   Battle     PC1 has haste status
7E5E4E   01   04   Battle     PC1 has protect status
7E5E4E   01   20   Battle     PC1 has MP regen status (SeraphSong)
7E5E4E   01   40   Battle     PC1 magic defense up
7E5E4E   01   80   Battle     PC1 has berserk status
7E5E4F   01   80   Battle     PC1 has auto-revive status
7E5E50   01   04   Battle     PC1 has Accessory $AB Berserker equipped

7E5EAF   01   01   Battle     PC2 HP in critical status

7E5ECA   01   80   Battle     PC2 laying on ground dead animation
7E5ECB   01   01   Battle     PC2 has blind status
7E5ECB   01   02   Battle     PC2 has sleep status
7E5ECB   01   04   Battle     PC2 has confuse status
7E5ECB   01   08   Battle     PC2 has lock status
7E5ECB   01   10   Battle     PC2 loses 1HP/second
7E5ECB   01   20   Battle     PC2 has slow status
7E5ECB   01   40   Battle     PC2 has poison status
7E5ECB   01   80   Battle     PC2 has stop status
7E5ECC   01   FF   Battle     PC2 unknown, likely battle status effects
7E5ECD   01   80   Battle     PC2 has haste status
7E5ECE   01   04   Battle     PC2 has protect status
7E5ECE   01   20   Battle     PC2 has MP regen status (SeraphSong)
7E5ECE   01   40   Battle     PC2 magic defense up
7E5ECE   01   80   Battle     PC2 has berserk status
7E5ECF   01   80   Battle     PC2 has auto-revive status
7E5ED0   01   04   Battle     PC2 has Accessory $AB Berserker equipped

7E5F2F   01   01   Battle     PC3 HP in critical status

7E5F4A   01   80   Battle     PC3 laying on ground dead animation
7E5F4B   01   01   Battle     PC3 has blind status
7E5F4B   01   02   Battle     PC3 has sleep status
7E5F4B   01   04   Battle     PC3 has confuse status
7E5F4B   01   08   Battle     PC3 has lock status
7E5F4B   01   10   Battle     PC3 loses 1HP/second
7E5F4B   01   20   Battle     PC3 has slow status
7E5F4B   01   40   Battle     PC3 has poison status
7E5F4B   01   80   Battle     PC3 has stop status
7E5F4C   01   FF   Battle     PC3 unknown, likely battle status effects
7E5F4D   01   80   Battle     PC3 has haste status
7E5F4E   01   04   Battle     PC3 has protect status
7E5F4E   01   20   Battle     PC3 has MP regen status (SeraphSong)
7E5F4E   01   40   Battle     PC3 magic defense up
7E5F4E   01   80   Battle     PC3 has berserk status
7E5F4F   01   80   Battle     PC3 has auto-revive status
7E5F50   01   04   Battle     PC3 has Accessory $AB Berserker equipped

Crimson Echoes / If a map doesn't load in the game...
« on: May 27, 2007, 04:44:06 am »
...but looks correct in TF, double check your map properties.

L3 Tileset should be $FF for maps that don't use L3, and the setting Draw L3 should be False.  Incorrect settings for the other options can likely causes problems as well - when in doubt, check a similar map that wasn't modified.

Crimson Echoes / Corruption investigation
« on: May 28, 2006, 10:35:22 pm »
I'm going to have a look at the corruption issue in the current demo, and, with any luck, fix it.  But I need as much background info as possible to speed this along:

1) Link to the latest post-2.0 CE bugfix patch being worked on right now?
2) What's corrupt?  Just the Sun Keep?  Which Sun Keep, location #?  Is the map itself corrupt, and/or the event for it?  Does it open in TF?  If it crashes in TF, does it do so on loading the map, or event?
3) Was that Sun Keep itself ever modified?
4) Can it be deleted, in other words, do you need that location for the story?
5) Do you have the patch right before it got corrupt?  Do you know what you added/changed afterwards to cause it?  (not necessary, but would help a lot.  especially if you have both a pre and post corruption patch).

I would guess from it being the Sun Keep corrupting that data is crossing a bank boundary, or it is being "squeezed" (partly overwritten) into a bank that no longer has room for it.

This topic will contain breakpoint addresses for easily tracking down the offsets of certain data.

C01E18, Execute: Open a treasure chest to display its 4-byte data starting offset (F5Fxxx).

Crimson Echoes / lavatest (for the Singing Mtn. people) - Patch added!
« on: April 11, 2006, 09:26:10 pm »
You'll notice this is actually Heckran Cave  :D


There's an issue with the animation in-game, though.  It should be fixable, I'll try to get it done by tonight.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Lost song discovered in Japanese CT
« on: January 21, 2006, 12:45:28 pm »
A new lost song has been discovered in the Japanese version of CT.  It is around 15 seconds long and appears to be a "Fanfare" type music.

Unfortunately, while the song survived, the instrument table used for it did not.

To hear this, simply enter the 3 below codes (Japanese version only) and be standing inside Truce on the 1000 AD map.  It'll stop the town theme and begin with the song.  By default, it is using the "Determination" instruments.  These are not the correct ones, but will still give you a general idea of what it sounds like.  You can enter the second instrument set codes to try and correct the table.  This is basically the same thing the instrument editor in Temporal Flux does.  xx is a value from 00 to 3F.  It seems the song only uses Instrument 0-5 but I included 6-A just in case.  None of the other songs use more than that.

7E1B9C50 - Playsong 50 on OW
C70E0876 - Pointer byte 1
C70E09EB - Pointer byte 2

C7180Bxx - Instrument 0
C7180Dxx - Instrument 1
C7180Fxx - Instrument 2
C71811xx - Instrument 3
C71813xx - Instrument 4
C71815xx - Instrument 5
C71817xx - Instrument 6
C71819xx - Instrument 7
C7181Bxx - Instrument 8
C7181Dxx - Instrument 9
C7181Fxx - Instrument A

That is obviously a HUGE amount of combinations.  We may never know what it truly sounded like, but it should be possible to get a fairly close match.  Please post any interesting combinations you may find.

edit: removed outdated info

These are rough numbers:

The original translated script: 171,442 bytes
Free space available: At least 63,932 bytes. Possibly up to ~75,000 bytes.

edit: removed outdated info

A memory map of all treasure chest data.

There are 249 in the game.
Subtract 5 that are only used as an index to load data from another room
Subtract 4 that can't be obtained without cheats (walk through walls)

Total: 240 that that can be opened.

This list and the number above is of only "real" treasure chests that use the data at $35F000

It is possible to create a fully functioning treasure chest using only event code (another example at the amount of freedom the event code offers).  Several locations are programmed this way, ex: 044 Northern Ruins, Object 08.  Sealed chests are also created using event code.  Both types use storyline bits in another memory range.

Finally, it appears memory range 7F0020-7F004F (48 bytes) is extra space reserved for additional treasure chests.  It would be possible to use this as memory expansion space similar to the empty item inventory slots, provided you don't plan on creating more treasure chests that could potentially conflict.  You could, for example, use 7F0030-7F004F for your own purposes, leaving 7F0020-7F002F for treasure chest expansion (127 slots, which is obviously a lot)

Have fun.

Other Topics and the Prerelease / Event changes
« on: October 29, 2005, 05:21:50 pm »
Using Pro Action Replay cheats to escape the demo areas, a lot of new differences have been found!

Other Topics and the Prerelease / Singing Mountain
« on: January 19, 2005, 12:52:08 pm »
These posts, once translated, should have some interesting discussion on the cut Singing Mountain dungeon.

(the last 3 posts on that page)  The rough summary is that the song location on the OST suggests that you originally warped there from the giant portal after fighting Magus.  Not a new idea, I remember seeing that mentioned before.  But, one of the responses mentioned that there was an "official" response about the song by Mitsuda.  After a bit of searching, I found the response on an old Q&A column on Procyon Studio:

(the 4th post from the bottom)  The same Q&A bit also talks about the missing intro part of Frog's theme that wasn't in the original game.

Chrono Trigger Modification / CT Demo - Pro Action Replay Area Fixes
« on: January 08, 2005, 07:18:21 am »
I quickly went through the location data and fixed the rooms that crash.  The 3 digits at the end are the room #s for a location mod code.  Ex: Cathedral 082 would be 7E010082, 7E010100.  Tyrano Lair 12B is 7E01002B, 7E010101. Etc.  Enjoy.

Pro Action Replay

F6072400  600 AD Cathedral 082
F6073200  600 AD Cathedral 083
F6074000  600 AD Cathedral 084

F6077800  600 AD Dorino Residence 088
F6078600  600 AD Dorino Residence 089
F6079400  600 AD Dorino Inn 08A
F607A200  600 AD Dorino Shop 08B

F607B000  600 AD Cursed Woods 08C
F607BE00  600 AD Frog's House 08D

F607CC00  600 AD Denadoro 08E
F607DA00  600 AD Denadoro 08F
F607F600  600 AD Denadoro 091
F6080400  600 AD Denadoro 092
F6082E00  600 AD Denadoro 095
F6084A00  600 AD Denadoro 097

F6088200  600 AD Porre Cafe 09B

F608F200  600 AD Magic Cave Entrance (sealed) 0A3

F60ADC00  600 AD Cathedral 0C6
F60AEA00  600 AD Cathedral 0C7
F60AF800  600 AD Cathedral 0C8
F60B0600  600 AD Cathedral 0C9
F60B1400  600 AD Cathedral 0CA
F60B2200  600 AD Cathedral 0CB

F60D6000  2300 AD Death Peak (no wind) 0F4
F60D6E00  2300 AD Death Peak 0F5
F60D7C00  2300 AD Death Peak 0F6
F60D8A00  2300 AD Death Peak 0F7
F60E4000  2300 AD Death Peak (no wind) 104
F60E4E00  2300 AD Death Peak (no wind) 105
F60E5C00  2300 AD Death Peak (no wind) 106
F60E6A00  2300 AD Death Peak (no wind) 107
F60E7800  2300 AD Death Peak (no wind) 108
F60E8600  2300 AD Death Peak (no wind) 109

F6106200  65000000 BC Tyrano Lair 12B
F6108C00  65000000 BC Tyrano Lair 12E

F6139C00 12000 BC Kajar 166

F6162000  12000 BC Ocean Palace 194
F6162E00  12000 BC Ocean Palace 195
F6163C00  12000 BC Ocean Palace 196
F6164A00  12000 BC Ocean Palace 197
F6165800  12000 BC Ocean Palace 198
F6166600  12000 BC Ocean Palace 199
F6167400  12000 BC Ocean Palace 19A
F6168200  12000 BC Ocean Palace 19B
F6169000  12000 BC Ocean Palace 19C
F6169E00  12000 BC Ocean Palace (no map) 19D
F616AC00  12000 BC Ocean Palace 19E
F616BA00  12000 BC Ocean Palace 19F
F616C800  12000 BC Ocean Palace 1A0


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