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Chrono Trigger: Prophet's Guile / Well done, fellas [possible spoilers].
« on: October 05, 2008, 06:42:59 pm »
I was pretty hesitant to download the ROM hack--I've been sticking with SNES9X for a while, and I kinda expected the bug with it to be taken care of--but after watching the preview videos on Youtube a couple times I didn't feel like delaying it any longer. And I'm pretty pissed that I waited so long.

I guess I'll go ahead and answer that questionnaire about the game:
1. Was Magus's reaction to finding Zeal done well?
The reaction and realization seemed quick, but he's a man of few words, so it didn't seem out of character. Someone else mentioned that they expected him to have a separate reaction to everything he saw, but I think you characterized him well: once he knew where he was, he realized the possibility of achieving his goal--why let nostalgia get in the way?

2. What did you think of the status screen art and colors?
To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of the status screen art, I guess I'm too loyal to Toriyama, but it was definitely one of the best pieces you guys could have chosen. I thought the colors were done perfectly though--it lent to a better mood for a game centered on Magus.

3. Was the Gaspar and Janus scene okay?
It was reminiscent of a couple pieces of fan fiction that I've read, but it definitely made sense. I would've expected someone less threatening to be his teacher though--but I thought that scene was one of the best in the game.

4. Did you find the Cerulean Lake before you had to go there? What did you think of it?
I found it, but I kind of ran away from it for some reason. Once I went back I thought it was very well done: I gotta admit that the scene with the Nu caught me off guard though.

5. Was the Prophet's trumped-up, flowery dialogue cheesy or dramatic?
Some of the dialogue when the game started seemed very out-of-character--some of the word choice sounded far too unnatural, it came close to taking away the mood from the game. Thankfully Magus's reactions and the dialogue became much more developed and thoughtful as the game progressed.

6. Was the Beast's Nest dungeon design done well? And the scene with the Lasher?
It was designed very well--I missed the coin there, but the map itself was very professional. The scene with the Lasher was great as well, a true testament to how bad ass Magus is.

7. How about Mt. Woe; did the song make it seem imposing, cold, and sordid given the task of putting Melchior up there?
Mt. Woe was done beautifully, the music held that particular portion of the game together perfectly. The full realization of what the task didn't hit me until the fight between the two of them. The overall feel of Mt. Woe was very cold, very emotionless (which, isn't an insult mind you--I think the negative vibe the music and map gave off was fitting for the sardonic mission).

8. Did you let Melchior die?
Nope. I don't think I allowed him to get hit either...

9. How was the battle scene between Melchior and Magus? And the scene with Schala afterwards?
Given the limitations of Melchior's sprite, I thought it was fitting and well done. The scene with Schala was done beautifully, I would have liked to have seen more dialogue in both scenes, but the messages the scenes aimed to provide hit me head-on.

10. What did you think of the Ocean Palace under construction?
Heh, the use of the Earthbound as slaves and the Scouts and Mages was a particularly nice touch.

11. And, what did you think of the final confrontation and Dalton's eye?
Phenomenal, the moment I saw Dalton without a patch (near the beginning of the hack) I realized you cunning fellas had something good up your sleeves. That was undoubtedly one of the best moments in the hack--whoever came up with that was a genius.

12. What was your reaction to the clip show and ending art?
The clip show was spectacular--especially the scene with Magus at Lucca's house. My goodness, you guys blow my mind. The ending art was another nice touch; I'd always found that piece to be quite well done.

13. Did you find all three Oboli?
I didn't realize I was looking for them until I found the second one, I guess I'll replay it to find the first. I should have spent more time at the Beast's Nest--I guess I was in some sort of rush.

14. Have you listened to the Prophet's Guile EP after playing? Was including the soundtrack a good move?
In all honesty, I didn't listen to the EP. I probably will, but I my first instinct after finishing the game was sending my respects to you guys. Including the soundtrack was a great fan service, one that will likely be greatly appreciated.

Anyhow, I've been lurking around this place for years, so I'd like to thank you guys for releasing something that finally pushed me to post. If you wanna delete or move this topic, feel free to; I just wanted to get my message across.

Again, thanks a ton guys, you did well.

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