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Wow, it's been a while since I've been around here....

I had some time today and started delving back into Chrono Cross, and I came across a conundrum.  In the original timeline (i.e., before Kid travels back to 1010 and the dimensions split), Serge is killed in 1010 by Lynx.  Apparently, Lynx killed Serge because he was an Arbiter of the Frozen Flame, and FATE could not access it as long as he was alive, right?

I'm not so sure.

On the same timeline, in 1015, Lynx and Harle track down Lucca and murder her.  The supposed reasoning behind this (per the Condensed Plot Summary here at the Compendium) is because they believe she has information that can help release the lock on the Frozen Flame.

What????  I thought Serge's death already unlocked the Flame...?  Isn't that why he had to be killed in the first place?  This brings up a couple of questions.

1)  If Serge was killed in order for FATE to reaccess the Flame, why did Lynx need Lucca at all?  Furthermore, during the playout of Cross itself, why does Lynx go through the hassle of switching bodies with Serge to get to the Flame?  Does FATE believe or know that it cannot kill him?

2)  If Serge's death did NOT release the Arbiter lock on the Flame, how did FATE continue to operate in Another World?  How did it instruct the guy in Arni not to become a fisherman?  And, why was Serge killed in the first place?

My guess would be that, if Serge's death didn't unlock the Flame, than Lynx killed him because FATE knew he would somehow bring about the end of the world if it didn't (we know this to be true thanks to Home World and the Dead Sea existing the way they do).  As soon as he touches the Flame, he's destined to bond with the Time Devourer and help destroy the world, so Lynx/FATE kills him, even though it knows that it won't be able to access the Flame anymore.  That still doesn't explain stuff like the fisherman though, and brings back the "Belthasar is an a-hole theory because he puts the world in jeopardy to save Schala."

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