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Chrono Cross Modification / Spanish Chrono Cross need Help!!
« on: June 24, 2008, 05:01:51 am »
Hello everyone,
I'm a member of the spanish translator group of the game. We have already the 95% of the game transalated but we have problems with the script like this one:

|\Membre 1\:
|\wha\t\ .\a\r1\e\ .\\w.\\e.\
|g\o.\in\g.\\suffixe\\ .\to\ .\do?\NE\
|\Maj0\\Kid\\ .\i\s2\
|g\o.\in\g.\\suffixe\\ .\to\ .\d\i.\e\suffixe\
|i\f.\\ .\\w.\\e.\\ .\\l.\\e.\ave\suffixe\
|\h.\e\r1\\ .\\l.\\i.\ke\ .\\th1\i\s1\.\Ptr\

Now i understand that i have to put the variable character between "/" and "./" or between "/" and "1/" in the script of the game if the variable have only one letter and between "/" if the variable have more than one letter (Example: /a./ and /yes/)
and all the variable characters must be defined at the final of the file Scenat.tcc. Is this correct??

But i have only one more cuestion... have I more things to translate??

I saw more files at the "" that i don't know if i have to translate too. for example: the file Accents.txt or Accents_infos.txt, both located in CD1\41_Textes_Apres.
And the are other files at CD1\43_Tables_Apres like Auto_Accents.txt that i don't know if must be tranlated too.
I have already defined the different acents of the characters and i make my own table and i don't know in which file (for example the variable character /a./) links whith the acent of the character (for example Irenes
who in this case must say "" or starky who must say "aa").

I hope you can help me... I want to belive chrono cross can be tanslated into spanish

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