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Chrono Trigger DS Analysis / Anyway try to hack the game yet?
« on: November 24, 2008, 02:07:54 pm »
If that is possible...

Hello there Chrono Compendium.
My name is Kais,and it's pronounced Kice.

My essential things to do,and interests:
Football aka Soccer
Hacking stuff like the Wii,DS,PSP,360<------Thats all my Gaming Gear in general.
Playing the legendary Snes games such as (Chrono Trigger)<------"Thou shall never die"
.....and watching anime.

I also like customizing my desktop every once in a while.Like this.... and crappy

I use RocketDock&Minimize.

This site needs a "Post a picture of your desktop thread"lol

ヽ(:゚皿゚:;)ノ OH SHI-        (╬ ಠ益ಠ)凸             (*^ー^)人(^ー^*)

Oh did I forget to say I love rom hacks,and will be starting my own project soon.
Click the signature.WooT.

General Discussion / List of the Best Rom hacks!
« on: June 18, 2008, 05:25:49 am »

Original topic maintained here.
It is clearly a nice list.I will update whenever I see anything interesting.
Suggestions and feedback are welcome,and this topic can also be to discuss rom hacks,and anything really that concerns rom hacks.

Tools that are needed:
A good dump of whatever
IPS Patcher for Linux(Thanks to Arctic_Flame for mentioning it)
IPS Patcher for Windows and DOS
IPS Patcher for MAC
Snes emulators can be found here

Nes(Nintendo Entertainment System)

Patches that change the game entirely to bring forth a new experience:

Dragoon X Omega
Thanks to FireEmblemGuy freindly GBAtemper for mentioning it.
Created by:Silver X
For use with:Dragon Warrior (U)

A nation just over a rebellion by thier own psychic soldiers is attacked by an alien being in a giant star ship.The last of the rebels to not have been executed is given a choice: Save the land of Amnethen, or die at the hand of her former master, Lord Vin.

Dragoon X Omega II
Thanks again to FireEmblemGuy our friendly GBAtemper for mentioning it.
Created by:Silver X
For use with:Final Fantasy(U)

A full scale hack of Final Fantasy, nothing remains but the core programming routines. It features all new graphics, music, levels, enemies, text, statistics and more. Think of it as a “Total Conversion” for the NES.Sequel to Dragoon X Omega.

Luigi's Chronicles
For use with:Super Mario Bros

Now that Ghosts have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario is gone, Luigi in on an adventure to save the Mushroom Kingdom from his greatest fear. He'll also encounter zombies, Panser plants and the Phantom who makes Luigi's life miserable.

Mario Adventure
Created by:DahrkDaiz
For use with:Super Mario Bros 3

This is hailed as one of the greatest NES hacks of all time. This Super Mario Brothers 3 hack changes the game right down to the core by tweaking the actual game engine itself!I recommend it!~kais~


Mario Fantasy Adventure
Created by: Acmlm
For use with: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy onto a Super Mario Bros. RPG video game. There's new graphics, new text, map hacking, and even some new music!
Mario In: Some Usual Day
Created by: JaSp
For use with: Super Mario Bros. 3

Some usual day isn't so usual after all. This game features enemies from Zelda, Metroid, and Kirby, new power-ups, and a brand-new secret coin system. And yes, that is a fire-ball-chucking Raccoon Mario.
Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom
For use with: Mega Man

Above: Sorry Mega Man, but your sister is in another castle.
Super Mario Forever
[spoiler]Thanks to WB3000 our friendly temper for mentioning it

Hardest mother fucker!
If you think you are good at super mario bros you have not tried this.
Patches for graphics update that has been over various improvements to modernize the entire game:

Final Fantasy Pocket Edition
For use with:Final Fantasy

 Lots of minor improvements:
#Some Heroes and Enemies updated
# Buy in Bulk at Item Shops
# B Button Dash
# Lots of graphic tweaks
# Many known bugs fixed
# Bonus Hidden Dungeon
Metroid Pocket Edition
For use with:Metroid

Most graphics updated to look more like Metroid Zero Mission. Other changes (energy, animations) kept minimal so this can be mixed and matched with other level mods.

The Legend of Zelda Pocket Edition
For use with:The Legend of Zelda

100% of graphics updated to look more like Zelda 3/Oracle Series. Other changes (item names) kept minimal so this can be mixed and matched with other level mods.
Super Mario Bros. Pocket Edition
For use with:Super Mario Bros

100% of graphics updated to look more like SMB3/SMW. There are no other changes.

here are no other changes, so you can mix and match this with level mods and these other features:
*Mario or Luigi Game
*Poison Mushrooms
*Red Pakkuna Plants?
*Ice Flowers
*Hammer Bros Suit.and powers
Patches for translations:

EarthBound Zero
For use with: Earthbound (J)

In Japan, where it was released in the late 1980's for the Nintendo Famicom system, MOTHER was hugely successful. It sold around 400,000 copies and has spawned dozens of strategy guides, comic books, soundtracks and more.

Fire Emblem Gaiden

Thaks FireEmblemGuy!Again!
Created by:Starwolf_UK
For use with:Fire Emblem Gaiden(J)
Future Soldier: Lios
For use with:Future Soldier: Lios(J)

It´s a mecha strategy-RPG, kinda like Front Mission, sorta maybe. It´s a decent game.
Puyo Puyo
For use with:Puyo Puyo(J)

The puzzler that started it all! It´s Puyo Puyo! Ahh, this game is GREAT. It´s got a standard Tetris-style endless mode, and a puzzle mode which challenges your brain more than your reflexes. Pretty damn good for an NES game! Definately check it out if puzzle games are your thing!Download

Snes(Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Patches that change the game entirely to bring forth a new experience:

Brutal Mario
For use with:Super Mario World
This game has the most astounding bosses ever.Bosses from other games are used.
This is an awesome hack, I was really feeling like I was actually playing the bosses from other games. Even that 4 headed giant Yoshi Hidden Boss was awesome in some way. ASMs are out of normal. This should have taken years to create! The level design is not as bad as people say consider that level hacking has been practiced and enhanced since the first day SMW hacking was started. The hack is not too hard and this is really a good thing.]
Chrono Trigger: Prophet’s Guile
For use with:Chrono Trigger

This follows the story of Magus’s rise to power in the Kingdom of Zeal after arriving in 12000 B.C. thanks to the distortion at his lair. In his bid to stop Lavos at the Ocean Palace, Magus must gain the trust of Queen Zeal and abolish all opposition. It’s about two regular Chrono Trigger chapters long, and full of surprises.

Dr.Mario World
Created by: Wario's Hacks
For use with: Super Mario  World

Super Mario World with a medical twist. The game features Mario in his classic virus fighting costume. The levels are completely redone as well.Download
Legend of Zelda:Parallel Worlds
For use with:The Legend of Zelda:A Link to the Past

Many players have noted an extremely high level of difficulty in Parallel Worlds, compared to that of A Link to the Past.


I Recommend It.~kais~
Legend of Zelda:Samus Edition
For use with:Legend Of Zelda:A Link to the Past

A simple hack in which the sprite for Link is replaced with that of Samus (from the Metroid games)


Mario is Missing 2: Luigi's New Adventure
Created by: Terence
For use with: Super Mario World

Luigi gets a starring role in this remake which features graphics from Super Mario All-Stars as well as Super Mario World 2. All the levels have been redone in this quest to save Mario.Download
Mario Kart R
Thanks to Deletable_Man our friendly temper for mentioning it.
For use with:Super Mario Kart

This is a modification of the original Super Mario Kart game for the SNES. It contains all new courses, brand new graphics, altered music and even Kirby as a playable character, replacing toad.
Metroid Legacy
Thanks to SpaceJump our friendly temper for mentioning it.
Created by:Banana Oyaji
For use with:Super Metroid

This is a complete Super Metroid hack, that alone makes it worth playing. It features new maps, layouts, item placements, and enemy placements. The areas in the beginning are similar to the originals, the farther you advance the more it changes. The difficulty is about the same as the original, and the puzzles are decent.

Ninja Saga
Created by: Nerrd Labs
For use with: Super Mario World

The Ninji Saga really seeks to switch things up a bit by putting you in control of one of Mario's enemies. The game is a very original. And though it runs a bit on the short side, The Ninji Saga is definitely worth a download.

Panic In The Mushroom Kingdom
Created by: Ghettoyouth
For use with: Super Mario World

This hack is worth playing simply due to its originality! Be warned however that some may find its content offensive. If you are not easily offended, it is hilarious with its use of violent imagery, such as numerous squirming bleeding toads impaled on stakes in a graveyard.

Return to Dinosaur Land
For use with:Super Mario World
Thanks to bootmonster our friendly temper for mentioning it.

This is a completely edited version of Super Mario World.All the levels and worlds are new, and some worlds have themes not present in the original game, such as a water world and an ice world.
Super Demo World: The Legend Continues
Created by: FuSoYa
For use with: Super Mario World

What started out as just a demo of what Lunar Magic could do, turned into a full hack of Super Mario World that's complete right to the end. This patch is so expansive it expands the size of the ROM to 48mbits! This truly a great hack!
NOTE: This patch is made for a 48mbit expanded version of Super Mario World. Please use Lunar Expand to expand you Super Mario world ROM before applying this patch as explained in the "readme" file!Download
Super Mario Bros Deluxe
Created by: Peter AC
For use with: Super Mario World

This ROM Hack is a completel translation of the original Super Mario Bros using the Super Mario World game engine. All the features of the original game are present, along with a new twist or two along the way.

Super Mario Bros. - The Lost Levels Deluxe
Created by: Peter AC
For use with: Super Mario World

This game is a complete translation of Super Mario Bros. - The Lost Levels using the Super Mario World game engine. The Graphics are styled after Super Mario Bros. 3. And as you can see below, there are a few additions such as the use of Mario's cape and Yoshi.

Super Mario World Yoshi's Island2+
Created by:Golden Yoshi
For use with:Super Mario World:Yoshi's Island

SMW2+ is the first complete mod of SMW2: Yoshi's Island ever. All of the levels have been changed to provide for a new, yet nostalgic, playing experience. If you played and loved the original Yoshi's Island and want an ever bigger challenge than last time, this mod is for you!
Super Mario World Yoshi's Island2+2
Created by:Golden Yoshi
For use with:Super Mario World:Yoshi's Island

What this hack features:
# 50 all-new levels of classic Yoshi's Island design! Journey through 5 worlds to reunite Baby Mario with Baby Luigi.
# Now unlock an Extra and a Secret level by scoring 100% on each world!
# Enhanced Yoshi colors! Every Yoshi now has its own boot colors, as seen in the introduction scene. Plus, two new Yoshi colors, gray and black, for the Extra and Secret levels.
# Pit of 50 Trials, inspired by the Pit of 100 Trials in the Paper Mario series. How many floors can you beat? And what will you win?
# Custom level icons
Super Metroid: Redesign
Best thing ever!
For use with:Super Metroid
Note:This game needs the latest snes9x,and a hardcore metroid gamer NOT a noob.

The Planet Zebes, now bigger than we’ve previously seen it, is filled with many mysteries. Sleeping within the depths of the planet is a secret heavily protected by the last standing symbols of the great Chozo race…
New Features:
* Physics Changes
* New Items
* Abilities
*This hack will blow you away ~kais~


Super Metroid:Zero Suit Samus
Created by:Justin Baily
For use with:Super Metroid

To the disappointment of many, there was no armorless Samus in Super Metroid. But this patch restores that feature- each sprite, and every graphic of Samus has been redrawn by hand to make armorless Samus playable once again.

Ultimate Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Created by:Plinko50000
For use with:Zombies Ate My Neighbors

UZAMN is a complete hack of the SNES game Zombies Ate My Neighbors, with 55 new levels.

Yoshi's Island: Kamek's Revenge
For use with:Yoshi's Island
Instead of screenshots, I'll link the three movies to give a sample of what to expect:
-54 or whatever brand spanking new levels, ranging from easy difficulty to pretty damn hard difficulty.
-Lengthly levels, ranging from 5 minutes to half an hour (there are plenty of mid-rings, but you can use save states I guess if you get stuck badly)
-The first Yoshi's Island hack to ever have ExGFX, so to speak. All the level icons are edited, and most sprites have slight GFX edits.
-Some slightly tweaked music, but again, that's another thing I lost motivation on.
-And more stuff which I don't remember.
Patches for Translations,Re-translations,and Spoofs:

Chrono Trigger Re-translation
Thanks to distorted.frequency for  mentioning it.
For use with:Chrono Trigger

Ozzie's name is originally Vinegar.XD
All dialogue in the game, as well as all lists of items, weapons, armor, locations, etc. have been rendered in English once more. A clearer portrayal of Chrono Trigger as intended by its Japanese creators is now available. It is not the opinion of this project that Ted Woolsey's official translation was bad or insufficient in any way -- only that some essence of the game was lost or altered, given Nintendo of America's censorship standards and the inability of the game to hold all the original text when translated to English.
Clock Tower
For use with:Clock Tower(J)

Clock Tower SFC is the prequel to the game we know in the states as Clock Tower. And while technically "The First Fear" is not the proper subtitle for the game (it doesn´t actually have a subtitle), the game was rereleased for the PlayStation under the title Clock Tower - The First Fear, and I´ll be using that name to differentiate between it and the US version (instead of calling this Clock Tower Zero or some bullshit like that.) You play as Jennifer Simpson, fleeing from the insane psycho killer Bobby Barrows (AKA "the scissorman") in the Barrows Family Mansion. It´s also a puzzle game sort of along the lines of the Discworld games, but the puzzles are a lot less nonsensical :P Translation´s complete, have fun!
Final Fantasy IV
For use with:Final fantasy IV(J)
Thanks to FireEmblemGuy our friendly temper for mentioning it.

Final Fantasy IV was released here in the States as Final Fantasy II, and was the game to firmly establish Square as an RPG force to be reckoned with. Sadly though, the release was plagued by censors, edits, and a pretty godawful translation. Later Squaresoft rereleased FFIV in the States for Playstation as part of Final Fantasy Chronicles, complete, uncensored, and retranslated. Making an SNES translation kind of unnecessary in this day and age. But honestly, before that came along, how else were you supposed to check out the super-cool Programmer's Room? That's right.

You play the part of Cecil, commander of the Baron's airship fleet, known as the Red Wings. You've served your king faithfully over the years, but recently he's been acting weird and demanding that you retrieve the Crystals from all over the world, and by using any means necessary. Cecil questions the king's judgement and is stripped of his command. What follows is a pretty nifty (and kinda weird) tale of good vs. evil, with some love and loss thrown into the mix. Granted, it's not the first FF game to have a decent plot, but it's the first to be a good game along with that.

FFIV was the last truly traditional Final Fantasy game, with all the characters learning specific skills when they reached a certain level. Just like Dragon Quest! These days the game may not look like much (admit it, the graphics aren't too hot except for all the cool Mode7 stuff), but the gameplay is engaging, and the story keeps you playing. And the soundtrack is pretty sexy as well.
Final Fantasy VI
Thanks to FireEmblemGuy our friendly temper for mentioning it.

The Japanese version of Final Fantasy III. Or the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VI, if you played the Playstation version. Between this and FF3US, the only big difference is the title screen. Anything else is just nitpicking in the translation itself. Though I admit, Pearl instead of Holy was kind of weird. But, whaddaya going to do.

When this game first came out over here, the only chance I got to play it was on my friend's SNES when I was housesitting for him and his family while they were on vacation. There weren't any open save slots, though, and I didn't want to risk deleting one that had important stuff on it, so every day I played through the game as far as I could without saving. The farthest I got was the Lete River. Not too far, but not bad for an afternoon's work. I was absolutely enthralled by the game's story, and characters, and graphical excellence. Once SNES9x was released for the first time, I played through it again on my roommate's computer (with sound even) and got to the Floating Continent. Again, great stuff.

Once I bought Final Fantasy Anthology and was set and determined to finish the game, I realized something. While the story is decent, and the characters all have slightly more personality than most RPG characters (with notable exceptions), after the Floating Continent the game does a complete 180 on play style. Instead of following the story, you're now given full control to go wherever you want in your shiny new (old) airship, and the developers expect the gameplay to carry the game until the final dungeon. And it doesn't.

Eventually you discover Espers (or Phantom Beasts, or whatever), which work a lot like your equipment in Final Fantasy IX: in battles you get points that go to your Esper. Once your Esper reaches 100% in a particular area, your character gets a certain magic spell. The problem is, (almost) any character can equip any Esper. What the hell is the badass royal martial artist doing casting Ultima? And why can he do it just as easily as the half-esper magic user? Eventually, all that distinguishes the characters from each other is their special moves. And honestly, why would you ever not have Edgar and Sabin in your party? Granted, the whole cookie-cutter aspect isn't as bad as FFVII, but unlike FFVII, running around in dungeons, fighting monsters and solving simple puzzles, just isn't any fun. It's enjoyable at first, but by the end all the game's faults just end up being intolerable. Playing through it becomes a chore, and eventually you'll say to hell with getting the cool Espers and items, let's just fight the stupid boss already.

So in short, play until you get to the Floating Continent. You'll enjoy it more. Granted, the story and graphics are great, and the soundtrack is easily in the all-time 10 best ever, but it's hard to say whether or not having to suffer through the actual game is worth it.
Fire Emblem 3-5 Translations
[spoiler]Thanks to FireEmblemGuy as his name describes it all.
FE3: Mystery of the Emblem(SNES): Credits to RPGuy96, VincentASM, Cleteromagos, and AceNoctali

FE4: Genealogy of the Holy War(SNES): Credits to j2e Translations, Twilkitri.

FE5: Thracia 776(SNES): ...I'm not sure who credits go to, other than Shaya.
Front Mission: Gun Hazard
For use with:Front Mission: Gun Hazard(J)

Front Mission - Gun Hazard, is a mecha sidescroller, and spiritual successor to the Assault Suits series of which you may recognize Assault Suits Valken/Cybernator and Assault Suits  Leynos/Target Earth.Download
Rockman & Forte
For use with:Rockman & Forte(J)

The latest mainstream Megaman game (i.e. non-derivative X series, Battle Network series, and so on), Rockman & Forte was released in 1998 for the SNES, after the release of Megaman 8 on the Playstation.Download
Star Ocean Translation
Created by:DeJap
For use with:Star Ocean(J)

A must play.Nuff seen.
Tales of Phantasia Translation
Created by:DeJap
For use with:Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Phantasia is a Super Nintendo RPG by Namco that came out in Japan in 1995. In January of 2001, the fan based English translation was released by  DeJap Translations. This made it possible for us to experience Tales of Phantasia completely in English via video game emulation.  Tales of Phantasia was the first RPG for the SNES to feature a full J-Pop song and tons of voice acting. Not only that, the battle system is none like anyone had experienced before. They take place in a separate battle sequence like in any other RPG, but it plays like a 2D version of Secret of Mana. Tales of Phantasia was never officially released in North America because they felt RPGs weren't popular enough at the time and that it wouldn't be worth it.
Text Translation:Download
Text&Voice Translation:Download
Patches for Improvements and Modifications:

Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger Coliseum
This ROM hack adds a Final Fantasy 7 style coliseum to 2300 A.D.
One of the fans who complained about the game being too easy? Try this on for size.
Level Zero changes up certain elements of Chrono Trigger to make the game's mechanics more fluid and interesting. It does not specifically make the game easier or harder.
Want to take on Magus, Queen Zeal, AND Schala in a massive battle? Chickenlump has made it possible!Just walk into Gato's Exhibit to initiate battle.

Others section soon to come
GBA Section soon to come
More hacks soon to come
Suggestions and feedback is welcome~
Whats with the light blue and purple font.needs change.very scary.

"You know you've been playing too much with Chrono Trigger when..."

You knew it would have come sooner or later.... here it is, the "You know when" TOPIC for Chrono Trigger!

Here I start:
1)When you dress Like Magus,and color your cat purple so it resembles his cat.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Need some help.
« on: June 17, 2008, 11:26:53 pm »
Problem solved...Wootage!

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