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Fan Art / help me guys
« on: December 13, 2017, 06:05:03 pm »
anyone here has Chrono Trigger Screen lock for windows  (I "lost" the installer), you know the screen lock with the  big clock with Ticking sounds

History, Locations, and Artifacts / theory 1999-2300
« on: July 18, 2017, 10:31:09 pm »
here a  theory:
[excuse my English]

we all know in 2300 map there plenty of ruins just outside the domes and also a factory but no one has ask why, here is what I think

after the end of the world, human kind tried to rebuild, they rebuilt cities but at some point the monster were too much for the humans, human's army was just not big enough so between 1999-2300 the cities start falling apart (just like we saw in the game) but during the fall of the cities humans takes another strategy since the surface was lost they just start making their new home underground.

humans quickly recover part of their former glory, just like in any big city black waters are a problem so plans were quickly made, massive sewers/tunnels a perfect solution not just because it will solve the black water issue but also if they are big enough they could also be a road system between all the domes.

the first step in the master plan, an outpost near death peak to  keep an eye on lavos step two energy, energy was also becoming a problem and since monster was still a major issue a simple solution was made, robots, they will be the extra manpower the human society that is why in the 2300 we see a factory (the one with the power plant inside, no where robo was made) just in the middle of no where, the factory needs to be as far away as possible from death peak.

robots quickly became part of the security in the domes protecting the most sensitive and important parts, sadly for the humans robots revolt, humans lost the important parts of their dome, the war in the surface was lost (obviously because now they have to fight robots and mutants)

so by the year 2300 humans truly lost hope, now there no hope for them

does anyone knows where I can find CT tileset for RPG maker MV?

History, Locations, and Artifacts / The Kingdom Guardia
« on: August 06, 2014, 10:13:32 pm »
Guardia Kingdom

Ok so far no one here have done a Deep article about Guardia Kingdom so first forgive my English and now please enjoy and do some feedback

Guardiaīs  federal government

The kingdom is separate in different federal states pretty much like in the US but is has some interesting things for example in truce the mayor is elected or point by the king, we can see that because the mayor in truce rule the province from a public building (in the 1000 turn into some kind of school that building is probable a city hall)
Meanwhile Porre also has a mayor but is not elect or point by the king, is looks more like a duchy pretty much like in the holy roman empire, Porre mayor rules from his palace (house)

Porre is like Bavaria in the old German Empire, when Prussia annexed the German north confederation and Bavaria, Prussia form the German Empire when they did that they gave the kingdom of Bavaria a special treatment, for example Bavaria has its own king and they had their own army but of course the army of Bavaria is under the German Kaiser rule but still they had their own tiny army. Porre was like a duchy in the old holy roman empire

In Porre like in Bavaria. from all guardian federal states only Porre has ”duchy system” with a dynastic ruler

 from what we saw in CT during the mystic war, Porre rose its own army, people were buying their own military supplies while in the other cities their supplies were given by the central government, so we can say that somehow Porre has an independent army, that could explains how in 1005 Porre defeat Guardia, using their army, probable hiding the true amount of active soldiers they had

Choraīs mayor also is elect or point by the king, only Porre is special
That could be easily explain Porre probable was a tributary state and then a vassal and when they finally integrate to the kingdom, the king gave the new province a special treatment (Porre probable join by free choice) but the rest of the kingdom was won by force

The kingdom is probable separate in different federal states , we can identificate more than two states on south zenan in 600īs, dorino, Porre and Fiona
 I say Fiona is  a different state because neither dorino or Porre really care about the desertification so that land was probable rule  and own by Fiona family, and they were the facto and Iure rulers

Choras is only one big state

Guardia has a system really similar to the early roman empire mix with a late holy roman empire

Tax policy:

Guardia has federal and national taxes

In Dorino the mayor was free to use the city money in order to find a final solution and win the war, and they did it without asking the central government, using the city money

So like in US, federal government has some freedom in how they spend their money
Meanwhile Guardia central government  receive the national taxes and with that money they pay the kingdom soldiers, invest in less developed provinces , build weapons and infrastructure, pretty much what Rome did

Judiciary system:

Guardia has a supreme court, for what we saw in the king trial, only the supreme court can judge a king and probable other high ranks members of the kingdom
Since the court is inside the castle, the court only accept high rank cases, chrono case  because he kidnaped  the princess, king guardiaīs trial, corruption and others
That means each federal state has their own courts but probable all of them are under Guardia Supreme Court jurisdiction

Guardia Hereditary system:

I will quote an old post here

it could be an Absolute primogeniture, is a law in which the eldest child of the sovereign succeeds to the throne

Marle (Nadia) is the first born child that make her  the crown princess to the throne and Chrono is just her husband

Another possibility is male primogeniture but the successor to the crown must be member of the Guardia dynasty, for example in the eastern Roman Empire Zoe and Theodora were the last of their dynasty and corulers of the empire (Macedonian Dynasty)

Zoe in particular tried to get pregnant in order to preserve her dynasty linage (that means the male married into the family)

So Guardia  could be rule by a male primogeniture law as longer there’s a male if not, the female become the regent of the kingdom (like Zoe and Theodora in the eastern roman empire) and her husband changed his surname and become part of the dynasty line, in this case Chrono will become Chrono Guardia

But I think is  matrilineal or maybe Absolute primogeniture

lets remember one of the CT ending where Frog marry queen Leene
In that finale Nadia was still princess of the kingdom

This is my theory

I think queen Leene was a noble from a  small branch of the Guardia Line
king Guardia died from his injuries and just what happened in real life when the main branch of the habsburg died it was a small branch who got the kingdom, the habsburg-lorreine dynasty

So probable the king died without heir, Leene was queen and also member of the Guardia family that make her rightful ruler of the kingdom and then frog married her and her children are still Guardia because males married into the royal family
That would explain why Nadia is still princess of the Kingdom

After all the kingdom name is Guardia only a Guardia can be ruler

Guardia dynasty:

From what we heard in the kingīs trial, the chancellor said this is the end of Guardia line
normally if the king is send to prison his heir will get the throne if he or she is too young. A regent will take over until the heir grow up if there no heir a senior member of the dynasty take over (like what I said, a small branch of the habsurg-lorraine took over after the main branch died)

that means if the king Guardia was sent to prison and Nadia was too young and of course she wouldn’t allow the chancellor be the regent it was normal that  senior member of the dynasty would be choose to be regent but from what we can understand from what the chancellor said there no other Guardia that means Nadia is the last of her dynasty

That would explain why the king is so over protective

Truce-Porre duality:

Just like what happened between Prussia and Austria in the German confederation the same was happening in Guardia

Porre was growing strong  to the point that Porre become the main port in the kingdom

we can easily see that in 1000

porre power grew steadily over the years from 600-1000 Porre become the main port of the kingdom and probable challenged truce dominance
Porre has more dock in 1000 than truce that show us that they were the center of the economic trade inside the kingdom

Porre position is perfect; it has access to open sea and easy reach choras and medina and all southern islands

That not necessary bad for guardia but it was bad for truce so the rivality between truce and Porre is older than dalton intervention

in 1000 truce tried to open a ferry between truce and medina that could be seen as an open provocation agaisnt Porre

porre for what we saw in CT is not angry against the kingdom of Guardia but they could be angry with truce pretty much like in HRE (holy roman empire) the rivality between Austria and Brandenburg (Prusia) was great and they even had wars.

they were part of the same empire, but neither want to separate from the empire no matter how much the hate each other

The same could be happening with porre and truce it was probable Dalton intervention how made possible Porre betray,

he could corrupt porre leaders and told them Guardia was making favors to truce and Guardia want Porre be under truceīs feet because is what they belong

that was not true, in CT it was a private investor who want to build the ferry it was not the state

that tell us something important, even if was truce in the beginning  who made Guardia a big kingdom , in the 600 and 1000 the king didn’t have any favoritism to any city or state , Choras people were equally proud to be part of Guardia as any Truce citizen

but Dalton with his lies produce an antimonarchy movement inside Porre population

Guardia military power:

we never saw Guardia fleet but we can tell they had one because even after magus “died” at 600 the war was not over and guardia need to transport the army thorough the ocean that can be only done by ships also guardia move troops from choras to zenan and medina

We cannot say how big was Guardiaīs  army but Guardiaīs  navy should be big enough to protect the entire planet after all almost all oceans belong to Guardia

Guardia executive branch:

the regent of Guardia has legislative and executive powers, in 600 he created the supreme court and probable he was the one who gave the court power to judge kings
in Guardia exist small parlaments in each province and they do the federal laws but national laws are made by the king

The king is in charge of the administration of the kingdom and he is commander and chief of the army (Guardia and Porre)

Important people in Guardia:

Chancellor: kingīs right hand and if something happens to the king he is in charge until the king recover or until the heir is crown

President of the Supreme Court:  in charge of the administration of the judicial system in Guardia

Pierre (chrono lawyer): he is probable minister of justice he was the one who took over the chancellor position after the trial (if you do not free the chancellor)
In case of death of the king and chancellor we can assume that Pierre (minister of justice) assume the leadership until order is restore

During 600 Knight Capitan was general and minister of defense, the same position should exist in 1000 but we didn’t see it who was the guy

History, Locations, and Artifacts / Porre-Guardia War
« on: August 01, 2014, 10:23:47 pm »
Porre and Guardia War

Sorry for my English Iīm not from the US

First we all know that Guardia fell at 1005 but we also know that Porre was looking the frozen flame because they need extra power in order to defeat a northern country
We also know, during the Kid general ending,  kid spoke literary that they should attack Guardia first

So between 1005 and 1020 Guardia was restore

In real history the eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) fell at 1204 but it was re conquered by Nicaea empire under the Palaiologos dynasty (their dynasty had ties with two old roman imperial families the Doukas and the Kommeid) so after they claimed the capital they reestablish the Roman Empire, that could happen to Guardia

Lets imagine this:

we know Dalton and Porre army defeat and destroy the imperial city of Truce and Guardiaīs castle just like the crusaders did with Constantinople but like the crusader they didn’t conquer all the lands some part of the empire remain strong enough to lunch counter attack

Just like US has many military bases outside America borders and US navy is all over the world

Guardia was a massive empire, they control almost the entire planet except Medina and  El Nido

It possible that they had several military bases all over the planet and their navy split all over the world

During the main attack when Truce was destroy it was possible that all Porre war effort was focus on Truce and left Choras unharmed

Is impossible that during only 5 years Porre could built a navy strong enough to defeat the Guardian imperial navy specially because  Dalton wanted to keep his plan secret , building a massive navy in the middle of the ocean is not secret at all specially under Guardiaīs Nose

So the attack in north Zenan was made only with earth forces

After Zenan fell only Choras remains

With that in mind we can say that the entire navy fleet went there and also the survivors of the attack and soldiers left behind in other parts of the planet, like soldiers in random military bases in some islands and military outpost in north parts of North Zenan

Between 1005 to 1020 Choras soldiers used their navy advantage and took over North Zenan again destroying the bridge between south and north Zenan, so as longer Guardia navy remain strong Porre cannot attack Truce again
then Choras reestablish Guardia Kingdom just like the Nicaea empire did

We also saw that in the real world with the Nazi and England, Great Britain stop the nazi because Great Britain controlled the sea

Is quite possible that the war between Guardia and Porre halt for several years Porre could not attack Truce or Chorras because the imperial navy was strong enough to stop them and Guardia cant lunch a counter attack because Guardia lost manpower during the destruction of north Zenan and reduction of its population

We can also explain why in the ending of general kid they hate so much Guardia

In WWII many people In Europa were happy with the allies because they saved them, but let’s imagine if they allies never saved them and just attack Germany leaving the rest of Europa in despair

in Guardia- Porre war, Guardia did nothing to save Nido,

Guardia could send some ships and cut Porre supply line and gives el Nido a chance to revolt

So The Nido blames Guardia for not helping them in their time of need and did nothing to stop Porre

That could be true, Guardia best interest were in north Zenan and Choras and maybe in Medina too we don’t know If medina was against Porre also el Nido was never a part of the Empire so Guardia was not morally bound to help them
But we do know that Guardia was able to restore something of its former glory, strong enough to give Porre a pain in the ass

History, Locations, and Artifacts / Sun stone
« on: July 18, 2014, 07:44:53 pm »
First forgive my English I do not live in US

Ok in chrono compendium

Its says the amount of energy of the sun stone is 4.184*10^9 Joules

But lift zeal continent would need a greater amount of energy

lets calculate the amount of energy
Let's say Zeal irradiates downwards some energetic or magical radiation; these magic particles would be massless such as light so in order to calculate  the amount of energy used we must use Impulse-momentum theorem

the amount of power  need is P=mgc
c the speed of light, M mass and g gravity
the total mass of zeal would  be like Greenland mass

so lets calculate the mass of Greenland (earth continental crest density*wide*high)
8.12282E+14 kg

Now lets calculate the amount of power:

-The sun stone needs 2.38808E+24 W to keep zeal floating around
Now lets say the sun stone kept zeal in the sky for the last 300 years until it lost its power

So the sun stone total power is  3.71394E+34 J

how is that possible
Lets imagine that the sun stone is fuel by the enormous power of the sun that hit the earth and sun keep is a special point where the planet release some of the energy collect from the sun

Earth receive 173,000 terawatts from the sun
Earth in 65 billion year gets 3.49764E+35 W

With those numbers in mind the sun keep release only 6.3 of the total amount of energy that earth collect from the sun

Is perfectible possible to think that the sun stone power is 3.71394E+34 J

Articles / dimension and the time flow in the game
« on: May 21, 2008, 12:21:04 am »
First I want to apologize because English is not my native language but i want to explain the flow of time with physical theories sorry for my grammatic

I have another explanation about time travel, dimensions, singularity , well in physic time travel can be done but only in future no one can travel to the past  because travel to the past means break the relativy law but einstein theory prove time travel to the future , so the gang (chrono, marle , ayla serge ...) can travel to the future (you must put 1000 Ad like the current present) so if 1000 is the present that means every change that chrono or the other made in the future is possible because they created a virtual future (a virtual future is like a prediction because is only make truth is no one change the future again , an example is chrono killed lavos and everyone is hapyy but what if lavos reborn inmediatly after his death which is highly improbably but that means that future donīt change at all even if chrono killed lavos so like i said is a prediction no one is sure if the future is seal) so every change make after 1000 ( guardia fall, lavosīs death, chronopolis) they are only a virtual future so Chrono trigger time line is the beginning of every possible future (if 1000 is the current present ) so if chrono croos began after 1000 that means that chrono croos is like a continuation of chrono trigger (i repeat is a continuation  because is the virtual future ) now why did chrono travel to the past if the past can not be change) well that easy when the travel to the past that past was not a time line that means that every travel is only a different dimension that explain why marle donīt die after travel with ayla to the future and also explain why in this game has so many endings so in conclusion chrono only travel for different dimension and the change that produce in his current time is not his truly world, in the end chrono live in another dimension and the chrono of the first dimension (the first dimansion is the one in the beginning of the game , when chrono disappear from the first dimansion means that chrono real mother is sad because he lost his son.. poor chrono he dumped heīs real mother) so that explain why when marle died lucca or chrono domnīt die with her after all if the queen of guardia die then  magus win the war then lucca and chrono  never exist  so every travel to the past is not a time travel is truly a dimension travel now for explain dimension is easy because exist a law,  we sopuse to  live in a 4 dimension universe that is not  a complete truth (see quantum theory) when the bigbang create a universe it also create several universe like 1 dimension universe or 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 but we can't see them because they are hipercurved (if you want to know more see hawkings book or penrose books ) so a aislated universe is possible and then jump from one universe to another is possible ( like movies  when they travel to hiper space the must travel for one universe to another if they do that  they can foul time line and travel long distances without breaking any physical law (we canīt because our  multiples  universes are so small and curve ) another thing if we want to explain aslated dimension like lavos dimension (because he can make created time warps ) he must be in a place where the timeīs flow is almost Zero but how can be done?  , that easy gravity curve space and time (if we live in the sun we can live more becouse the time flow is slower than the Earth time flow) so if gravity curve space and time a high concentration of mass in a small space of the universe  can make that happen but if that happen gravity will destroy lavos becouse is to much gravity for any living thing but we can make gravity weak ( this is why i love chrono because when i Fought lavos the only thing you saw is lavos and a blue space so so the only thing you can see is three dimension objects is easy to sopouse that in lavos dimension is equal or higher than 3 , like a point or a line exist in a 2 dimension universe but a cube can not exist in that  universe but a cube can exist in a three dimension universe ) so if lavos  live is in a singularity and we can make gravity weak then we explain lavos dimension but for make gravity weak  we must create a universe with more  dimensions , in conclusion if lavos lives in a 4 spacial dimension the gravitry is only 1/6* in compare with a 3 dimension gravity  with the same amount of mass (* iīm not sure if is 1/6 ) so in a X dimension world with X higher than 3 is possible explain why the gravity didnīt kill lavos or  the others and the last physical explication of chrono is why in the same game porre defeat guardia but guardia is the ruler of the 2300 Ad well the physical explication is .. ( the game is wrong that is impossible LOL)

that my explication of the chrono games i apologize again for my grammatic

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