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Fan Art / Radical Dreamers Lynx manor in Chrono Trigger style
« on: December 11, 2019, 08:49:02 pm »
So a while back I thought about the RD manor and how someone had made a simple map for easier navigation. I then thought of making it with the CT sprites but only recently decided to do it. Everything here is made from existing CT sprites, except the mouth of truth, it's a combination of different heads as well as my own creation. And the Frozen flame, but all colors are all game exclusive.

I really like how all the rooms turned out but the clocktower store room... Yeah... I did what I could there. But otherwise I am satisfied. ^_^

Fan Art / RD Lynx Manor in CT preview
« on: December 03, 2019, 03:21:33 am »
I don't know if anyone remembers my Chrono Trigger/Cross map edits but I'm at it again. This time using the tiles and working my way up in making Lynx's manor in Radical Dreamers into Chrono Trigger tiles.

It's something I've been thinking of ever since playing the game first years ago. And now I'm attempting to make it. So I'm putting up a preview to sort of help motivate me to not forget about it, even if it is getting harder now on doing the actual rooms.

Anywho, here it is, the hall with the mouth of truth, and I've no idea when I'll get it done. O_O;

Wow that is a long title... Heh.  :D

Anywho! I think I figured out a reason why Serge caused the ruined timeline. This isn't the End All theory but it is my thought as to why Serge living may have caused it. So if anyone is curious it's over on Youtube-->

So please let me know what you think, any good, or it should be debunked. Also I hope I put this in the right spot.

Fan Art / Chrono Trigger 1000AD map Edits to 1020AD
« on: December 20, 2018, 03:31:59 am »
I started this idea of, 'can I get the El Nido map into the Chrono Trigger map? Obviously no, it just wouldn't fit. :? But then I thought, could I fit it into the world of Chrono Trigger more seamlessly?? So I tossed a couple buildings next to Choras and two years later, I FINALLY finished it! 8) With my own headcanon of what if Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers combined and lived in the Chrono Trigger universe. So, everything has a purpose in the map!!
I even made quick sprites of what Serge and Kid would look like in my what if scenario.

Here's some info on the places...

The Triangle
A mysterious formation of three rocks emerged one day, creating Eden's Triangle, a place where any fisherman or ship vanishes if entering. Thus becoming forbidden. In Another world it keeps the name Eden's triangle but in Home it becomes the Dead Triangle.

The Sun Keep Isle
An isle guarded by a large creature that no one dare disturb lest they lose their life. Though rumor a magnificent treasure is kept hidden.

Home World
Guardia town, no longer a kingdom
Castle is in ruins, with a lone tower still standing and flag at it's peak.
Lucca's home is destoryed, with a memorial to her and the orphans she watched over.
Left alone by outsiders with large forest keeping most away.
Few survivors live with a memorial to those who perished.
A small port mainly for fishing, not visiting other kingdoms.

Dorino Town rebuilt
Contains a mix of former Guardians, and Porreans, people who escaped but not fully from Dalton.
Fiona's forest has been used as building materials, for Dalton's castle, military use, and expanse of Porre.
Fiona's shrine is still respected as a neutral zone despite having lost much forest to Porre.

Porre has thrived under Dalton's rule and military might. Having conquered Guardia, Choras, and Arni.
Dalton's castle sits atop the mountain near Porre, the only way in being a secret passage into the forest, to the mountain, and teleport inside.
The kingdom celebrates with a festival of it's prosperity every year.
Choras and Arni are under Porre govern/rule.
Choras has expanded a little, becoming a small port town with Porre
The Hero's grave monument has been left in disarray, a lone caretaker tries to keep it looking nice.

Arni village is a small fishing village who sends their goods to Choras to trade with Porre.
Serge is alive with his mother
Leena lives with her father, who never speaks after the loss of his wife many years ago.
Fisherman occasional fish near Eden's Triangle but never get too close.


The village has thrived while guarding against Porre's army and monitoring outsiders. Allowing only a few to enter.
Melchior's hut has been destroyed during Dalton's search for him.
The Mystics have grown in number and species.
Trade is kept to a minimum though they are mostly self reliant.

Another World
Guardia, former kingdom
Almost completely destroyed, only a single few stay.
The forest has been used to build Dalton's castle, increase military might for Porre, and the prison.
Former Guardia castle houses most of Dalton's military which is allied with Porre.
Lucca's home was nearly destroyed but salvaged, and turned into Dalton's prison, which can only be accessed by teleport in his castle.

Dorino Town rebuilt
Having stayed out of the conflict between Guardia and Porre, it thrives and stays neutral for as long as it can.
It even gains a port to trade with Choras
Fiona's forest is considered a sacred place and no trees are to be cut down, as it is protected by a mysterious guardian.
A military town with most of it's civillians having moved to Dorino, while the rest become soldiers or scientists.
Much of the forest surrounding Porre has been used to increase their military power and supplies.
Though not a major port town anymore, it still does some trade with Choras, though usually upon Medina, as neutral ground.

Choras thrives and becomes it's own kingdom and a major port town, even trading with Porre.
Trade with Porre is meet on Neutral ground, near Medina.

Arni village is a small fishing village who sends their goods to Choras to trade with Porre.
Serge is dead.
Leena lives with her mother, who despite the loss of her husband years ago, is head strong and speaks out against Dalton and Porre.
Fisherman avoid Dead Triangle despite the good fishing to be found.

Attempted to help Guardia when it was under siege by Porre, but suffered many losses.
Many Mystics have been taken in as servants, slaves, or to be used in manual labor.
Most Mystics hate humans, though a few remember their old kindness.
An old mystic lives away in the forest, attempting to keep the remaining few safe.


Now if you actually read through all that, neat!!! :) This project of mine is only a map edit, and some redesigns. Eventually I'll get an actually drawing of Kid and Serge done in their alternate outfits.
Though I love the idea of somehow turning this into a playable game or story/comic, or something. But there is no way I can do that on my own. It's too big for just me.  :shock: Whelp. I hope you all get a kick out of my maps! :D

Submissions / CT and CC sprites
« on: September 16, 2008, 04:35:15 pm »
I noticed that no one has made sprites with JA's bases(found at and thought I'd make some. :D
The poses are based off the official artwork.

Please note that the second row is fairly old, and my first attempts at making them. Except for Kidd tied up.

Next is the Zeal royal family.

I do plan on making more but I'm not sure who should be next. Any suggestions?

Please give me some feedback. Ideas of how to improve would be great. :D

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