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Chrono Trigger: Prophet's Guile / Took me a long time...
« on: August 03, 2008, 10:15:07 pm »
I just got prophet's guile a week ago (hell, its about time!!! why did i ever delay for so long??) anyway, kudos to the developers.. I just want to ask: how do i play the the soundtrack? Sorry if this sounds rather silly, i'm not a techie person, rather a more old fashioned kind, so i don't know much about this stuff.. the EP folder is full of them, all in PK-something format. And i cant play it on windows media player!!

Chrono Compendium Discussion / An issue of citizenship
« on: June 10, 2008, 03:51:57 am »
i have read this before in some boards here in the compendium, and i am somewhat intrigued by it.
there are some people who call the people of Zeal as Zealians, also stated in the site's ranking system, while others dispute this and claim to 'properly' call them Zealots, but isnt it that those people call themselves Enlightened Ones? the compendium's encyclopedia defines enlightened ones as the citizens of Zeal, and thus it is the more appropriate term. Zealots are people who act with excessive Zeal, not residents of a Kingdom named Zeal.  Zealian, on the other hand, is only a coined word to describe the aforementioned people. Is there any particular reason why  the compendium's ranking system calls them that?  Shouldnt we set enlightened ones as the official name for them, and make it so on the ranking system?

Ok, this may seem like a little tidbit but i took notice on the cannons of Porre stationed at Home World's Termina.. Although seemingly insignificant, some (if not most) of these cannons were faced towards the sea, what would that imply..? a Porre soldier said that they were used to intimidate and put into submission the residents of the town, but why would they have made the logistical rigor of transporting heavy artillery from the mainland to El Nido just to scare the heck out of the people of Termina? And why would they be faced towards the sea? I think that they may be facing an external threat from somebody else..

Remember during the European colonial period, the colonial powers built forts on their island territories, with cannons facing towards the sea, to ward off any attack from a rival nation who wished to claim the land for themselves..

So i thought of all the possible threats of Porre: Guldove and Marbule seemed peacful enough, and the people there looks like that they cannot mount any hostile attempts on fortress Termina. Fargo is not a pirate in Home World, he commandeers a showboat, so no (or little) threats from piracy.. that left me searching for threats OUTSIDE of El Nido, and i thought of Guardia!! the Kingdom would seem a credible threat to Porre, they might possess naval forces powerful enough to threaten Porre's sea lanes, suggesting that it wasnt destroyed, it could have survived Porre's onslaught..

How about that?? or am i just missing something?? Or is it just irrelevant?? :?

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Signed up at last!
« on: March 25, 2008, 03:35:04 am »
Greetings to the people here at Chrono Compendium!!

i joined these forums about a month ago, but i've been visiting this website since last year.. Back then, it never occured to me to register... Well, now i've signed up at last, and i'm very elated to have done so.. I must say that this site is indeed the haven of all things Chrono, and I really enjoyed your encyclopedia entries and articles.

I am a Filipino boy just recently turned 17, and a huge fan of the Chrono series.. funny to think that just a few years ago i thought RPGs were crappy, and you would find games such as Command and Conquer or World in Conflict on my gaming list rather than Final Fantasy or the like.. Chrono Trigger changed all that, and became one of my favorites games.. because of Chrono, I've now learned to appreciate RPGs..

I am currently writing a fanfic, but i suck at it.. it would be a long time before its worthy enough to be posted here at the Compendium, or anywhere else for that matter *sigh*..

I'm looking forward to a good time here at the Compendium.. More Nu to you all!!

Mabuhay ang Chrono Compendium  hehe..

wait... I am now a Chrono fan!! yaaay!!  *goes on to celebrate his first promotion*

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