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For all those cute guys and girls out there  :wink:
I still live; go figure.  :o

It's not like anyone remembers me or anything but-

It has been such a long time; perhaps we could pick up where we left off? I doubt I could interest anyone in joining the Doujin Circle from before (link to the old thread should still be in my sig); I feel so bad about just vanishing like that and am still interested in writing for it of course; if no one else is then I'll do all the writing for it myself - I'll just need artists... (Is a lousy artist)  :D

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Leave again???
« on: July 27, 2009, 03:48:37 pm »
Sorry there is a convention this weekend and I'm trying to decide what to go as!

I'm thinking maybe Pyro Jack/Jack 'O Lantern from the Shin Megami Tensei games. Anyway regardless I'm gonna be busy busy busy. not much time.

Keep up your spirit fellow doujin makers and I will return...maybe even with a script (finally!) hahahahaha!

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Mikey has returned
« on: July 13, 2009, 11:24:01 pm »
I bet none of you even notcied I was missin' -_-'
hehehehe  :D anyway great to be back. I feel alittle sick for some reason.....

Maine was nice ^^ I do enjoy visting my father.

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Going to Maine on July 2nd
« on: June 24, 2009, 05:13:12 pm »
Yes thats right. I will be visiting My father and Step-Mother. Family is very important remember that. Most of my time till then is spent getting ready.
I may be able to use a computer when there, but I may not get to go to the compendium at this time so I am leaveing a few messages behind.

anonymouse that you for taking intrest, yet the doujin is still on and I am happy to have a member you takes an active intrest in a fellow members health.
As for you more fairweather members your spirit need some tuneing.
Continue working on your scripts and such and I will return soon.

Yes the Chrono Compendium Dōjinshi Circle is still alive so snap out of it and revive your spirit!!!
Anyway I will see you all later.  :)
Be good,take care, and have fun.

As for non circle friends, you will be missed, have fun and take care!

Welcome to the Chrono Compendium Dōjinshi Circle
I am Michael, project leader by default. A Dōjinshi is a comic/manga created by fans of a series. Are projects goal is to release a monthly Dōjinshi with 3 or 4 stories in it. These stories are written by our talented writers and then brought to life by our oh so amazing artists. We also allow ideas to be submitted by the members of the Compendium.

The comics currently consist of 3 kinds of stories
One Shots: Created for one time purpose and not intended to be continued.
On Going Story: A story that is released one chapter each issue until it's finished.
But the future refused to change: Pre-time travel what if stories. They are similar to One Shots except that have a particular focus and concept.

Current Members -

Project Leader:OverlordMikey  :?
Katie Skyye

Artists: Coming soon

If for any reason you must quit or won't be able to assist in making the comic then please let me know through PM.

Rules for Joining:
1) Be familiar with Chrono Trigger and/or Chrono Cross. Most of us know Chrono Trigger, but if you don't know Cross then let us know so that you don't end up working on a comic you can't do.
2) Artists should submit an example so we can be sure that their talents get matched up with the right stories. We are accepting of many diffrent art styles.
3) Remember remain dedicated, if your going to quit without helping to finish at least one issue then you should have never joined, obviously if you have a reason then that's different, but dropping out because it's to hard is unacceptable!
4) Scripts should be e-mailed to me. You will only be added to the writer list after you have. Need my e-mail address? Ask nicely through a PM (or check my profile since I'm pretty sure it's there -_-')

Other rules:
5)Ideas should be acceptable for the ages 16 or younger, no sexual situations.
6)Ideas can be comical, serious, and don't have to always fit into canon.

Our mottos:
Letís Do This!
Get Spirited! Get Chrono Dōjinshi!
Let's go together. To another time, another place. Neither time nor space can hold back to power of our will!
We are a non-profit Dōjinshi circle.

For those who are somehow unaware of what Demonization is.

We SquareEnix has upset us, but their reasons was not just to be pricks. They are no more evil then we are good. They are people! Yes thatís right they are not the denizens of hell! They eat, they sleep, they go to the bathroom, they have families and friends, they do not spend their waking moments beating orphans and kicking puppies. I disagree with their choices and I donít want to just sit down and accept it, but that is not a reason to turn them into monsters! SquareEnix is made up of people! It isnít a living entity that is out to get us! People have suggested Ideas (I suggested a writing campaign) and well some where receptive to those ideas others shot them down because

ďSquareEnix hates itís fans and it only loves greed. All itís games are crap! They are evil!Ē <- Exaggerated a little, but not by enough

That isnít true and you all know it. Please calm down and consider how this behavior makes us look. We are acting like fools. Itís ok to be angry, itís ok to be sad, itís not ok to be a bunch of jerk.
Letís handle this like good people. Then win or lose we can look back an know that we still tried our best without regrets ok.

Letís try to appeal to that side of SquareEnix to, remember they donít hate us. They donít know us and we don't know them. We don't know how they really feel so letís not pretend we do. In fact they are likely indifferent about us at this time. So letís try to reach for their hearts not their necks!

ZeaLitY is infamous?

ZeaLitY is on TVTrope in the Small Name Big Ego section.

Quote from: TVTropes
Zeality, the owner of the Chrono Compendium, is known for taking his love for Chrono Cross, the Contested Sequel of Chrono Trigger, to levels beyond Serious Business. He pops up on other Chrono forums to leave curse-filled tirades in any thread discussing Cross in a negative light as well as linking to his own site repeatedly while demanding that his (contradictory) fan theories be treated as canon. In the days before the recent DS port was released in the United States, he posted a thread encouraging his forumites to go to Game FA Qs and work to support his fan theories. He also threw a fit when a modder suggested that other modders were growing reluctant to work with the site because of his tendency to throw fits, responding that modders were too thin-skinned and that dead mods existed only because they didn't accept the support of his site (and not because most fan mods die on the vine). Easily the most epic example of his ego is this tirade against a site that gave a positive review of Cross and its TL;DR graphic at the end declaring "YOU ARE WRONG. SHUT UP".

The current graphic is actually censored from his NSFW◊ original.

Is this true ZeaLitY? Wow your well known. Oh well itís all in good fun right? ^.^ People rarely take what they read on TVTropes to seriously I just thought it was funny that they mentioned you. Although I gotta wonder who put this up in the first place?
The page is below but don't delete it because that wouldn't be very nice ^.^ people have the right to share their opinions even if others disagree (for the record I think your pretty cool ZeaLitY....maybe alittle to zealous at times....but still cool.)

"Um Hi everyone, I won't be on for awhile (some computer trouble combined with me being kinda busy recently) I'll show up to look at posts when I can, but I won't be posting.

I would like to personally apologize to Yourgingerestfan, I promised I'd join the roleplay over the weekend but didn't get to, sorry.

Well I hope to chat with you all soon......goodbye." Poilte bow, and I walk away into the shadows, never to be seen again.....maybe.....maybe not....see you all later!

When September 23 roles around the Nippion Ichi game Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (or Marl Kingdom: The Adventure of the Puppet Princess in Japan) will be re-realeased for DS. If you don't know, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is a cute and quirky (although short) RPG from Nippion Ichi from awhile back for the playstation. I actully played it several times. I love the story, the cute quirky characters, ect.
I've known about the rerelease for awhile, but the point is much of the humor in Nippion Ichi games like Disgaea are infact similar to Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. Infact there are quite a few refrences to Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure in the other games.

Oh and this is a quote from Wikipedia (I know not the greatest source but in this case pretty accurate)

Quote from: wikipedia
Rhapsody has retained a bit of cult following, but remains mostly unheard of in mainstream video gaming.[7] With an emphasis on girlishness and sung musical numbers, Rhapsody gained little popularity with the more serious gaming crowd in America.[1] However, in Japan, the series went on to have a few sequels and seems to have sold well. With the cellphone gaming as proof, the Marl series is treated just as any other RPG series in Japan, whereas more of an oddity in North America.

Other Nippon Ichi games such as the Disgaea series, which are sometimes considered to be part of the Marl Kingdom world, have gained a large amount of popularity in America, years after Rhapsody was released.[7] These games continue with the humorous approach to story telling and feature similar sugary character designs.[2]

Is anyone else existed, this may be the chance I ha......I mean we have been waiting for to get the sequels if the game does well as a DS port.

Anyway I just thought with all the happiness about Chrono Trigger DS (which I'm also very excited about) that I'd being up something else. I hope other people are just alittle excited. Maybe?

Hehehehehe My subject says it all... I, OverlordMikey shall be off to Maine soon (Actually I go every year with my Father and Brothers for the 4th of July.) So I won't be on for that time....mostlikely (I may be able to use a certain computer if I can) anywho If I don't see you then I....hate you all! DIE!....Hehehehehehehe...kidding....I love you a platonic sense!

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Not Certain
« on: June 06, 2008, 02:15:52 am »
(I'm not sure where this belongs sorry)

Um if I was to write a story for a game based in the Chrono Trigger world would anyone wanna help make it. See the program doesn't work on my computer and so I'm kinda suck with some interesting ideas. I haven't begun any real work on the story I was just curious if anyone would be interested. It sorta involves Lucca's Letter from Chrono Cross. The idea that someone might try to kill Crono and co. Well someone uses a time travel device they steal (possibly from the Chronopolis) to go back an kill Crono's Group before they can kill Lavos using said technology. Before and you play as a few choice NPCs who travel through time to stop the group from doing so (for example Spekio could be the Magus type character in ability.) I wanna use NPCs who is they had Time Traveled it wouldn't have been to big a deal. Anyway the details need to hammered out a little but would anyone be interested in become the game designer person. When the stories ready I mean of course (This would of course give them a chance to give story input as well, which is why I'm asking now.)

Remove your personal Lavos feelings first then read on.

I was thinking, perhaps our "friend" Lavos isn't all s/he seems. I mean so many children, Lavos may reproduce asexually, perhaps it is the last female of its species, it just a good mother. It needed to go somewhere to gather a lot of energy for the spawns. It dug it's way into our world. So it began. Lavos cared for it's children, but soon humans began messing with it and Lavos decide to destroy them. It used Queen Zeal to this end then finally was enraged and popped up from the ground and killed the pests who bothered it. Tired it returned but kept Zeal as a way of protecting it's self using the black omen. (Originally it didn't need this of course as it didn't have pesky time travelers bothering it and Zeal might not have gone down with the Palace. Of course it then destroys the world and let's it's baby's go to space to find there own way. "Fairwell mother wishes you well." Lavos dies....It's known the after a certain point A children leave the nest. The spawns you do fight are just trying to perserve there existence and/or just runts of sorts who didn't manage to get off the planet yet.

As the it merge with "-------" into the Time Devourer Lavos is full of hate....why? Because s/he was defeated and it's children's existence erased, possibly ending the species....I'd be pi**ed to!

Just saying that maybe Lavos' choices were a maternal/paternail instinct, the desire to keep the species going. and protect it's children*. Who knows what's in the universe! There could be creatures the eat Lavos' species for all we know....

*Before you say anything Lavos most likely didn't think of us as it's children rather or not it help make us what we are.

Just saying it's a diffrent way of looking at it. Sorta a what if...survival of a species fits in Crono Trigger and Cross.

You may now return back to your original personal issues with Lavos, thank you.

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