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I'm not entirely sure if this has ever been brought up or noticed, but it's not in the Cheats and Glitches of Chrono Cross section of the encyclopedia, so...

In my Solo Serge Run, Criosphinx exhibited odd behavior, something I swear I've never seen before.
From the thread:
"And he mysteriously glitched everytime I started the battle - he'd cast Earthquake, then mysteriously fail to cast ThundaStorm, Earthquake again, and ThundaStorm again, despite the names appearing in quick succession on screen. I don't know for sure if I would have survived them, but I know for sure I could at least handle 3 in succession, anyway, having 395 Max HP."
Maybe Criosphinx is the only enemy in the game that can cast multiple offensive elements in a row, thus they didn't heavily bugtest the possibility, not planning for this situation?

Also, there was another incident in this same run, with the DeadHead boss on the S.S. Invincible...
"But he did pull an odd bug[?] with Cursed/DarkBreath. I was at 1 Stamina, in the middle of an attack chain, when he interrupted me with DarkBreath - and at the end of the attack, I had 7 Stamina. Had I run out of Stamina, [forcibly ending my turn,] he'd have attacked me, but he didn't. Especially as I saw my Stamina somehow jump straight from 1 to 7, never going to 0 first. Very strange..."
I would guess that...nevermind, I'm stumped. Going from 1 to 7 I suppose makes a weird sort of sense, but not one following the rules of the game, and one following a logic I can't put into words. Cursed status has before put me below 1.0 Stamina in the middle of an attack chain, but after the fact, it always puts me back in control of the afflicted character. Attack and Element are greyed out, but I can still Defend. Switching to another character without taking an action with the less-than-1-Stamina character essentially ends the bug. But in this case, like I said, instead of putting me at less than 1.0 and still leaving me in control of Serge, it rolled back up to 7.0. Very strange, to me at least.

Any ideas? Any insight? Anyone...?

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