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I thought People might want to know that BHS's Game society will be holding a County-wideTeam Tournament (basically 2 on 2 matches) There is Double elimination. I'm posting this for two reasons, 1. I'm looking for a partner, and 2. for all that live in the area might want to test their skills. The entry fee is around $3.00-5.00, the money goes to the trip to Arena 51. The ways matchs are played are:
1. Final Destination is the defult stage if the teams can't decide on a stage.
2.Friendly fire is usually off (both teams have too agree on it)
3.It is a four stock match fight .
4.If you are playing with a controller sub-par you pause the game and wait for a honorary committie member to see he problem (they decide weather you switich controllers or restart the match)
5. pwn as hard as you can :D
So if any one in this area wants to join as a team (or as my partner) post here. 8)
p.s. I've been very busy with school, being senior year and all so I have not found time to get on at all (until now) so those that missed me or are new, Hello I'm back! 8)

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