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Time, Space, and Dimensions / The telepod incedent
« on: July 01, 2007, 01:44:56 pm »
Ok the compendium has an issue  with the changing of the future through the first travel to 600 ad... even including a possible theory that chrono made it into the telepod before marle was spit out on the other end.... but lucca didnt go until they were both there and marl disapeared....

A theory. the time spent within a gat while seemingly little to the persons inside the gate. could be the length of time between the two eras. because the spce inbetween the gates exists outside of time they would not age and thier own perception of time makes them see th etime passed as a matter of seconds. so lucca makes it to the gate within plenty of time.

the "Problem" with this theory is that It means by the time they are done The chrono crew are technically ((from an outsiders point of view)) Older than the planet itselt

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