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Polling / Chrono Elimination Game!
« on: July 31, 2007, 08:53:18 am »
This idea was taken from FFInsider and slightly modified. The rules are simple: A list is being presented with all playable characters in the Chrono series, each starting at 5 points. Each person can vote for 3 different characters that they like and 3 that they dislike, and those corresponding characters will gain or lose points accordingly. Simply copy/paste the list above you and adjust accordingly. You can participate once per page, but cannot vote for the same characters as before. When a character reaches 0 points, they are eliminated. Last character standing wins.

Ayla 5
Crono 6 (+)
Doc 5
Draggy 5
Fargo 5
Frog 5
Funguy 5
Glenn 5
Guile 5
Greco 5
Grobyc 5
Harle 5
Irenes 5
Janice 5
Karsh 5
Kid 6 (+)
Korcha 5
Leah 5
Leena 5
Lucca 5
Luccia 5
Lynx 5
Macha 5
Magus 5
Marcy 5
Marle 5
Mel 5
Miki 5
Mojo 5
NeoFio 5
Nikki 5
Norris 5
Orcha 5
Orlha 5
Pierre 5
Pip 5
Poshul 5
Radius 5
Razzly 5
Riddel 5
Robo 5
Serge 6 (+)
Skelly 5
Sneff 5
Sprigg 5
Starky 5
Steena 5
Turnip 5
Van 4 (-)
Viper 5
Zappa 4 (-)
Zoah  4 (-)

This is a personal desire of mine, and I had to disengage with my fiancee when she laughed at the idea. What a bitch.


Anyhow, I think Schala would make an awesome name for a first-born daughter, but maybe not so much Janus for a son. What do you guys think?

Kajar Laboratories / Schala theme music - orchestral reinterpretation
« on: June 22, 2007, 04:25:20 am »
This is one of my first attempts at a fully orchestral piece, and I couldn't think of a better song to experiment with. Mind, this is fairly old and I have no intentions of completing it, but I'd still like to share it with the Compendium and get some feedback.

In 1020 A.D., Another World, Kid called Serge across the dimensions from Home World, as Serge is able to travel between them since he is absent from either one or the other at any given time.

Why is it, though, that Poshul is able to make the dimensional cross at this point in time, considering that he/she/it exists in both worlds and he/she/it has no access to the amulet at this point in time?

The only explanation I can think of is that Kid was actually at Opassa Beach in Another World and used the amulet to summon Serge across, which also misfired and grabbed Poshul. If so, though, why wasn't Leena pulled across?

Just a wild thought, but one I've been considering nonetheless: Chicxulub is supposedly the impact crater at which the meteorite that extincted the dinosaurs landed.

Perhaps Lavos is here on Earth, and Chrono Trigger wasn't simply a fictional story, but a foreshadowing?

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