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I feel like this exists somewhere, but something's been bothering me and knowing this would be helpful.

Submissions / Glenn fanart
« on: August 18, 2013, 07:28:27 am »
A good friend of mine drew me an epic pic of Frog for my birthday a couple months ago. I just found his tumblr so I thought I'd share his Chrono art. He's gotten a lot better at drawing recently as well.

General Discussion / Anyone listen to Kpop?
« on: October 08, 2012, 09:57:13 am »
Just curious since Psy went big, I was wondering if anyone else but me listens to kpop. I love BigBang, would love to see if any other VIPs are here. :D

Ok everyone likes to complain about Final Fantasy. It's become fashionable in the video game world to hate on Final Fantasy. So in complete seriousness how would you fix the franchise?

If it were me, I'd start with canceling all these spinoffs. Not because the suck, but because they waste personel that could be used on speeding up the process of creating the franchise. FF12 took four years to be released and 13 took three. I'm not saying a game should only take one year to make, but two years should be a max.

Next, I'd fire Toriyama. Maybe Kitase too. Toriyama has pretty much proven himself unable to direct a game at this point. Yes Toriyama was credited as director of X but so were three others. He was not given full directorship of that game he did receive full directorship of X-2, XIII, XIII-2, XII:Revenant Wings, and Blood of Bahamut. Each of those games were decent, but they don't have the mass appeal of the old FF games. The reason I might fire Kitase is because he has TOO much power. At this point he is a symbol of FFVII and less of a creator. He probably is still a great writer, but he is such a supporter of Toriyama it makes me question is thought process. But the main reason I would fire him, is because of his inability to get along with Hiroyuki Ito. If you don't know who Ito is let me first direct you to his Wikipedia page: Basically he created the ATB system, Gilgamesh, the Job system in V and Tactics, Directed VI, The trial scene in Chrono Trigger, the materia system, Directed FFIX, the ATE system in IX, Mognet, Chocobo Hot&Cold, and Directed XII

Now here's the issue. Ito believes a game should be about how the player interacts with the story and Kitase believes a powerful story should take full precedent. I don't think they get along. If possible that they could work together the best Final Fantasy ever could be made. I.E. another FFVI

As far as battle system is concerned I'd start by taking XII's system and evolve it. I'd use the WiiU. I think the tablet is a great idea for JRPGs. You can use the analogue stick to walk around and use the the touch tablet to control your characters. This would ease the interface and if done well enough could get rid of the need for gambits. Use some standards in Western RPGs, such as auto attack after the initial choice to attack and auto attack things that attack you. If this still is too difficult gambits on all party members excluding the main character could be utilized. As far as Limits are concerned I'd like to include double tech and triple techs. They should be cut scenes similar to quickenings in XII. To get new single techs you would level up. And double techs would be gotten similar to Persona 4 where increasing your relationship with other characters can get you double techs. This would be similar with triple techs, but instead the three characters should have a group affection level as well. Add the idea where you can date any character you want. Hell why not make a character gay if you want. Have each of the characters hate the villain for reasons similar to Tifa's and Aerith's reasons for Sephiroth. (the only way of learning it though is by building the relationship with the character as to not have one character's story overshadow the other) As far as character design is concerned Nomura usually has that done pretty well, but if I had to suggest something (although really unimportant because he's great with this as it is) I guess I would take inspiration from some Kpop groups. I mean 2ne1 and Bigbang dress like a bunch of FF characters. In the first 6 seconds of Fantastic Baby we see G-Dragon looking like a FF villain: As for 2ne1 if you're interested:

The ATE system would be a great way of allowing the player to interact with the characters and build relationships. The ability system could use the crysterium system of XIII but instead of it being already done for you, you create the grid yourself. You start with 10 empty nodes and infuse materia (not really materia but I'm assuming it would be called something crystal like, basically items that hold a certain amount of nodes stats and abilities) into them to extend the grid. Of course by infusing some you sacrifice something, either they might be hard to come by or they take a bit of your stats. (like how equipping certain materia lower certain stats) Also Summons wouldn't replace the party, instead they would be a big attack that attacks all aggro enemies, there would be a short cutscene though so don't be too disappointed. I would make nine playable characters, each with their own unique weapon and starting stats, however the stats are completely customizable but for example a character that starts out as a mage is harder to turn into a tank but is possible to max out their stats in this way if you really want. As for leveling up, it does need to be there, the way stats would increase would be on a percentage scale, depending on which stats you increase on the ability grid. In other words if you spend most of your stat increases on HP in the ability grid then when you level up you get more HP than any other stat. Save points refill Hp and Mp. I'd include the battle chain from XII. Treasure Chests would not be random (WTF were they thinking putting that in FFXII!?) Weather like XII, but it could be done a bit better and traps could exist still.

Next I wanna stress Mini games should be involved in the main story at least once, like VII and X. And the FFIX or FFVIII card game. Also all sidequests should be available at all times, but most importantly they should yield the BEST equipment and abilities and should have just as compelling a story as the main story and be about major characters (not necessarily the playable characters, but major characters none the less.) not some random NPC whose entire creation was solely for the sidequest to exist. This is what made Chrono Trigger's sidequests so great and why I do the everytime I replay it... every year.

A world map would be awesome, but I could deal with a FFXII style of map. Another thing I would like is just conversation for the sake of conversation like in WRPGs where I can ask anything I like. That's only my take on the franchise though. I'm sure I missed something in this rant though. lol

Chrono Compendium Discussion / Anyone use tumblr?
« on: May 17, 2012, 08:32:14 pm »
I'm falling in love with it.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / ROMs?
« on: April 30, 2012, 04:02:22 am »
can we still link to roms? Particularly cross?

Just something interesting I realized today. Anyone think SE will be scumbags and renew it only to not make it again?

Fan Art / My Samurai Turnip
« on: January 09, 2012, 08:05:04 pm »
This is what I do during Biology. Turnip as a samurai. 

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Schala after Cross
« on: December 24, 2011, 01:23:00 am »
So, at the end of CC Schala is freed. We don't know if she has fused with Kid or not. We don't know if she can timetravel or not. We know Kid (regardless of fusion) ends up in 200X-201X AD at some point to look for Serge in Tokyo. However, could it be possible that maybe Schala had absorbed some power from the Time Devourer. Basically one possibility I thought of was that Kid and Schala fuse together and after being part of the Time Devourer, gained enough power from their time together to timetravel. These are just some thoughts flowing through my head. :)

Chrono Compendium Discussion / RE character rating discussion
« on: January 07, 2011, 04:47:57 am »
Before the C&D there use to be so much more activity on this site. And even with the new info and Gaspar no one seems to be posting anything interesting. I was thinking we should do the character ratings again. Just to bring some life the forum again.

General Discussion / Taxonomy of food (pastries if you will)
« on: September 30, 2010, 11:36:56 pm »
Me and my friend are arguing over whether a cake is the same as a cupcake or something different. In other words, if we were to create a taxonomy for food wouldn't cupcake be a subspecies if cake?

General Discussion / Natal, wiimotes, and all motion control
« on: January 16, 2010, 04:01:21 pm »
Anyone else think this is just a fad in video games? CNN had something on Natal the other day basically saying videogames will be good for the first time. I don't think good games could be made with it. It reminds me how videogames were before nintendo came out with their "seal of approval" all just being gimmicks to sell things and make fast money.

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