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Characters, Plot, and Themes / Guile Clones
« on: December 05, 2007, 12:19:13 am »
Read this on some random forum...thought it was a good read.

Anyway sorry in advance about the whole Guile subject again lol.

During the time Magus left to go search for Schala, was during the exact
incident where Janus is supposedly going to go through dimensions crossing
over. However, when this event transpires, it is at the exact same moment which
the Time Crash occurs. Janus instead who can not time hop, does get spliced
into the dimensional vortex creating a rupture which makes several unconscious
Time Doppelgangers, which are not aware of anything because those dimensions
themselves have been created. The same time Janus stepped through the portal,
all of a sudden the Radical Dreamers dimension was created off of an alternate
split reality. Janus then was lost in that space of the momeny, creating an
alternate time doppelganger in a reality never his own. Because Janus in this
instance never went through the dimensional gateway, and did not ever become
Magus later on, he stays the same.

Thereofore Janus of Zeal, who at that moment of the Time Crash, was lost into
another being. Alfador on the other hand did not travel anywhere near the
present time, he instead got lost in the chaos. The other being washed up on
the shore in 1000 AD with no memory whatsoever of his origin, a "spawn" of
another lifeform. This being quickly became a traveling magician, called Guile
by the people of Termina. He did whacky fortunes, and told funny stories while
he collected his weight as a magician to take on an even larger stake: That of
discovering the truth which was hidden from him like a black veil. He learned
the trains of a magician, however, knew no such special spells, only little
magic tricks. He met up with Serge and CO who were off to defeat Lynx, and
needed something to pass the time. He went with them, never deciding to take
off his mask because he liked his enigma qualities, and when he reached the
Frozen Flame, he stumbled back. Unaware that such a power could have existed in
him, perhaps, but never will. He exclaims in the game if you have him in the
front of the party "I am not that ...No....It's not possible....I am not
that!!!" and indeed he is correct, he is not that. Guile is a ripoff time
doppelganger of Janus, he has no correlation to Magus whatsoever. He only had
the appearance of that of Janus, not Magus, nor even knew what the Mystics
were. He was born, and bred, an idiot. After that event, he seeked to repay his
gambling debts, perhaps Sneff knew what his life was really like hmm??? Or
perhaps the mask he takes off in front of Kid which produces no reaction when
he loses his 'bet'. Guile always wished to be something he's not, something he
could never be.

-- Theory Credit of "Zelda Dude"

Also I've always wondered how Guile floats exactly like Magus when you run...

Lavos, the Planet, and other Entities / Lavos Dome Director Mystery!
« on: November 24, 2007, 03:09:52 am »
Ok well I'm replaying Chrono Trigger. I've gotten to the end of the game and wanted to see what would happen if I lost to Lavos in the final battle. What I saw was this cutscene know as the Day of Lavos. Anyway I was reading what they said and noticed that the Dome Director knew Lavos's name but he waited to say the name in front of the operators and then is presumably killed by the falling I don't know if anybody except for the Gurus, Zealianites, Prehistoric people, and the Chrono Trigger party knew who or what Lavos meant.

(The Day of Lavos Linkage)

What do you guys think about this?


Who is this mystery man who knows the name of Lavos?

My guess:Toma XXXXVI lol

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Hi All (Little Late)
« on: March 09, 2007, 11:35:02 pm »
Hey i've been on the forums for a while but never introduced myself so here it is...

Im 15 been playin CT and CC for years.( Favorite Charater is Cyrus,and Glenn.)

I Like Star Trek, Simpsons and family guy.

; ) look forward to postin some more posts...

Oh and i'm Quartermaster of the VENTURE! 

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Lucca's Deathy
« on: December 12, 2006, 05:33:26 pm »
Every one says Lucca's dead and after playing CC i thought so too cause Lynx would have killed her if she didnt disable the Prometheus Circut or she killed herself to prevent disabling it.

Anyway is it possible that the Entity opened up a gate for Lucca to use her Gate Key to escape ...  even though
Lynx/Serge Form Says to Kid she can get revenge for Lynx killing Lucca..

he is the Antagonist and usually Antagonist are Deceitful and everything else implied with evil.. so maybe Lucca is in a different time period. And she can't get back yet?

Iono its just a guess cause she probably is dead but im bored so its just a theory. ^^

Chrono Trigger Modification / Help with Temporal Flux ^^
« on: December 06, 2006, 01:11:13 am »
Hi Again i want to start using temporal flux to tweak chrono trigger and I've had some trouble with editing the dialog in the game what i do is goto a location EX. Chrono's Kitchen and then i click on events and change the existing dialog like changing , "Oh i almost forgot heres your allowance dear" to somthing like "And Don't forget to do the dishes" or something. Anyway one of my questions is how to add new dialog with characters....its a newbie question but yeah...

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Janus = Guile ?
« on: December 04, 2006, 10:32:48 pm »
Just to say I know guile was intended to be magus but square decided to cut that out right?
Anyway I found this at a Chrono Cross Fan Web Site and its kinda intresting....I dont take credit for it anyway. ^^

P.S. Almost finished CC for the first time YaY for meh!

**Janus = Guile**

"Janus" here means the Janus that Crono and friends meet in Zeal in 12,000 BC,
grown up to be an adult *without* having been drawn into the Dark Ages and raised
under the influence of Ozzie. In other words, if Guile is indeed Janus, it could
be said that Guile and Magus are two alternate forms of Janus as an adult.

The case for:
-It is possible, but unconfirmed as yet, that Janus is left alive and well in
12,000 BC after Crono sacrifices himself.
-Lucca implies that Janus may be standing next to Kid in her letter.
-The similarities which Guile shares with Magus may imply that he is
actually Janus as an adult (just like Magus)
-Guile is a powerful magic user, just like Janus.
-In the ending of CC, there is a picture of Schala sitting and a man
standing next to her. The man's head is not visible, but the clothes do
resemble Guile's
-Guile doesn't seem to recognize people and things Magus should (Ozzie,
Flea and Slash, the Epoch), and he wouldn't, would he?

The case against:
-Janus may not have escaped being transported to ~580 AD by Lavos
-Guile uses Black Magic, which seems odd for Janus.
-How Janus could make it from 12,000 BC to 1020 AD is unknown

The Tuff One has an idea:

"I would think that if Schala was able to clone herself and send a clone
through time, she could also easily transport Janus or Magus through time or
clone Janus and send Janus's clone to 1020 A.D"

General Discussion / Next Gen. Gaming
« on: December 03, 2006, 09:44:27 pm »
So yeah lets see what gets the most votes....

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Chrono Cross Help ^^
« on: December 02, 2006, 10:50:54 pm »
Hey im playing chrono cross for the first time and i had Serge, Guile, and Glenn in my party but after the story advanced im now Lynx i kept playing and all my party members were gone so ... yeah i started getting new ones my new party consist of Lynx, Norris, and Fargo but i want Glenn in my party again and or guile is there anyway i can get them back.... thx in advance ^^.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Why Are there Dino's in 1000AD?
« on: November 30, 2006, 05:20:28 am »
Hey again. i was wondering why there is a Dino in 1000 AD im reffering to the Green Ambler in Leene Square so yeah i though that the dino's went extinct a few years after the fall of lavos. And that is supported by two things there is no evidence of dino's in 12000 BC or 600AD(except the boss in that cave with the pearl) But yeah so what do you think can explain a dino in a race in 1000 AD. ^_^

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Space in chrono trigger
« on: November 24, 2006, 08:41:20 pm »

The eras beyond, 1999 A.D. and 2300 A.D. offer common futuristic visions: domed cities, teleporation technology, mastery of time, space, and quantum mechanics, and the progression of religion towards a more secularly humanistic phase -- faith in science, and man's powers to reason. Nanotechnology may also be a feature of the future. Additionally, Nostradamus predicted the world would end in 1999 A.D.; the Chrono series parallels this via the apocalypse.

It is said mastery of space, quantum mechanics, ect. and i started to wonder if life was so advanced as we see in pre-devasated 1999 AD , with domes ect.. its just a thought but isnt there a chance that humans evolved highly enuff to make space stations and even goto different worlds cause in 1000 AD in chrono's world it say's

 Beyond the Middle Ages, 1000 A.D. offers a combination of 18th century settings with later technology and even science that is still being developed (e.g. Lucca's teleportation device). For example, Guardia now has a trial system, and engineers are starting to become common (Lucca and the Dragon Tank).

18th century tech. and l8er techs.  its logical to assume from 1000 AD to 1999 over 999 years to make some sort of space worthy tech. so yeah im just wondering bout that .....

Chrono Trigger Modification / Best Chrono Trigger Sequel
« on: November 24, 2006, 05:39:55 am »
Hello all i am still new to the forums and wanted to ask, what is the most popular/decent chrono trigger remake and or sequel? i know of that 3-d chrono trigger remake then square made them close >_< but are there any other good ones that have survived Squares Wraith....Thx In advance ^_^.

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