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Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Ghetz's Shirt
« on: May 22, 2008, 03:24:40 am »
All right... I've been recently trying to actually finalize my 'perfect' new game save file, and I've never been as close to accomplishing it by actually doing everything that I've always wanted to (which includes having a permanently evolved Pip with his elemental grid actually complete!).

Anyway, there is one other thing that I've always wondered about and that is of the particular armor called Ghetz Shirt. I know that there was supposed to be an event that actually enabled you to get it but was ultimately not implemented into the game. I also am aware that there is actually a way to get it through Game Shark codes, if I'm not mistaken.

Now, I was just wondering... is there anyone who is knowladgeable enough on this particular aspect of the game, so as to give me any pointers regarding where exactly were you supposed to acquire it...? Is there any possible way to get it withouth using Game Shark codes?

P.S.: BTW, there is a FAQ at gamefaq's on items obtained that are stolen/dropped by enemies that specifies that the particular monster that 'supposedly' were meant to drop it are the Wraiths in Home World, but only as a rare drop. Only problem is, that Wraiths are almost never found in Home World. The only one that I can actually think of, is the one blocking your way to Viper Manor who is haunting the little boy's dad in the Shadow Forest. Other than the ones through the Bend of Time's portal (second one from the entrance on the top row), I can think of no other Wraiths.

Edit: Okay, I just checked the Compendium's Encyclopedia and it states that there are actual rumours about getting it through a rare drop in the Hydra Marshes (I'll assume that it was through a Wraith and in Home World), but that they are in fact just that, only rumors. I wonder if the rumors got started as a result of that Game FAQ I alluded or if there is any actual truth to them... help?

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Pip's Elemental Grid
« on: March 21, 2008, 03:39:47 am »
Okay, I have just been recently replaying through Chrono Cross and I decided to evolve Pip into an ArchDevil, as I evolved him into the ArchAngel form in my last playthrough.

Now I don't really think that choosing the Angel form had even anything to do about this problem. All I can recall (as it was a really long time ago) is that the last thing I did was to evolve Pip and then I remember getting really frustrated about something and that I never really finished that playthrough because of it.

My question is regarding his elemental grid glitch. I am seriously confused about it, since I just recently evolved him in my current playthrough and the glitch seems to be nonexistent so far.

I realize that every single Game FAQ in existence doesn't really address a way to solve the problem or anything specific about the glitch itself. All they really provide is a shortcut or a workaround to fix the 'effects' of the glitch, once it has affected your game save.

Has anyone else experienced this 'glitch-free' game save incident before? Or how the hell does the problem even works so as to not become an issue in the first place? What gives...?

Edit: Hmmm... It seems that I was mistaken in what the glitch actually does. It was my understanding the glitch prevented Pip from obtaining any post-25th Star element grids, even if when he has been evolved to one of the Arch forms. However, the Compendium's page on Pip describes it as him simply being unable to gain the last two element grid rows (Lv7 and Lv8). Apparantly, both notions are incorrect descriptions of it. It seems that what the glitch really does is prevent you from obtaining any post-evolved element grids, once you've saved your game and turn off the console (regardless of star level). 

Can anyone confim this? I think that this is exactly what I realized in my last playtrhough, which is why I must've made a mental note of not evolving Pip into an ArchAngel (last elelement slot gained is at 46 stars).

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