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Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / B-day
« on: November 19, 2006, 11:46:49 pm »
for those who care even the slightest bit, today is my birthday.
Sweet 16
I just thought I'd let you know. If anyone wants to make today a better b-day for me. Even if the topic isn't read until the day after or late. I'll know that people actually have the kindness to wish me a happy b-day.

I would much enjoy Zeality or Lord J to wish me happy b-day. It would make my day, er, night.

Edit: I didn't feel like using the Welcome Boards.

General Discussion / OMFG
« on: November 17, 2006, 01:01:48 am »
The recent weather changes lead me to believe that our time is soon to end on this Earth. I've been worried about the apocalypse for a while but there are signs fo abnormality in weather that are rather convincing. But it's not just weather. I can't explain it. Things are just changing dramatically. This topic is prone to smart ellick remarks so could you just leave the a$$holes behind just this once?

General Discussion / Programmers needed
« on: November 16, 2006, 11:54:43 pm »
I'm learning to write programs and I need ZeaLitY or Ramsus or even Radical_Dreamer to tell me how to make this work.
I've added BASIC commands but I was not informed on what program or even where to put these commands. Would anyone care to help out? I'm running on Windows XP. A 2006 model.

Below is a simple command to make the computer ask "Why dost thou shiite ones toe?". If an answer other than Potatoe is given, the word stupid should appear. I need to know how to run this. These are BASIC commands, I didn't feel like learning C or C++ although the program would run faster and take less space using C/C++. I'm just testing this out and I'm clueless on to what I should use. All I was instructed to do was type "RUN" and the computer should execute the program. But it doesn't work.
10  PRINT "Why dost thou shiite ones toe?"
20  INPUT A$
30  IF A$ = "Potatoe" THEN PRINT "Correct"
40  IF A$ < > "Potatoe" THEN PRINT "Stupid"
50  END

General Discussion / Contests aren't just for mods and admins.
« on: November 04, 2006, 01:31:12 am »
I got this Idea from another thread. Hopefully this will work out. If you are a good artist or think you are, I wan't you to choose two or more CT, CC, RD, or FF characters and combine them. Draw them, post your pic, opinions on the pics that are posted are allowed. You have to make your two or more characters one. You may also use non-playable characters. When all the pics are in that you post, I will start a poll and let the public choose who the winner is. Your prize: recognition as a talented artist.

General Discussion / Question.
« on: November 03, 2006, 10:54:48 am »
If Google bought YouTube, will they put all the YouTube videos into Google Video?

General Discussion / What if...
« on: October 27, 2006, 08:38:16 pm »
Let's play the "what if" game. I'll start it off. What if we all met up in a random location, what would it be like?

General Discussion / Thoughts.
« on: October 24, 2006, 11:55:07 pm »
I don't know if this is already an existing thread but do you ever wonder what's going through the mind of our favorite Chrono or Final Fantasy characters. To make it interesting let's put them in a certain place in any of the games and type what they are probably thinking right then and there.

EX. Chrono up against lavos. "He was much smaller on the screen."

General Discussion / Most boring Class Ever Taken
« on: October 24, 2006, 10:42:34 am »
I know this isn't even remotely Chrono related but I'm in school right now and I'm hating the Math. Science is starting to make sense....but MATH! I want to know if any of you have had a class that was tough for you or you regretted taking. Or even a class that you liked, or wanted to take. Sorry just bored out of my mind. I'll check back in tonight when I get to "his" house. Or I could use the school computer to get on. I have to use ninjaproxy though because of school restrictions.

Submissions / another stupid book
« on: October 15, 2006, 02:39:04 am »
I had some help from this site.

Chrono Trigger: The Book

Chapter One: The beggining

  "Crono...Crono...wake up Crono," Crono's mom, Gina, said as she opened the curtains of his room. Gina, a green headed woman who constanly wears the same dark green house dress  looks out the window to see the travelers from all over the continent headed towards the Mellinial Fair. (The Millennial Fair was a celebration in 1000 A.D. of the Kingdom of Guardia's founding one thousand years ago. Many merchants and operators provided spectacles for the event, which was officiated by Pierre and others in Guardia Castle. It took place in Leene Square, utilizing every inch of the fairgrounds for attractions. Of note were Norstein Bekkler's tent, which provided cat-related prizes, musical Poyozso and lifelike dolls, Gato's Exhibit, featuring the robot Gato who would challenge fairgoers to battle, the prehistoric dance party, which invited attendants to groove to a jurrasic rhythm, and the Telepod Exhibit, which demonstrated teleportation. A system of silver points was utilized in the fair; various amounts would buy tickets to Norstein Bekkler's attraction. At the Millennial Fair, Crono met Marle for the first time and participated in the Telepod experiment run by Lucca, which set the events of Chrono Trigger in motion. It was the most peaceful and prosperous time in the world's history yet, and culminated after several days of operation with the Moonlight Parade.) "Come on sleepy head, get up," Gina said as she heads towards the staircase. "Mom, I don't want to," Crono said as he stretches. Crono, a teenager with spiky red hair and a blue shirt with a sorta brownish colored pants, struggles to get out of bed. "You don't want to miss the festival do you," Gina said as she slowly walks down the steps. "The fair," Crono says in excitement. Gina calls from down stairs,"Yes." Crono gets out of his bed and follows his cat down stairs to find Gina standing right in front of him. "What was the name of that inventor friend of yours," she said. "Lucca," said Crono. "She has a new invention she would like for you to check out," said Gina as she heads towards the kitchen. "Mom, I need some money for the fair," said Crono as he follows her. "Oh dear, I forgot your allowance. Here's 200 dollars," she said handing the money to him. "Thanks mom," Crono said as he walks out the door. He walks down an old road towards the Guardia Forest. The Guardia Forest is a sylvan glade that separates the hill of Guardia Castle from the rest of Zenan; visitors to the castle must navigate a winding path through sprawling greenery to reach their destination. A natural defense to the castle, it has been maintained since Pre-600 A.D. in the kingdom's history. It is teeming with animals, birds, and insects, and a Sealed Chest from Zeal also sat in one of its bowers for some time. A Gate was also found when Crono, Lucca, and Marle escaped from the castle after Crono's trial. It is unknown whether the forest survived the Fall of Guardia; considering the castle itself was burning, chances are slim. As he gets to the forest he pulls out his wooden sword given to him by his father, who jumped off of Zenan Bridge and never came back. Crono and his mom don't know what happened to him. They think he got lost on his way to Porre but no one has seen him to tell them other wise.

Chapter Two

  Crono walks into the forest and is immediatly attacked by a group of Hetake. He gets in his battle stance and with the slash of his sword he kills one of the Hetake. The other two attack him but it wasn't enough to stop him. He uses cyclone to get rid of the other two. In the cut up pile of Hetake he finds 49 dollars and a tonic. He drinks the tonic and feels restored. As he travels deeper into the forest he finds a tablet laying on the ground. He stops to pick it up and takes it with the little bit of tonic he had left. He starts to feel kind of strange. Crono then notices that his strength has increased. As he walks further into the forest he runs into a Poly. The Poly quickly tries to escape and runs into a tree sending three insects to the ground. They attack. Crono quicly and easily defeats the three insects and finds 48 dollars. Tired, Crono heads out of the forest. He walks back up the old road to the Mayor's house. The Truce Mayor's Manor is dedicated to teaching beginners how all the battles work. All the NPCs there have valuable information for newbies, as well as a couple items. He enters the building and immediatly goes up stairs. Up stairs he talks to an old man. The old man gives him advice that he could use in battles. Eager to learn more, he tries to get more battle advice. The old man, pleased with Crono's eagerness to learn, gives Crono a gift of 300 dollars. Just then Crono sees a chest behind the old man. He opens it to find 100 dollars. He goes down stairs and heads back up the old road. This time to go to the fair. Crono walks to the entrance of the fair and is greeted by another old man.

Chapter Three

   He walks through out the fair finding many interesting booths. Crono sees a race going on so he watches to see who wins. The one named GI Jogger wins. They line back up to race again. A man in the booth behind him asks Crono if he would like to place a bet on who will win the next race. He places a bet on Green Ambler. They start racing. Crono watches as they race. Catalack is in the lead with Green Ambler catching up with it.Then, Green Ambler crosses the finish line with Catalack close behind. The man in the booth puts 20 silver points on Crono's card. The card was given to him by the man at the entrance of the fair. Crono walks further into the fair grounds to see Leene's bell. Not looking where he's going, he bumps into a girl. The girl gets up to see Crono on the ground. "Are you okay," asks the girl. "Yeah. Are you," Crono replies. "Yes but I can't seem to find my pendant," she says as she looks around. Crono searches with her. He finds the pendant and walks towards the girl. "My pendant! Can I have that back? It has a lot of sentimental value," she says anxious to get the pendant back. Crono ties it around her neck. "Hi, I'm Marle. What's your name," the girl says. "Crono," he says. "I'm kinda' new here. Could you show me around," she asks him. "Sure," he says.

Chapter Four

  Crono and Marle head towards the west side of the fair. There they see a large robot with a microphone in it's hand. "I am Gato, I have metal joints. Beat me and earn 15 silver points," the robot said. Chrono pulls his sword and Marle pulls a crossbow from the strap on her back. Crono slashes Gato and Marle fires and arrow at it. The giant machine then opens it's chest and sends a fist towards Crono's face. He is hit seven times by the powerful attack and is sent flying to the bushes behind him. Marle then rapidly fires three arrows at Gato. He then hits her with one punch. It knocks her to her feet but she quickly gets back up. Out of nowhere Crono backfires with his cyclone attack instantly defeating the robot. Gato then congratulates them in a song and gives Crono and Marle 15 silver points. The two are now exhausted. They head towards a table with a meal sitting on the edge. Crono devours it and feels completely restored. Marle chuckles and says,"You're such a pig, Crono.". The two then head towards the south side of the fair and talk to a merchant named Melchior. "Would you like to buy a sword," the merchant asks. Melchior shows him two swords, one costing 600 dollars, the other costing 3500. He buys the first for 600 dollars. "By the way," Melchior says, "could you talk that young girl into selling her pendant?" "No," Crono replies. "Lucca's sideshow is all set up by now so you should go check it out," Melchior says putting the other sword back in it's case.

Chapter Five

  The two head for the north side of the fair to see Lucca's new invention. On their way Marle asks Crono to stop so she can get some candy. She gets her candy and they enter Lucca's sideshow. Lucca and her father, Taban, are explaining to the crowd how the device they created works. She explains that it is a telepod tha transfers you from one side to another. After the explanation she sees Crono. "Crono! I didn't see you there. Try out my invention," Lucca says. He steps on the left side of the machine and is instantly tranferred to the other side. The crowd is amazed and surprised her invention works. Crono steps off the telepod and talks to Marle. "I wanna' try," she says as she hands her candy to Crono. She steps on the left side and Taban and Lucca start the machine. Suddenly the pendant around Marle's neck starts to glow. Then, the telepod opens a portal to another time. She is then transported to another time leaving her pendant behind. Shocked, the crowd runs in fear. Lucca and her father are both puzzled. Crono suddenly walks onto the left side of the telepod. He puts on the pendant and demands that Lucca and Taban turn on the telepod. They both are shocked but had no choice than to do it.

 Chapter Six

   Crono feels his body being ripped to shreds and then put back together like it didn't happen. All of a sudden he sees a blue color all around. He has no clue what is happening. All he knows is that his body is being warped into other dimensions. Suddenly, he ends up on a mountain.

Hey peoples and non existent characters. I'm Corey Taylor. Been to the site many times and I just thought I would join the forums. Do we have any Slipknot, Mudvayne, or Avenged Sevenfold fans here? Love Slipknot. Well, that's all you need to know for now.

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