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Chrono Compendium Discussion / No option to change my display name
« on: April 09, 2022, 10:31:11 pm »
I just wanted to add a new display name since this one I made when I was like 14 isn't the best lol

But I can't find the option for that in account settings. Just wondering how to change it

Kajar Laboratories / Chrono Distortion
« on: October 07, 2007, 07:19:05 am »
Chrono Distortion

Story: Ryan WMD, Zankrink, Talah Rama and FaFniR/Pyt Fumv
Maps: Ryan WMD, rushingwind and Talah Rama
Artwork: Aerithine

Chrono Distortion's Forum

The story is still being written, and I'm going to keep most of the story a secret. But I will tell some things that will be covered in the game.
The Story will be about the fate of the Original Chrono Trigger team, the Entity and it's reason for manipulating time, the home and history of the Lavoid species, the Fall of Guardia and why Porre rebelled.

That's all the information I'll give for now. Any story information I'll post will be vague because I want it to be secret.

For music I'll probably use the old music from Chrono Trigger and Cross.

The way the game is played is that it will have a scenario system, at the start you choose whose story you want to play first, for example,

- Crono and Marle's Story - The War against Porre

- Magus' Story - The search for Schala

In this system, I want to include the ability to switch between Scenario's, for example, if there's a boss you can't beat in Glenn's Story, then you could switch to Schala's.
Once all the scenarios are complete you can then complete the rest of the game's story.

Time Periods

- 64,999,995 BC - (no story yet)

- 11,995 BC - The survivors of the Fall of Zeal are begging to explore the world again, and set up new villages.

- 605 AD - While the war against Magus is over, some Mystics seek revenge for losing the war.

- 1005 AD - The long era of peace has ended, Porre has declared war on Guardia.

- 1505 AD - (no story yet)

- 2005 AD - (no story yet)

- 2305 AD - The threat of war arises again, Porre and Guardia have been in a long cold war, but the Leader of Porre has been assassinated. Unknown to the two Nations a greater threat is coming.

Playable Characters
Belthasar (for a small part of the game)
*More characters may be added*

If anyone would be interested in helping, please PM me.

Also, if anyone knows how to make a battle system in RPG Maker system that's like Chrono Triggers, please tell me.

I'll add more information soon :D

This is Lucca's Kitchen

This is just a Random map I made while experimenting with combining tilesets.

Another random map.

This is Truce Inn

This is Porre, I haven't quite finished it yet.

And this is Guardia

Chrono Trigger Modification / Chrono Trigger Tilesets
« on: May 06, 2007, 03:15:44 am »
Does anyone know where to get Chrono Trigger tilesets that I can use in RPG Maker XP. I've been looking for ages, i've also tried copying them from temporal flux, but it doesn't work well.  :?

Kajar Laboratories / Magus' Journey
« on: November 15, 2006, 07:28:48 am »
This is a Chrono Game i'm making with RPG Maker. It is about Magus and his journey to find Schalla. These are the current plot details:
There will be 7 Alternate Dimensions like in Chrono Cross
Each of these dimesions will have 8 different time periods:
65,000,005 BC
12,005 BC
605 AD
1005 AD
1505 AD
2005 AD
2305 AD
All of these worlds will be fully explorable.
It takes place 5 years after the events of Chrono Trigger.
Basically it will be telling the story of Magus, it will focus around other playable characters aswell. For example Schalla will definetly be a playable character and she will be the storngest magician in the game.
You will be able to use both elements and Magic (after aquiring Magic)
All of the dimensions will have a version of El Nido.
Basically the game is still early in development. Howvever I have managed to get 50 maps done so far.
I currently need a spriter to create sprites (because I suck at spriting) if anyone is interested please tell me.

I will try to make a Chrono Trigger Style battle system.
Abilities will include, Physical Skills, Magic and Elements. Each character will have an Innate Element and Magic. Elements can be learned with consumable elements, magic will be learned later on in the game, however Demi-Human and Mystic Party members will be able to use certain magic skills.
Each character will be able to learn and use certain dual and triple techs.

Janus *Magus* Zeal
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Mage Warior
Outstanding Skills: Good attack and Magic Skills, very good HP Stat.
Home Time Period: 12,000 BC Kindom of Zeal
Descriprtion: The main Protogonist. He is searching for his sister who has been lost for a long time...

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Shapeshifter
Outstanding Skills: Shapeshifting into different elemental incarnations (after obtaining the elemental crystals), Great Magic Skills.
Home Time Period: 12,000 BC Kindom of Zeal.
Description: As a baby she was thrown into a gate when Lavos destroyed Zeal. She was adopted and raised by a family, her foster parents were killed on the attack on Fiona's Shrine at the age of 14. Since then she has been determined to get revenge.

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Demi Human
Outstanding Skills: Great Fighter, she can wield any weapon with a blade. Her attack stats are the outstanding, her Hitpoints Skills are very good. She has a very good defence, but poor magic skills.
Description: Not yet written.

At the moment the story may change. I will do some research on the Compendium to see if I have made any mistakes.

I have an Invisionboard where news about the game is posted, please join. We are looking for more members. :D

I have taken the first three screenshots.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Chrono Tweaker Problems
« on: October 11, 2006, 08:30:46 am »
Once again I need help with ROM Hacking :lee:
For some reason I have downloaded Chrono Tweaker and installed Visual Basic 6.
When I try to load up the ROM in it, the ROM doesn't load. Why is this? :?
If anyone knows why please tell me.

Kajar Laboratories / Chrono Trigger: The Next Struggle
« on: September 24, 2006, 04:10:03 am »
Chrono Trigger: The Last Struggle

I've locked this topic because I now have my own board for it.

I was bored so I made this picture from Sprites and Official Artwork :D

The name has been changed toChrono Trigger: The Last Struggle this name was suggested by Pyt Fumv.
Underground Truce is nearing completion HOORAY! I just need to work out some issues with the overworld exits and create exits in the Underground truce.
To create Underground Truce I Recycled the Old Truce Map and put extensions to it so that it mostly looks different.
A few screenshots were released on the newest post. More should come somtime tomorow...
Now for some storyline related stuff...
The game will have a number of new and possibly old antagonists. Lets just say that it will be anouther adventure through time to defeat a majot antagonist.
I don't have any more details exept that Dalton may make a return!

I will change the character Icons in the Equipment menu. I might also change Crono and Marle's sprites slightly (like clothing) but that is a maybe.

There will be more details as the plot of the Game unfolds. Stick around... things are going to get really interesting here

Last Update: 12:57 AM, Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

(also parts of the post may be a little out of place because I have edited it heaps. But below should be most of the original storyline post.)

The game starts of with Marle waking Chrono up telling him to wake up and get to work. She tells him that Porre is on the move and that this could be bad news for the resistance.


Truce: 4 houses still stand. Chrono's House with his next door neighbours house had been turned into the resistance. Lucca's House and the Dock. It is a hiding place for the Radical Dreamers.

Chrono's House: One of the only surviving houses in Truce. Basicaly the same since Chrono Trigger.

Resistance HQ: Next door to Chrono's House. Built from one of the surviving houses from Truce. Living quarters are underground. At the moment it is using the Inns map however I will change this map so that it will be harder to recognise as the Inn.

Lucca's Orphanage: Lucca turned her house into an Orphanage to house the children that lost their parents to Porre.

Dock: Where the Ferry was. Now the loading place for supplies from Choras and the Radical Dreamers. The supplies that the Radical Dreamers steal from Porre is sent here.

Porre: Since it's victory over Truce in 1006 AD. It has become a rich country. The Mayor had been overthrown in 1005 AD and executed. A dictator now runs Porre (name yet to be decided). He turned the town against it's Mayor and Guardia and now after destroying Guardia he has set his sights on Choras and Medina. His plans would have been set in motion but the Rebels and the Radical Dreamers have been hindering his progress.

Porre Manor: Once the Mayors manor. Now the centre of Millitary activity.

Choras: A small island country. They supply the Rebels with weapons, food, armor, etc.
Now creating a millitary of it's own to defend itself from Porre.

Medina: Creating a new Mystic army. They plan to attack Porre before Porre attacks them. Porre and Medina have had a long rivalry ever since the war in 600 AD. The people of Porre never forgot about what the Mystics did to them.
Medina is angry about Porre stealing the phrase Black Wind to use in there millitary.

Other Time Periods:

610 AD: The Great Dorino Earthquake basically destroyed the entire town of San Dorino overnight. Pushing up a mountain straight into the middle of the town, killing thousands.
The Dorino recovery effort has been established by Porre to assist the injured. The earthquake damaged the Zenan Bridge again and caused halt in the effort from Truce. Truce plans to help after repairs to the bridge are finished.

A Mystic Town is being established on the Continent of Medina. The two islands fused together after an underwater earthquake shifted the Islands.

12,010 BC: The water levels have mostly returned to Normal. Creatures called Mystics have immigreated to the Last Village which is now called Medina. People have begun to settle on the Continents of South Zenan, North Zenan and Choras. By building boats from the wood in the forest near the north cape.
The sudden movement of people to other continents was because they needed more resources.

Story Change!!!
65,000,000 BC: The Ice Age has settled in, Plant Life is rapidly decaying and animals are dying out.
The Tribe of Ioka has found life to be difficult since and they struggle to stay alive.
The tribe has relocated to nearby caves, abandoning the original village. The reptites are rapidly dieing out, there last refuge is the old reptite lair.

I will not be making El Nido included in my game because it will be to much work to create all of those new areas.

Well what do you all think?
There isn't much information because I only restarted this project 2 hours ago.
I will post some screenshots soon and the story may change.
I will reasearch articles on the Chrono Compendium to try and keep it as close to the Chrono Series as possible.

Main transportation through the Timelines will be the Epoch.
In the story Lucca descided not to disasemble it because she figured it may be needed again.
This will take place in the ideal timeline.
I am using Temporal Flux. I will try to add new sprites and I will remix some of the music in Temporal Flux.
I am learning about Temporal Flux as I go along which means that this project will take time to finish. At the Moment it is just me working on it but I might get some other people to help.

I will include the original CT team and maybe some new additions:

 Marle: After her father was killed in the siege of Guardia castle she has had a slightly different personality. She is still adventurous but she doesn't seem as happy as she used to be. She is determined to revive the Kingdom of Guardia and exact revenge on the Porre leader.

 Lucca: Her house survived the destruction of Truce. She has turned it into an orphanage for children killed in the war.

 Crono: He and Marle are running the resistance faction. Together they have built an underground base to house the rebels.

(more character details coming soon)

I have done a few changes...

I think it would be cool. Because she has awesome attacks! The only problem is that she is INSANE.
But it would be cool having her to fight Lavos.

History, Locations, and Artifacts / Why isn't San Dorino in 1000 AD?
« on: September 02, 2006, 12:39:57 pm »
What's up with that.
At first I assumed it was destroyed by Magus' army. But when you change history San Dorino still doesn't exist in 1000 AD.
I want answers!

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Hello!!!!
« on: September 02, 2006, 10:09:27 am »
Hi, My name is Ryan.
I have been playing Chrono Trigger for about a year now. I have finished it 5 Times and I am now going to learn Temporal Flux and edit it.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / What do you think of Zeal?
« on: September 02, 2006, 09:56:41 am »
I liked Zeal. The only problem was that 40% of the people there were frigging tossers.  8)
I only wish that there was more in Zeal so that I could spend longer exploring it.

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