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Fan Fiction / Zeal Ascendancy: A Chrono Trigger AU
« on: November 13, 2022, 03:02:54 am » (Due to Tumblr's issues with HTML and long lists of URLs, the archive is on Wordpress. All links redirect to the Tumblr blog).

Zeal Ascendancy
A Chrono Trigger AU: What if Janus never became Magus?

The Story
Love Chrono Trigger? Ever wondered what the plot would be if Janus was an autistic teenager and was never raised by Ozzie to become Magus? Or how Glenn (Frog) would react honestly to being dragged into time shenanigans by Crono and the crew? Maybe you wondered what it would be like if Dalton was actually a bad guy you could take seriously?


In 12,005BG (Before Guardia) the Kingdom of Zeal lost of their king in a tragic accident. Queen Zeal assumes leadership and while stern, remains fair and caring to her family and her people.

While in the planning phase, Balthasar’s project known as the “Ocean Palace” isn’t built after the three Gurus convince Queen Zeal that more research is needed before they dare draw upon the source of magic directly.

Within this timeline the course of events for some has been drastically altered, as one would expect when the ripples of time flow in a different direction. Lives may have been greatly altered by this slightest change in time’s course, but Lavos still slumbers until its fateful day.

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