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Submissions / CT Map improvement
« on: August 07, 2009, 01:58:52 am »
I got bored and wondered what a CT map would look like with some lighting effects and shading, so I loaded up a small portion of Singing Mountain and started messing around in photoshop.

I'm no Photoshop pro or anything, but I really liked the how it turned out.
I can only imagine what a whole game would look like with all the maps post-processed like this (not on the SNES of course).

Chrono Trigger Modification / Temporal Flux manual updated
« on: January 22, 2007, 03:36:16 am »
I have updated the reference manual for Temporal Flux, current as of TF version 2.55.
I don't believe I've forgotten anything too important... >_>

Chrono Trigger Modification / Menu HDMA colors
« on: January 06, 2007, 04:02:04 pm »
I'm such a cheater. >_>

I couldn't find the HDMA color menu in the ROM for the dialog boxes for the locations, I assume it's generated somehow, and not read from a hardcoded table. The menu HDMA colors are in the ROM easily editable, and I was hoping that the dialog boxes would be similar. Sooooo... I found the routines, and cheated the game into reading my own table I created in some freespace.  :lee:

First up, the Menu HDMA colors:

Menu HDMA color loading
$C2/86DD   08    PHP   
$C2/86DE   8B    PHB   
$C2/86DF   C2 30   REP #$30   
$C2/86E1   A2 71 87   LDX #$8771     //8771 = C28771(ROM Address for HDMA Color table for menu)    
$C2/86E4   A0 E9 9D   LDY #$9DE9     //9DE9 = 7E9DE9(RAM Address for HDMA Color Table for menu)   
$C2/86E7   A9 1F 00   LDA #$001F     //1F = 30 bytes to copy
$C2/86EA   54 7E C2   MVN 7E C2

The 30 byte table is located at C28771 in the ROM.

02 E8 02 E7 02 E6 02 E5 02 E4 02 E3 02 E2 02 E1
02 E0 82 E1 82 E2 82 E3 82 E4 82 E5 82 E6 82 E7

The first row is the top half of the colors, the second row is the bottom half of the colors. Change the color and direction of the colors. The bytes seem to go as DirectionByte then ColorByte. So if you just want to change the colors only, leave the 02's and 82's alone.

The menu was easy.
The dialog boxes, I had to make my own table for.
The game generates a table at 7F1538 and copies it to 7F1600. The dialog boxes need both
tables, and both are exactly the same.
I copied the table in RAM and moved it to some freespace in the ROM.

$FD/D5C5   A2 38 15   LDX #$1538   //First table
$FD/D5C8   A0 00 16   LDY #$1600   //Second table
$FD/D5CB   A9 FF 00   LDA #$00FF   
$FD/D5CE   54 7F 7F   MVN 7F 7F   
$FD/D5D1   E2 20            SEP #$20   
$FD/D5D3   60               RTS   

At FDD5C5, I changed to

20 79 67 60

This jumps to my modified routine in some freespace.

The address for my routine is FD6779.
At FD6779, my new code is

A2 99 66 A0 38 15 A9 FF 00 54 7F FD A2 99 66 A0
00 16 A9 FF 00 54 7F FD E2 20 60

This loads my custom table from some freespace in the ROM.
The new table is right above the new code.

The table address is FD6699. This table you can modify to change the colors of the gradient, the direction of the gradient, etc..

Here is my custom table, pasted at FD6699:

01 A8 01 A8 01 A8 01 A8 01 A8 01 A7 01 A7 01 A7
01 A7 01 A7 01 A6 01 A6 01 A6 01 A6 01 A6 01 A5
01 A5 01 A5 01 A5 01 A5 01 A4 01 A4 01 A4 01 A4
01 A4 01 A3 01 A3 01 A3 01 A3 01 A3 01 A2 01 A2
01 A2 01 A2 01 A2 01 A1 01 A1 01 A1 01 A1 01 A1
81 A0 81 A0 81 A0 81 A0 81 A0 81 A1 81 A1 81 A1
81 A1 81 A1 81 A2 81 A2 81 A2 81 A2 81 A2 81 A3
81 A3 81 A3 81 A3 81 A3 81 A4 81 A4 81 A4 81 A4
81 A4 81 A5 81 A5 81 A5 81 A5 81 A5 81 A6 81 A6
81 A6 81 A6 81 A6 81 A7 81 A7 81 A7 81 A7 81 A7
81 A8 81 A8 81 A8 81 A8 81 A8 81 A9 81 A9 81 A9
81 A9 81 A9

I can't really recomend using this for your hacks just yet, as TF will probably overwrite it. The Menu HDMA table you can overwrite and change without worry though. This is just something I was scratching my head over for awhile, even if I had to cheat to get my own colors on there.  :)

Chrono Cross Modification / 3D Crono Cross model extraction?
« on: December 10, 2006, 11:31:35 am »
I found this topic over at Emutalk, and thought it would be neat if we could apply it to Crono Cross, to extract and have a closer look at it's 3D models of characters and enemies and who knows what else.

There are other programs like this as well, for OpenGL.

It would make a nice addition to the downloads section if we were able to extract and save the models and texture mappings for people to import into 3D programs for modeling. It would take a bit of time to do this though, if it works, then it could be made a bit easier to get the models through codes that load up characters or monsters instead of playing through the game to capture them all.

Kajar Laboratories / Finishing the attack list...
« on: June 19, 2006, 03:57:56 am »
I was going to start a thread for everyone to chip in on enemy AI attacks, but it looks like Proto K has already compiled a gargantuan list I didn't know we had (I'm blind).

Thanks to Vehek's post below this one, a ton of work is saved.



I had to do it in 7zip format to keep the file size down (it's about 7 megabytes uncompressed).

I ripped the instruments and samples used in each of the CT SPC songs, so each folder is named by it's song, and in each folder are the wav files of the instruments and samples used by the game for those songs. I don't think I missed any songs. If some of the sounds sound a bit off, try playing it back at different frequencies, since that's how the SNES does it, to get different notes and pitches.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Userbars
« on: January 03, 2006, 05:03:59 am »
Userbars kind of grew on me, so I learned how to make them pretty easily.

I thought I'd make a few Chrono based Userbars for the Compendium. Feel free to request one to put in your sig, I'll try to make some more when I have time. Even if nobody wants any, I'll post the ones I make, just to share.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Attack/Tech scripts
« on: December 23, 2005, 05:34:52 pm »
I think I found the scripting that tells the game how each attack is carried out.

Pointers are at CD5EC6 (2 bytes each)
Data is at CE0380

The first attack and script is Crono's regular sword swipe, and I'm pretty sure these cover enemy attacks as well.

In the patch above, I swapped the pointer for Crono's regular attack to another attack.

Custom techs... I will have you yet!

I think each script begins with 90 XX 90 XX (or something similar).

CE0000 - Pointers to Enemy Death Scripts (2 bytes each)
CED428 - Enemy death scripts (Hetake uses this script)

D10000 - Pointers to attack graphic effects (2 bytes each((the slash of crono's sword for example...))

CD686E - pointers to attack graphic effects palettes (2 bytes each)

General Discussion / Mother 3
« on: November 12, 2005, 07:16:18 am »
I'm glad Mother 3 is finally on it's way. I loved Earthbound to death for SNES, and I honestly can't wait for it to arrive on GBA next spring. are having a heyday, they have been holding out for so very long with their petitions, letters and constant devotion to their favorite game getting a sequal, that was at one time canned.

Does such a site sound familiar?  :D

Anyone else looking forward to this new Earthbound game?
I am, especially since it's being released for Gameboy Advance, 2D graphics make me very happy.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Memory MAP
« on: November 08, 2005, 04:11:26 am »
It might be helpful to compile every memory address known into one place. Here is the current listing compiled by Geiger.

Byte Offset   Bytes   Bits   Description   Modified
7E00F2   1   FF   "Also seems to be a JoyPress, used by Event Command 38, 39 during Arris Dome"   7/21/2004
7E00F8   1   FF   "Used for activating save points with joypress, Event Command 31"   7/21/2004
7E0100   2   FF   Current Location   10/22/2004
7E0150   1   FF   JoyPress1   7/21/2004
7E0151   1   FF   JoyPress2   7/21/2004
7E0155   1   FF   Z-plane   7/21/2004
7E0290   2   FF   Epoch X Coord in pixels   8/16/2004
7E0292   2   FF   Epoch Y Coord in pixels   8/16/2004
7E0294   1   FF   Epoch Status . A0 - upgraded   8/16/2004
7E0295   2   FF   Dactyl X Coord in pixels   8/16/2004
7E0297   2   FF   Dactyl Y Coord in pixels   8/16/2004
7E0299   1   FF   Dactyl Status   8/16/2004
7E029A   2   FF   Epoch Map   8/16/2004
7E1B9B   10   FF   Overworld music   8/23/2004
7E1BA6   1   FF   Overworld storyline counter (only during event processing)   8/23/2004
7E2603   2   FF   Crono current HP   11/17/2004
7E2605   2   FF   Crono max HP   11/17/2004
7E2607   2   FF   Crono current MP   11/17/2004
7E2609   2   FF   Crono max MP   11/17/2004
7E260B   1   FF   Crono power   11/17/2004
7E260C   1   FF   Crono stamina   11/17/2004
7E260D   1   FF   Crono speed   11/17/2004
7E260E   1   FF   Crono magic   11/17/2004
7E260F   1   FF   Crono hit   11/17/2004
7E2610   1   FF   Crono evade   11/17/2004
7E2611   1   FF   Crono magic defense   11/17/2004
7E2612   1   FF   Crono Level   8/23/2004
7E2613   3   FF   Crono XP   11/17/2004
7E2662   1   FF   Marle Level   8/23/2004
7E26B2   1   FF   Lucca Level   8/23/2004
7E2702   1   FF   Robo Level   8/23/2004
7E2752   1   FF   Frog Level   8/23/2004
7E27A2   1   FF   Ayla Level   8/23/2004
7E27F2   1   FF   Magus Level   8/23/2004
7E2980   1   FF   PC1   7/21/2004
7E2981   1   FF   PC2   7/21/2004
7E2982   1   FF   PC3   7/21/2004
7E2983   1   FF   Reserve PC1   8/23/2004
7E2984   1   FF   Reserve PC2   8/23/2004
7E2985   1   FF   Reserve PC3   8/23/2004
7E2986   1   FF   Reserve PC4   8/23/2004
7E2987   1   FF   Reserve PC5   8/23/2004
7E2988   1   FF   Reserve PC6   8/23/2004
7E2990   1   FF   Battle guage speed setting   11/17/2004
7E2991   1   FF   Menu Background Style   11/17/2004
7E2992   1   FF   Battle guage type   11/17/2004
7E2993   1   FF   Confirm button   11/17/2004
7E2994   1   FF   Cancel button   11/17/2004
7E2995   1   FF   Menu button   11/17/2004
7E2996   1   FF   Dash button   11/17/2004
7E2997   1   FF   Map button   11/17/2004
7E2998   1   FF   Warp button   11/17/2004
7E2C53   1   FF   Gold   7/21/2004
7E3000   40   FF   Location Layer 1 Tile   7/21/2004
7E3040   40   FF   Location Layer 2 Tile   7/21/2004
7E3080   40   FF   Location Layer 3 Tile   7/21/2004
7E30C0   40   FF   Location Tile Properties 1   7/21/2004
7E3100   3F00   FF   Repeat of previous pattern for each row   7/21/2004
7E4000   1800   FF   Overworld L2 Tiles   8/20/2004
7E5800   1800   FF   Overworld L1 Tiles   8/20/2004
7E7000   40   FF   Location Tile Properties 2   7/21/2004
7E7000   0200   FF   Overworld tile properties   8/23/2004
7E7040   40   FF   Location Tile Properties 3   7/21/2004
7E7080   80   FF   ???   7/21/2004
7E7100   3F00   FF   Repeat of previous pattern for each row   7/21/2004
7E7200   0C00   FF   Overworld music transition data   8/23/2004
7E7E00   ?   FF   Overworld exits   8/23/2004
7EFE01   1   FF   Juror 2 bases final decision on this address   7/21/2004
7F0000   1   FF   Storyline Counter (keeps track of storyline progress)   7/21/2004
7F0050   1   01   Marle bumped into Crono . Said never stole anything . Juror 7 - Guilty   7/21/2004
7F0050   1   02   "Tempted by Marle's fortune . Juror 4, 5 - Guilty"   7/21/2004
7F0050   1   04   Just a bit tempted by Marle's fortune . Juror 1 - Guilty   7/21/2004
7F0050   1   08   Found out the Chancellor is framing King Gaurdia   7/21/2004
7F0051   1   FF   Trial innocent votes   8/5/2004
7F0052   1   FF   Silver Points   7/21/2004
7F0053   1   FF   Kittens   7/21/2004
7F0054   1   01   Brought the girl her cat back . Juror 2 - Innocent   7/21/2004
7F0054   1   02   Talked to the girl who lost her cat before bringing it back to her . Juror 2 - Guilty   7/21/2004
7F0054   1   04   Ate the old man's lunch . Juror 6 - Guilty   7/21/2004
7F0055   1   01   Tried to sell Marle's pendant . Juror 1 - Guilty   7/21/2004
7F0055   1   02   Picked up pendant before talking to Marle . Juror 4 - Guilty   7/21/2004
7F0055   1   04   Talked to Marle about missing pendant   7/21/2004
7F0055   1   20   Marle yells about being kidnapped . Juror 3 - Guilty   7/21/2004
7F0055   1   40   Given Marle her pendant / Juror 5 - Guilty   7/21/2004
7F005A   1   20   Lucca tries to change the past   7/21/2004
7F005D   1   01   Crono Poyozo   7/21/2004
7F005D   1   02   Marle Poyozo   7/21/2004
7F005D   1   04   Lucca Poyozo   7/21/2004
7F005D   1   08   Robo Poyozo   7/21/2004
7F005D   1   10   Frog Poyozo   7/21/2004
7F005D   1   20   Ayla Poyozo   7/21/2004
7F005D   1   40   Magus Poyozo   7/21/2004
7F005D   1   80   Crono won cat at fair   7/21/2004
7F005E   1   01   Crono Clone   7/21/2004
7F005E   1   02   Marle Clone   7/21/2004
7F005E   1   04   Lucca Clone   7/21/2004
7F005E   1   08   Robo Clone   7/21/2004
7F005E   1   10   Frog Clone   7/21/2004
7F005E   1   20   Ayla Clone   7/21/2004
7F005E   1   40   Magus Clone   7/21/2004
7F005F   1   FF   Cat Food   7/21/2004
7F007C   1   40   Lara loses her legs   7/21/2004
7F00E1   1   02   Met Spekkio   7/21/2004
7F00E1   1   04   Beat Spekkio E0   7/21/2004
7F00E1   1   08   Beat Spekkio E1   7/21/2004
7F00E1   1   10   Beat Spekkio E2   7/21/2004
7F00E1   1   20   Beat Spekkio E3   7/21/2004
7F00E1   1   40   Beat Spekkio E4   7/21/2004
7F00E1   1   80   Beat Spekkio E5   7/21/2004
7F00E2   1   01   Spekkio has met Robo   7/21/2004
7F00E2   1   02   Spekkio has met Ayla   7/21/2004
7F00E2   1   04   Spekkio has met Magus   7/21/2004
7F00F7   1   02   Told sapling woman to plant the tree   7/21/2004
7F00FE   1   02   Naga-ette Bromide (?)   7/21/2004
7F013A   1   01   Fought Son of Sun   7/21/2004
7F0140   1   01   Mom mentioned Lucca dropping by   7/21/2004
7F0140   1   02   Mom gave Crono allowance   7/21/2004
7F0140   1   04   Mom has met Marle   7/21/2004
7F0140   1   08   Mom has met Lucca   7/21/2004
7F0140   1   10   Mom has met Robo   7/21/2004
7F0140   1   20   Mom has met Frog   7/21/2004
7F0140   1   40   Mom has met Ayla   7/21/2004
7F0140   1   80   Mom has met Magus   7/21/2004
7F014A   1   08   Power Tab in long Geno Dome hallway   8/5/2004
7F014E   1   08   Mother speaks to PCs in long Geno Dome hallway   8/5/2004
7F0190   1   01   Brought to Prison   8/5/2004
7F0198   1   02   Mid Tonics on Prison Supervisor   8/5/2004
7F0198   1   20   Defeated Guards in Prison Supervisor's Office   8/5/2004
7F01A2   1   10   Fought Medina Merchant   7/21/2004
7F01CF   1   80   Saving available   8/5/2004
7F01D2   1   04   Gave Jerky away   7/21/2004
7F01E0   1   01   Spekkio has given Crono magic   7/21/2004
7F01E0   1   02   Spekkio has given Marle magic   7/21/2004
7F01E0   1   04   Spekkio has given Lucca magic   7/21/2004
7F01E0   1   08   Spekkio has given Robo magic   7/21/2004
7F01E0   1   10   Spekkio has given Frog magic   7/21/2004
7F01E0   1   20   Spekkio has given Ayla magic   7/21/2004
7F01E0   1   40   Spekkio has given Magus magic   7/21/2004
7F01F7   1   02   Black Omen has appeared   7/21/2004
7F0400   1900   FF   Overworld Event Data   8/6/2004
7F2000   1800   FF   Location Event Data   8/6/2004

Misc. other stuff

7E2C23 - Crono's name

7EAE93 - Crono's current tech animation

Chrono Trigger Modification / Enemy AI Offsets Listing
« on: August 17, 2005, 03:53:51 pm »
I love spreadsheet software. I've never used any before, but it's perfect for these types of lists, and I can export them to neat file types, like HTML.

I was unable to connect to herograw, so I uploaded it to ACMLM's Commons area for all to download.

You will never see the old one, NEVER! :D

-edit over-

Let me know what you think, if it's usefull, and what I can add to it (maybe the data for each monster?).

I'm using a Spreadsheet program called Gnumeric, which is free. Anyone have any other suggestions for Spreadsheet software? I want to try out some more. :D

Chrono Trigger Modification / Attack types
« on: August 11, 2005, 04:15:42 pm »
After a bit of tracing, I found out where the game decides which character has long range attacks (bows, guns) or has close up atatacks (swords,scythes). This data is surrounded by other data I haven't looked at just yet, but you can still make Ayla fire away from a distance, or Lucca run up to an enemy and smash them when you choose Attack.

CD4001 - Marle's Attack byte.
CD4007 - Crono's Attacy byte.

You can change these bytes to other values for player techs as well, though not all work. Value 33 is fun to use. :)

There are other factors, like Marle using a close up attack anyway when a monster is close to her, and the characters using a critical hit attack sometimes, so these are just their normal attack bytes. I'll expand more on this soon, I have no internet for the time being.

Choosing a value of 01 or 03 for Marle is hilarious! She runs up to an enemy, shoots them at close range, and then smacks them with the but of her gun right after. :)

Also, while I'm here, I found out how to change each of the character's menu Element graphic. Change Crono to Fire, or Shadow, etc..

C2A2C6 - Crono
C2A2C7 - Marle
C2A2C8 - Lucca
C2A2C9 - Frog
C2A2CA - Robo
C2A2CB - Magus

I just got my internet connection back, so I'll check these offsets when I get back tonight. :)

now that I think about it, Schala would be better off as a long distance fighter in CE than a physical fighter with daggers or something, she could hold out her arms and magic blast the enemies.

I think the effect used for long distance attacks is dependant on the weapon you are holding, so swords would give sword slashes flying across the screen (a cool effect anyway).

Chrono Trigger Modification / Save Anywhere
« on: August 05, 2005, 08:55:34 am »
I made this for fun last night.
I killed off a check the game made to see if saving is allowed or not, thus enabling you to save your game just about anywhere.

I'm not sure if it will bork certain events if you save and reload during an event, so use at your own risk.

Patch to an unheadered CT ROM.

$C2/CEDC   AD 34 0D   LDA $0D34  [$7E:0D34]   // 7E:0D34 - Byte that holds Yes or No (can you save here?)
$C2/CEDF   0D 94 02   ORA $0294  [$7E:0294]      
$C2/CEE2   0D 99 02   ORA $0299  [$7E:0299]      
$C2/CEE5   0D 9E 02   ORA $029E  [$7E:029E]   
$C2/CEE8   29 40      AND #$40      
$C2/CEEA   F0 09      BEQ $09       
$C2/CEEC   64 67      STZ $67       
$C2/CEEE   A9 01      LDA #$01      
$C2/CEF0   85 68      STA $68       
$C2/CEF2   4C CC EA   JMP $EACC  [$7E:EACC]  // Play the Menu Error sound
$C2/EACC   08       PHP                  
$C2/EACD   E2 30      SEP #$30   
$C2/EACF   A9 01      LDA #$01      
$C2/EAD1   20 03 EB   JSR $EB03  [$C2:EB03]

Chrono Trigger Modification / Event Tricks - Temporal Flux
« on: July 18, 2005, 11:57:27 pm »
I'll just post in this thread as I figure cool stuff out, for my own reference (terrible memory) and for others to play around with and experiment.

My first offering: Fade from black.

-Pasted from another post-
Ok, this is pretty cool.
These two memcopy commands will start your characters out completely black, and then slowly fade them into color. I currently have these in my character startup/idle right after loading my sprites. Try it out. :)

Here is the black sprites:

And here is them seconds later after a nice fade in:

Of course, you can split these two up if you want them to stay dark while something goes on, and then fade them in afterwards.
-End paste-

Chrono Trigger Modification / Temporal Flux Wormhole example
« on: July 17, 2005, 04:25:12 pm »
A mostly working wormhole for those interested. I'm going through and trying to understand how they work, so I cleared out Gato's event and placed only a wormhole in the area. It takes you to Enhasa. Other events have the individual characters doing special animations while the portal closes, but I sort of changed this one to just make the sprites dissapear before it closes. Right now, it just hides Crono's sprite, but I'm sure it can be made to do the same for the other characters, and it shouldn't be to hard to just drop in some animations for them before the wormhole closes. The wormhole takes up about 3 objects in the event, 09 0A 0B. These can be copied and pasted to other events with minimal changes to them needed (x,y coords, etc).

Perhaps others could post here about making it better, and a tutorial for a customizable wormhole could be added to the site.

Apply to an unheadered ROM, and enter (you guessed it) Gato's section of the fair.

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