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(I know there is already a guide for a standart ocean palace lavos in a LLG)
I want to defeat in in a No-Tabs Run and in a Minimal Level Game: in which all characters stay at starting level. (Wallet at start of game, Hack to remove EXP)I have beaten these challenges, Exept for second and third Lavos forms in a No-Tabs Run

I will Give some stating tidbits:
Crucial for both:
BEFORE Lavos stating attack at most TWO characters at the same speed CAN take they'r turns.  :o

·We can swap Robo whit Frog and exchange his counter for a Dash Ring (15 speed)
·Chrono can use swallow and (ab)use the "free" turn before starting attack to use his Accessory slot for a Speed Belt (16 speed)
·Ayla natural 13 speed is enough to take 2 turns before Lavos uses Chaotic Zone,

MLG: (Minimal Level Game)
·Ayla with: Prism Helm, Prism Dress, Gold Earring, + Shield. CAN survive Destruction Rain From The Heavens! at 505 Hp
·Chrono and Marle *Might* take they'r turn before lavos, and Haste+Shield Ayla
·Chrono wears a Gold Stud Because... whatever you need damage Output

I yet have'nt found a ideal timeline of what happened, namely Zeal palace never falled, Lavos did not controlled Queen Zeal, Schala is never put in these Sheninganis, The gurus are never Sepaired in time. In general Most events never happened of both CT and CC.

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