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I found this site awhile back.
It's Not as the name suggests.   They "hack" technology.  
They tell you how to install Mac on your pc and other cool stuff.  They have a forum too.  Tell me what you think.

I am trying to record the sound test from Radical Dreamers in MP3 Format.  
I need some help though.  Nothing seems to be working right.  
Everything worked perfectly before, but not now.  
I am using
The SNES9X Emulator
Easy Cd Creator 5
Audacity or Wavepad (these do the same thing, They are editors)

SNES9X doesn't have any problems, but it seems to cause them.  
When I close out SNES9X everything works right.  The only problem with that is I need It to record.  

Easy Cd Creator's ERROR Says this:
Unable to use sound card for recording.  Another application may already be using it.  

When I click the play button in audacity it says
Error while opening sound device. Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate.  

When I load a file or hit play in wavepad it says
Please check that you have selected the correct sound player device using Settings.  Open Settings using File->Settings.  

I'm sure they are all connected somehow.  
It can't be problems with the capabilities of my computer simply because it only started doing this recently.  It likely isn't the programs because I was using all of them before and they were fine.  Plus, all three programs seem to have the same problem.  

Someone please help.   :cry:

General Discussion / My disk is trashed
« on: February 25, 2006, 09:46:07 pm »
My Chrono Cross disk is dead, I mean really dead.  I get to many parts in the game and it freezes or sounds and looks... strange.  I have tried to fix the scratches (in just about every method) and yet it is still... dead.  I don't like emulators because they are not so good with... anything.  
Any ideas?

Kajar Laboratories / RPG Maker Chipsets
« on: February 20, 2006, 10:16:54 pm »
I am making a fangame of the Chrono Series with RpgMaker 2003.  I copied a world map with Temporal Flux (into png format of course) and put it into the Chipsets.  I loaded it, but all I got was Black.  Also I looked at one of the Chipsets that Chrono Stream used and the water was animated.  Is there a way I can make a chipset that works using the maps from flux?  Also how was it animated?  I don't care about animation so much because I can use the other chipset.  I was just trying to make it easier to make a map (as close to the original as possible very easily and quickly (not searching for which Tile goes where) )

Kajar Laboratories / Chrono Master
« on: February 14, 2006, 10:26:27 pm »

Major Edit
I have a poll now.  
Vote and comment below.  If you can help Tell Me.  There have been several projects started and maybe several of us can get together.  
I think We should have the original Chrono Trigger (maybe polished up a bit) Next we Should have Radical Dreamers (made like Chrono Trigger) and lastly we should have Chrono Cross.   The last two of which might have some (minor) changes or additions to help out the plot or to make sense.  
They will probably be rom hacks (I guess we'll see what happens)
Each Game will be one rom.  If there isn't enouph room on the Rom we can release it on 2
This is going to be major, so if you are currently working on a rom hack of any of the Chrono Series or Can help with this one Tell Me.  We can Combine Ideas or come up with new ones.  We need all the help/people we can get

Have any of you heard of the project that demiforce wanted to start (but it never really started) named Chrono Master.  It never got further than a few artists trying to apply   :(    (unfortunatly thats about it).  

I just wanted to get this thing started.    

The link to his idea is here.

Just read a little down (and look at the cool pictures he has, kinda giving an idea of what the Chrono Cross Section of the game might look like.  Any Comments, ideas or (if you want to be a jerk) sarcasm,  Please Post Here.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Father?
« on: February 10, 2006, 07:41:30 pm »
Does Chrono Have a Dad?  Is there any reference to his Dad in the game?  Does he even exist?

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