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News Submissions / Chrono Trigger Remake Concept
« on: August 16, 2020, 09:34:00 pm »
I have an idea for a Chrono Trigger remake. The concept is comprised of three core tenets:
  • Characters by Arc System Works
  • Environments by Level-5
  • Orchestral Music

Character Models and Animation by Arc System Works
Arc System Works has demonstrated their unparalleled ability to bring Akira Toriyama's characters to life in the 2018 game Dragon Ball FighterZ. For Toriyama's designs of the Chrono Trigger characters to be brought to life as faithfully as possible, looking as good as they can possibly look, Arc System Works is the only choice for handling the game's character models and animation. But if a deal can't be worked out between Square Enix and Arc System Works, then perhaps key character artists who worked on Dragon Ball FighterZ can be commissioned as freelancers.

If nothing else, the same method documented here should be used as a paradigm. Junya C. Motomura wrote the book on converting 2D anime styles into 3D:

And here's a more concise video that also demonstrates how the same principals are applied to Akira Toriyama's style:

Environments by Level-5
No developer has demonstrated an ability to translate 2D anime style backgrounds into interactive 3D environments as well as Level-5 did when they created the environments for the 2011 game Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Level-5 is the best choice for translating Chrono Trigger's 2D environments into 3D, and would perfectly complement the Arc System Works renditions of the game's characters. But if a deal can't be made between Square Enix and Level-5, then perhaps key environment artists who worked on Ni no Kuni can be commissioned as freelancers.

If nothing else, the environment artists should strive for the same level of quality or higher as Ni no Kuni. Here's a sample:

Orchestral Music
The only musical update a Chrono Trigger remake needs is orchestral renditions of the original game's classic melodies. None of the melodies should be changed. An orchestra should perform each track, note for note, set to the same tempo as the original music, using the same real instrument counterparts for each of the chiptune instrument sets used in the original music. It would also be great if the user could switch between the original chiptune music and the orchestrated tracks on the fly. Too many options is better than too few options! The original game itself was loaded with many customizable features, and something as potentially divisive as a remake should have no shortage of options for customization.

Voice Acing
While I don't consider the addition of voice acting a core tenet, top acting talent should be chosen to bring the characters' voices to life (Square Enix has already demonstrated this with great success), but there should also be an option to mute the voice acting to make the audible aspect of the experience closer to the original game, if the user so desires. Once again, too many options is better than too few.

If people like this concept, it's something I'd like to see someone turn into a petition. Any volunteers? ;)

For those of you who want a remake, what do you think of this? And is there any way to improve my concept, or get Square Enix to consider it, or make it more feasible as a petition?

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