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History, Locations, and Artifacts / Another "interesting" theory
« on: November 20, 2004, 03:14:36 am »
At GameFAQs, there has been posted, yet another theory. Providing the theories—and the link, of course—to help form counter-arguments. This should further our understanding of what it is we study, as any endeavor we choose to pursue.

I now present—without any further ado on my part—the theories.

This may have been brought up before, but in 65 000 000 BC, there are two tribes, the Ioka, and the Laruba.
The laruba have Blue hair. When you talk to one of them in their burned village, she/he says that he had a red rock but it made him feel funny so he threw it away, or something like that. Could it be that the laruba were the foundation for the Zeal royal family?
They may have gained intellegence, or magic from the dream stones. THis is supported by the fact that the Nu speaks perfectly when he holds the red rock, but when he gives it to you he speaks like an idiot.

There is some reason to all of this—as far as the Ioka/Laruba point—however, some points are quite absurd. Such as his suggestion that dreamstone was the primary cause for the evolution. Dreamstone! What's more, this was posted on the Chrono Cross board!

Of course, a few replies later, another—quite similar— theory was posted by another pondering fan.

Yay! Someone else has the same theory as me!

Anyway, the Nu in the Laruban ruins gave you the Silver Rock, which therefore can't be Dreamstone.

Aside from that, your theory matches mine nicely.

Larubans: Blue/purple hair.
Iokans: Brown hair.

Zealans: Blue/purple hair.
Earthbound: Brown hair.

Now, over 64,088,000 years, one would expect enough diffusion that that would be evidence of jack and squat. However, this is a Japanese video game, and stuff like hair color tends to mean stuff, I'm told. I therefore rule out coincidence.

Second point: The Larubans were always hiding themselves while the Iokans were the warrior types.

The Zealans probably raised their lands not only for the superiority factor but as prevention of an uprising.

I admit this particular connection is tenuous, but it could work.

Third point: The Larubans could tame the Dactyls. This implies an affinity with the natural world and/or latent magical talent. Either would be conducive to learning the secrets of a magical stone.

So my theory is thus:

The Larubans found out they could channel magical energies through the Dreamstone, harnessed those energies, and eventually refined them to the point where they were a race of skilled mages.

The Iokans, a warrior tribe, would fear such a thing, and woudl likely try to lash out and eliminate this percieved threat. After all, with magic, strength becomes irrelevant, and remaining hidden won't stop them from carrying out attacks with magic.

Eventually, at a point probably far closer to 12kBC than to 65MBC, the Larubans grow powerful enough and skilled enough to raise masses of land into the sky indefinitely (q.v. Netheril). Here, they establish their kingdom, and rename it after their royal dynasty, Zeal.

At some indeterminate point, which may be before or after the above paragraph, they grow arrogant enough to presume superiority over the Iokans, and once they levitate their lands, they can literally look down on their former neighbors and call them "earthbound".

This is the theory as I have developed it. Interestingly, I originally had this idea in a theory I had about Lavos itself, back in the pre-CC days. This sort of spun off of part of that, and over time, grew refined to what you see above.

First off, I am glad to see that he addresses the Nu/Red Rock point, as it was a rather moot point. I am also intrigued by the hair color notion, which—ridiculous as it may sound—has proven true time and time again.

It does, sadly, seem to completely ignore the existence of the Frozen Flame.

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"GameFAQs General Message List." CJayC. 16 November 2004. CNET Networks. 19 November 2004. <>.

Kajar Laboratories / My CT novel prolouge
« on: November 19, 2004, 03:09:53 am »
I need you guys to see if it's any good. Comments and Critiqes are welcome. BTW, I used the Day of Lavos as my prolouge as per some of the recieved advice.


The sky was clear on that day, as all would remember for years. There was sad irony in what happened. All the countries of the world had just signed an international peace treaty a mere two days earlier.

The year was 1999 AD. The pinnacle of human advancement. Cities were built in giant glass domes to protect from disease and harsh climates. Crime was almost non-existent, and disease was all but wiped out. Humans were on the verge of reversing the damage done by global warming. At last, it had seemed, humans were on the road to peace and harmony.

As fate would have it, of course, the very moment peace and harmony seemed a viable possibility, some grand cataclysmic event would just have to occur and wipe the slate clean. Unfortunately, that was exactly what happened.

The world was divided into numerous countries, the most powerful of them being Guardia, which ruled the Northern half of the continent known as Zenan. The most populated domes were on this continent.

South of the Northern-most dome, a small crack appeared on the surface of the earth. As the seconds passed, the crack grew wider and wider. There was an immense heat emanating from the crack that incinerated everything for miles. The crack grew even larger still until finally, out of the fissure, a being that looked rather reminiscent of some mutant porcupine emerged.

The moment it’s contorted “face”, if you could really call it that, emerged, the skies turned dark and thunder crashed to the ground at random intervals as though it were some half-baked attempt to off the monster in plain sight. And the wind, the terrible, howling wind. It was as though the planet itself was screeching in terror and pain. As well it should have, for the massive beast chose that moment to fire off several, “torpedo-like”, if only in the way they acted, needles, each one with the impact of a Hydrogen bomb, as it landed.

Not surprisingly, the attack did not go unnoticed. For, in a military dome to the East several Generals were watching and planning.

“Direct attack on Truce!” The operator of the dome yelled, announcing the destruction of one city. He looked almost frantic. “Calm down!” The supervisor yelled back, in an attempt to settle down the others, “How does it look down there?” A quick glance at the map eliminated all remaining hope. The map, if it was to believe, and it was, for lack of other resources, clearly showed them as being the only undamaged dome on Zenan. Panning the map out, only served to prove their worst fears right. They were last active dome, not just on Zenan, but they were the only active dome on the entire planet.

“Porre…Choras…Medina…!” The frantic operator yelled becoming, if possible, even more frantic, “Everything’s been destroyed!!” The room remained silent, save for the alarms blaring in the room. The news wasn’t over yet, “Director!” the operator yelled, “We’re under attack!”

The Director was swift to respond, “Take cover in the ShelterDome!” As everybody else left though, the Director remained, slouching over his desk. Faithful to the end, the soldiers seized their beloved commander by the arms. “Director!” they yelled, “Sir, you must come with us!”

The Director resisted, pleading with them to leave, “We’re out of time! Get moving!!” he yelled, as a large chunk of the ceiling collapsed to the ground.

It took some great effort, but the soldiers let go of his arms. As two more parts of the ceiling collapsed, this time landing dangerously close, they acknowledged his request, “Y, yes sir!”

After a few moments of deep thought, the Director raised his glance to the several cracked view screens just ahead. “…Lavos…” He muttered, as the ceiling collapsed on him.

And now matter how hard anyone wished it, the future wasn’t going to change…or…was it?

General Discussion / If I novelized Chrono Trigger
« on: October 17, 2004, 07:54:44 pm »
I'm rrreeeealllly bored. So I'm novelizing the three chrono games. RD was the easiest :P.

Anway, for the CT one, should it start where the game starts, or should I make a Prolouge out of the Day of Lavos ending?

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Observation of mine...
« on: October 12, 2004, 03:09:43 am »
The place where you recruit Mojoy, on the ground you can see the Triforce from LoZ

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / WORST. MASAMUNE. THEORY. EVER.
« on: October 11, 2004, 08:31:15 pm »
Have fun with this one Zeality. No, I didn't make this up. Someone else did.
According to the recorded translations from the game 'Radical Dreamers',
'Chrono Cross' and 'Chrono Trigger' the Masamune has a long illustrious
alluring past. Originally used by Magus to slay many villagers and turn Glenn,
a guy who seemed to threaten his 'name' into a frog. After this Magus
threatened his life, where he in turn went on a rampage and killed his father,
Cyrus. However, a while later the Masamune found its way into Frog/Glenn's
hands and he went for revenge. Cyrus's spirit lived on even after Magus killed
him, and Magus's hate and emotions of rage and evil went into it. Cyrus's ghost
became possessed of those raging emotions of destruction Magus had and went
into Frog/Glenn. He then sought out revenge of Magus for what he did, he wished
to kill Magus with his own hands. Though Frog/Glenn never succeeded, his own
hate and rage coupled with that of the possessed spirit of Cyrus, went into the
evil sword Masamune. Nu, the god of the Masamune granted Frog/Glenn another
chance, and in one timeline he becomes his former human self. Though forever
changed by his feelings of Magus. However Cyrus's spirit continues to inhabit
the Masamune sword now tainted by human emotion and rage, and finds its way
into another man's hands. Many many years down the road, Radius, one of the
last of the Acacia Dragoon Horsemen comes across the Masamune and instantly
those evil feelings of hate and rage course through him causing him to want to
kill. His anger and jealousy coupled with the hate and evil of the Masamune
make him kill Grandmaster Garai, 13th Acacia Dragoon and the best swordsman
since him. Afterwards Lu(Nu) decides the evil of the sword has grown too
strong, and erects a new sword in the clock tower by Lynx's Mansion. This new
sword holds the saintly god like powers that Lu itself attained. The sword is
called the Einlanzer, and Lu uses it to Vanquish the now soaked with evil
Masamune demon into pieces. Radius then regains his self and tainted by old
age, leaves to guard the Frozen Flame in Lynx's mansion. However, long before
Radius ever beheld the sword, a more sinister evil had to have beheld it.
Someone with enough hate and rage to kill hundreds of people. It was
documented, that an unnamed Dragoon weilded the sword and slaughtered many in a
form of Revenge of Cyrus. Though it was never found who it was, he was rumored
to be the lost brother of Cyrus himself! It made somewhat sense, as Frog
couldn't have done this and the one who did wield it caused many deaths. Not
many swordsman except Cyrus were that good. However, whether it was Cyrus's
brother or not, remains to be seen, but the spirit of Cyrus's tainted ghost
caused the man to go insane and kill many upon many people. At this time Doreen
split from the Masamune forever leaving Masa and Mune behind. After Lu had
vanquished the sword, with the new power of the Einlanzer, all was thought to
be peaceful again.
However, in another dimension Radius and Garai who had been childhood friends
for years began on a journey. Garai wielded the holy sword Einlanzer, which was
thought to be the strongest sword in all of the land. Until that fateful day
the travelers stumbled upon Divine Dragon Falls. And within the coursing power
of the Masamune! Once again the power was too much for Radius, and consumed him
with the evil and vengeful emotions he held! He killed Garai in a fit of
insanity, on the edge of Isle of the Damned where they met. After this the evil
hateful emotions of the Masamune went into Garai's Spirit and coursed through
it, and his possessed spirit went into the Masamune. Radius and his own
vengeful emotions, and those of the unknown dragoon and Magus, Frog/Glenn all
coursed through the possessed spirit of Garai, combined with its own hateful
emotions this tainted the Masamune to become completely evil. Later on the
Masamune found its way into another man's hands. Dario, who was Garai's own
son. But it was believed Karsh weilded it over a childhood jealousy and
murdered sir Dario! However, Dario picked it up and used it to almost kill
Karsh! The possessed spirit of his father, Garai in the Masamune caused him to
become evil. Karsh then threw him over the cliff in the Isle of the Damned
thinking him to be dead! Lynx afterwards himself stepped in and told Karsh to
never tell anyone ever, or if they knew the truth, of how he killed Dario, it
would forever shame his name. Lynx lied and then took the Masamune to the Dead
Sea, where he used it to guard against those tresspassers who would interfere
with his plans. Afterwards Radius took the Einlanzer from Garai's own grave and
made the Masamune leave the Dead Sea! However it was assumed it was gone! But
later Karsh, Glenn, Riddel, Viper and Radius himself saw that Dario had washed
ashore a strange isle. And the possessed Masamune sword with the evil spirit of
his father had taken him over as well! Apparently the only way to undo the
surpremely evil sword was to once again reunite Doreen with the others. As the
legend of Nu told, Karsh and Company fought their own friend, Dario there in a
duel of the ages. They then banished the evil possessed spirits of the Masamune
forever, and the sword became the new Masamune, welding Doreen, Masa and Mune
together again, into the GrandDream(Mastermune)!! Not ever again has the
Masamune fallen to evil, but as everything goes that could not be permanent. If
the great Masamune does become evil once again, whom's emotions and feelings
will trigger it...??? The Masamune itself works on the emotions and raging
thoughts of the owner, taking in the spirits of those who have died by
unrighteous bloodshed and vanquished many without cause. The Masamune in turn
turns to pure evil because of the evil in who wields it. Lu(Nu) for this reason
constructed the Einlanzer, a pure and holy sword capable of vanquishing the
evil which befalls the Masamune. If ever the sword should fall to evil again
the Einlanzer will eliminate it.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Can anyone confirm?
« on: October 09, 2004, 08:32:39 pm »
I recently came across a small section of one of the Chrono Cross FAQs, on GameFAQs. Can anyone verify the following statements?

Bring another leena to home cape howl. Conditions: kid must not be in your
and it must be after you visit guldove after overhearing glenn talking to the
stall lady, and before you change into Lynx. You will witness a funny scene
between her
and serge.

Bring another kid to another cape howl. Conditions: leena must not be in your
and it must be after you fight karsh, and before you infi trate viper manor.
You will
witness a scene where Kid asks Serge if you remember. If you answer yes, then
will tell her about the dream about kid getting killed by him and kid will

Thanks to BubbleBobby2000 for both of these great new scenes, and check here
future and even more new Chrono Cross secrets the USA never knew about!!

Are you guys ready??? Well the surprises are here.

Bring Zappa to see Karsh in home world to witness a scene and find out what
happened. Conditions: Must be after turning into Lynx before fighting Miguel.

Bring Guile to see Sneff in home world on the Zelbess to find the truth about
his 'bad debt'. Conditions: Must be after turning into Lynx, before entering
Sea of Eden.

Bring Sprigg with Guile to see Sneff in home world on Zelbess to find the full
story regarding the original gambling bet. Conditions: Must be after turning
into Lynx before going to ??????? Note: Still pinpointing exact requirements.

Bring Serge and whomever to Another Fort Dragonia without Kid in the party by
choosing not to save her and never picking her up from Guldove. Lynx will talk
to Serge almost in third person, followed by Kid being stabbed. Conditions:
Must have chosen not to save Kid and not have traveled back to home.

Bring Sprigg to the Fortune Teller after coming back to learn more about her
mysterious past. Condition: Must be after turning into Lynx.
Bring Greco to the Shop Owner outside of the Shrine in Another world to find
out more of his mysterious past and learn what caused Ghetz's death. Condition:
Must RECRUIT Greco while you are Lynx.
Bring Pierre to Zappa in Another world to learn about his 'big debt'.
Condition: Must be after regaining Serge's body.

Bring Pierre to Zappa's wife to learn more about his big 'debt'. Condition:
Must have both Karsh and Pierre and have gotten Serge's body back.

Bring Pierre and Karsh to Home Zelbess to see Solt and Peppor and learn about
his former 'role'. Condition: Must have recuited Sneff and have gotten Serge's
body back.

Bring Harle to see Sprigg and find some funny sequence. Condition: Must have
recruited both and have gotten Harle back by the Chrono Cross.

Bring Harle to Marcy to see a funny scene. Condition: Must have Harle in
current party before she leaves.

Bring Harle to Kid during her coma to witness something funny. Condition: Must
have gotten Harle back through the Chrono Cross.

Bring Korcha to 'element trader' in Another World to see a funny scene where
Korcha tells the Mermaid to escape. Go back a second time to witness the
Mermaid has escaped her tank and fled the city! Condition: Must have recruited
Korcha and have Serge's body back after Terra Tower appears.

Bring Norris to people in Termina during Porre Takeover. Condition: Must have
Norris and Serge's body back.

Bring Glenn with Karsh to Isle of Damned to learn what his brother did.
Condition: Must have recruited Glenn and have not fought Dario.

Bring Glenn to fight with Dario and learn what happened to his brother.
Conditions: Must have recruited Glenn and gotten Serge's body back.

Bring Marcy before Fargo on home Zelbess to find a hint of why she is his
daughter. Condition: Marbule must have not been saved and the concert already

Bring Korcha to girl in Termina after Porre Invasion to see a rejection.
Condition: Must be after Terra Tower appears and have recruited Korcha.

Bring GrobyC before Norris in Home to find a tidbit of who he is. Condition:
Must be after Porre Takeover and before rebuilding Viper Manor.

General Discussion / I don't understand...
« on: October 09, 2004, 08:24:36 pm »
...Why it is that I feel so...inadequate...

Well, I actually do know. The reason is that, well, I don't understand almost any of the specific technical parts of Time Travel and whatnot. I'm just wondering, how did you all learn any of this?

I mean, I'm bluffing and trying to just force my way to try and understand such things but...

Am I asking too much of myself at 14?

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Serge's thoughts
« on: October 05, 2004, 12:51:03 am »
This is an opinion topic of course. What do you think was going through Serge's mind at certain parts of the game?

When twice his life was stolen, in about a week/month/whatever, do you really think he was just silent and a strong pillar? I happen to think Serge broke down at least twice. Also, I imagine he was enraged at Lynx after the body switching thing.

History, Locations, and Artifacts / The Masamune
« on: October 04, 2004, 12:09:30 am »
From CC, it appears to have been corrupted by evil. But is that the case?

I mean, wouldn't the sword just amplify the emotions rather than corrupt the person to evil? Radius and Dario were warped by it, but was that an effect of the sword or just their unability to control its power?

Time, Space, and Dimensions / From Gamefaqs: Dimensional Unification
« on: February 04, 2004, 02:14:22 am »
Sorry to revive this, but I think that after CC, the dimensions rewound and then the events of RD happened in that timeline.

Lavos, the Planet, and other Entities / Time Devourer question
« on: February 02, 2004, 05:03:50 pm »
When the Time Devourer (TD) splits in Chrono Cross what happens to the Lavos part of it? I guess that the place where it splits, just happens to be where Magus summons him from in 600 A.D.

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