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Hey, guys! I waited a few days because I was reluctant to make a new thread since I'm new here, I don't want to step on any eggshells, I received such a welcome. I thought it might be interesting and kinda fun to share my impressions of CT for the first time in years I do know for sure I've beat it before but it's been so long all the lines seem new to me I completely forgotten everything!! Just a little forewarning I do take my time playing RPGs and I go really slow I really like to milk everything as much as possible for all its worth. I can only game for 2 hours max. each day because of my schedule but when I have nothing else to do/freetime I can sit there for 9-7 hours.

I just made it thru the sewers and I'm at the Keeper's Dome with Crono Marle, Lucca. So far the, my impressions of the game have been, are pretty good. I love Marle I think she's such an interesting character being a princess and all. Lucca's also pretty cool because she is Crono's friend.

I plan to play the game daily until I finish.

I do tend to write a lot I hope it's ok here. I prefer writing in just a thread also.

I just made it through the Future era and am now at the End of Time. Once I got to the future I thought I was gonna see neon signs but it is actually pretty bleak. I got to meet Robo who's one of my favorite characters I love his themesong. His storyline's also pretty cool. I used the enertron with him in the party and I wonder why'd he'd ever get hungry? The End of Time is pretty beautiful, I like the fences.

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