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Retranslation of Chrono Trigger / Re: Ok, let's try this
« on: February 10, 2006, 12:35:03 am »
Quote from: Malenien
It is often written in roumaji as "tte na guai ni."

 Gwah. That would have made perfect sense to me if it had been written like that. D:

 Oh well, thanks!

Retranslation of Chrono Trigger / Welcome / Quality Control
« on: January 17, 2006, 04:10:38 pm »
Quote from: Senescence
other than the honest mistake I made with Spekkio saying that "Not just magic, but all things consist of a balance of these 4", I had an issue with てなぐあいに because Ive never heard it before and I couldnt find it in any of my dictionaries which is odd because I have nearly 10 different types of dictionaries.

 I had exactly the same problem. I have a similar number of dictionaries, including slang ones, and none of them had "tena" in them.  :?

It is okay that I have no clue what any of that means? XD

I did a chunk of text, no big revolutions yet, but there are some differences. ^_^ I sorta arranged the sentence breaks the way they are in the game, but I can make it look like a normal script if that'd be better.

 JP $370000 / US $370000


「 Kurono...



Gina 「 How long are you gonna sleep?
   C'mon! Wake up! ]

Gina 「 Ah, Leene's Bell sings out with such a wonderful feeling. ]

Gina 「 Anyway, you were so excited last night, I bet you didn't get to sleep.
    Well, it IS the 1000th year festival for the founding our nation, so it's not unreasonable...

    Just don't get too carried away in the festivites! (Not 100% certain of the wording)

Gina 「Come now, get up! ]


Gina 「At last, you got up, huh?
     Earlier, err...  your invention-loving (childhood) friend...

     Ah, I'm having a little memory lapse here...
      What was her name, that girl?

Gina 「That's it! Rukka!

    Rukka's invention, you're going to go see it, aren't you? ]

Gina 「Well, try not to be too late!
     Have a good time! ]

Gina 「Oh, right!
    Here, your allowance!
    Have fun at the fair! ]

 Obtained 200G!


Would you like to rest?

 Doppelganger doll obtained.


 Gina 「Welcome back, Kurono! ]


Gina 「Ah, welcome back!
    How's Crono? ]

 Maaru 「Y-yes.

  He... He's fine. ]
Rukka 「Uh, yes...



 He's doing great... ]

 Kaeru 「 Ah.... ye-yes!

   He's all well and good. ]

 Robo 「Gina-san...
   Kurono is... ]


   Kuro... good... ]  

(Trans note: Looks like she has a nickname for him. ^_^)

 Gina 「I see,

 Please tell Kurono, "Don't get into too much trouble!"

 Maaru 「...

 Gina-san... ]

 Rukka 「...

 Aunt Gina-san... ]  (Trans. note: I like to think Lucca is close enough to Crono's mom to intepret "Oba Gina-san" that way, otherwise she'd be calling her "middle-aged woman", which is impersonal and  I don't think quite fits with her being Crono's childhood friend.)

 Kaeru 「...

   Lady... ]   (Trans. note: He's saying it like he's treating her like a noble or something.)

 Eira 「... ]

 Maaru 「This Kurono doll...
   We can borrow it for a bit, right?]         (Trans. note: It's literally "Borrowers going, right!", which is weird.)

 Maaru 「Auntie...
     This Kurono doll,
      we can borrow it, right?]    

 Kaeru 「This Kurono doll...
      Please lend it to me for a short while... ]

 Eira 「 THAT! Kuro's doll! Ayla borrow for a bit! ]

Gina  「Yes, by all means. ]


 Gina 「Listen... take care. ]


  Gina 「Kurono!! ]
 Gina 「Kurono! Kurono!!
    What a relief...
    I heard you were being charged with the death penalty! ]
Gina 「Don't make your mother worry like that! ]


Gina [Ah, it's unusual to see you walking around with a girl other than Rukka! And what's your name?]


 Maaru [Glad to meet you! I'm Maaru.]

ジナ「えっ? マールさん?

 Gina [Huh? Maaru-san?
  Haven't I met you somewhere?
  Strange, maybe I'm just imagining things.


 Rukka [ Good afternoon, Aunt Gina! ]


Gina [ Oh! Rukka! You haven't been coming around much lately! ]


 Rukka [ Lately, I've been busy with research. ]

 Gina  [ Goodness! Is this Lucca's invention? ]


Robo [ Pleased to meet you.
 I am called Robo.  
  I owe a great deal to your son. ]


 Gina [ Wow! So polite!
  A little unusual, but really polite...
  Kurono, maybe you could learn a thing or two from him!



 Gina [ ...

    You shouldn't bring your pets into the house!



Kaeru [ Ah, my lady. I am not a pet. My form is that of a frog, but.. I'm a respected soldier!


 Gina [ Oh! I'm sorry, Mr.Soldier.
  How silly of me, really.
  I'm honestly apologize... Mr... Soldier. ]

 (Note: I get the impression Gina is being sarcastic. XD)

 Kaeru [ Nay, my name is...]


 Gina [ Yes? ]



 Kaeru [ ...

  "Mr.Soldier" will do... ]

ジナ「あらあら、あなた! お名前は?[END]

 Gina [  Hey, you! What's your name? ]

エイラ「エイラ いう。[END]

 Eira [ Am called Eira.]


 Gina [ Miss Eira...
   It's no good for a young girl to have that kind of appearance!]

エイラ「エイラ コレ[END]

 Eira [ Eira appearance...? ]

ジナ「返事は『はい 』です![END]

 Gina [ The answer is, "Yes"! ]


   クロ 母親も強いな。[END]

 Eira [ Kuro... Kuro mother strong too...]


 Gina [ Oh, are you one of Kurono's friends?]


 Maou [ ... ]


 Gina [  A silent one, hm?
 I wonder if you're just shy...? ]



 Gina [ The weather is nice today, isn't it?
  On this kind of day the Black Dream's sparkling light really glimmers. ]


 Maaru [ Are you gonna sleep forever?
 You're late for work! ]


 Maaru [ Ah, Leene Bell's wonderful call is singing out. ]



   出来た! 出来たぞ!![END]

 Maaru [ Kurono! We can't get any more help from father, so please get to work!


  It was possible! It was possible!!

 (Note : Er... somehow I don't think that's quite right... I know "dekita" usually means "I did it!" or the like. Maybe Marle is lamenting over how her relationship isn't working? I remember in the english version she just starts yelling "Crono!" a lot.)

Retranslation of Chrono Trigger / Welcome / Quality Control
« on: January 16, 2006, 01:34:48 am »
Just wonder, how literally translated should it be? Should the speech sound completely natural, as if it were really going into a new ROM?

Retranslation of Chrono Trigger / Progress and Lists
« on: January 15, 2006, 10:31:01 pm »
I'll tackle JP $370000 / US $370000 New Game, Truce, Truce Canyon. :P

Retranslation of Chrono Trigger / Welcome / Quality Control
« on: January 15, 2006, 10:01:13 pm »
I saw "guai" in there and was thinking the word "condition" should be in the sentence, but since I didn't know what "tena" would be by itself I just let it be.

 Can you tell me what "naritatteru" was? XD I figured it was some weird conjugation of naru.

Retranslation of Chrono Trigger / Welcome / Quality Control
« on: January 15, 2006, 06:34:33 pm »
First off, pointy-head there is "sky".
This pony-tailed gal is "water".
The girl with the glasses is "fire".     
Tenaguaini, not only magic but the entirety of things are, these four balance naritatteru.
Starting at the door, walk clockwise around the room three times while thinking, "I wanna use magic!"

 The fourth line's start and end is the only thing that screwed me up. Too bad there aren't more kanji in there.  :wink:

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