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Chrono Cross Modification / CC Enemyedit: Max HP Possible?
« on: April 12, 2020, 03:41:27 pm »
** I changed title name because a new discovery
I Discovered that on New Game + monsters Stats get double, Hp is evident, not sure about other stats...any way to confirm this more in deep?
I am working on a mod with all CC Enemies stats increased x2.00 (HP, ATk, Def, Mag, MDef)
However, just tested on the final boss DT (Lavos) and its Hp resulted to be around 160 ~ 170! (I set it on 20000).

There is a kind of limitation, i haven't even exceed the 65535 stated limit on the app tool.

Would like to know if anyone have experience on this?  :roll:

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Element Base Damages?
« on: April 02, 2020, 06:27:42 am »
As I though, Black Hole looks to be stronger element than their equivalents for same lvl.
Wonder how much stronger are Omegas, sadly theyre single target only.

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Element Base Damages?
« on: March 27, 2020, 03:36:40 am »
I would like to know it too  :(


800712B8 ????
800712BA ????
800712BC ????
800712BE ????
800712C0 ????
800712C2 ????
800712C4 ????
800712C6 ????
800712C8 ????
800712CA ????
800712CC ????
800712CE ????
800712D0 ????
800712D2 ????

Just look enemy list from ccenemyedit or what its posted over here and follow that order
**EDIT: Oh its on that image chart you uploaded. the first code is for  the first 16 enemies and adds it to doppelgang list

800712B8+XXXX, for first 16 enemies following the list.
0000 = none of them available, FFFF = all of them will appear on list
0001 = Radius
0002 = Beach Bum
0004 = Sand Squirt
0008 = Komodo Pup
0010 = Opah Fish
0020 = Mama Komodo
0040 = Karsh
0080 = Solt
0100 = Peppor
0200 = Tetze Fly
0400 = Wraith
0800 = Mama Dingo
1000 = Bubba Dingo
2000 = Drongo
4000 = Dodo
8000 = Solt

800712BA+XXXX Second group
800712BC+XXXX Third group...
And as the same goes..

They are Hex values, so different values will add more characters/enemies to the list, all combinations are possible. looks like just need sum any of them with an Hex calc. so 00FF  will be the first 8 characters available on list.

Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Remaking Lynx battle idle animation
« on: March 06, 2020, 08:40:25 pm »
Wow...this still being the biggest dream of any Cross player. Have Lynx with his Scythe in that badass pose.

I was just fiddling with gameshark codes and also got the same Red Screen when i try to load Lynx model

300DB0A5+0067 This is the first Lynx you face at Viper Manor
300DB0A5+008A The second Lynx from Fort Dragonia

What I could get is Dark Serge model, without proper texture and other bosses:
66 Marcy
92 Garai
99 Miguel
D9 Dark Serge: It lacks His scythe(looks invisible), but all animations works, even the swirls.

All these models are in brownish colour, and clearly have the Serge Face on it, i think because I replaced the codes over Serge model, if i try after body swap some of them wont load.

Hello Chrono lovers! Im here on the forum and got interested about the tools to make the game more challenging and anjoyable with enemyedit! Thanks to their creator
Im also trying to modify the enemy list to doppelgang, however i dont know how to add a enemy on the list, or I have to "LEARN" it by fighting with that enemy?

Also, I have to say that after the patch done, there appeared bad sector error when entering a battle. So I researched a bit and figured out that I have to fix the iso with ECCRegen. Dont worry if ppf o matic says incorrect image size.

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