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i sill wonder about the pendant tho? IS it the same one as schala's? if so how did the royal family come to get it? wouldnt it have been lost in the ruins of the ocean palace?

thanks boo. ill check out the to be here:)

Other Topics and the Prerelease / Re: Extrapolations for Chrono Break
« on: October 25, 2019, 11:10:29 pm »
i really like this chrono break idea....and some of the ideas on this topic are great!i would think tho that the break thought would be ......

time and space breaking....which could be like a cross and trigger hybrid game where time and space are literaly jumbled together?

or break as in breaking the cycle of lavos that has.....well probably been a problem in the galaxy

Time, Space, and Dimensions / the pendant paradox,and the director dilema
« on: October 25, 2019, 10:53:19 pm »
so ive been looking around and havent seen anything yet{does not mean its not there}to answer the two things that have naged at me for a while did the director, the one you see when you lose the game, know about lavos? another thing is how did marle get schalas pendent? well at least i always thought they where the same pendant.... so....

my mind worked somthing out one night and im glade to find a site where i can share it.
it is as follows.....

the whole game takes place in an alternate time line. the only time you see the original timeline is when you lose and see the scene where the dome falls on the director as he mutters lavos..... for in the original timeline,lavos destroys the ocean palace and schala binds her soul to her pendant, where for thousands of years she works out where and when the best way and place to beat lavos and save the world she waits.until sometime between 1000 and 1999 a.d. when a group or government uncovers the ruins of the ocean palace.{porre?} they discover the pendant and store it away to be cataloged later. well.....later comes around in 1999 when the director takes the pendant and puts it in some sort of machine to analyze it. the machine powers the pendant{like the mammoth machine} and lavos,who is still at the planets core, senses it and rises to the surface, ie 1999 apocalypse. schala,whos traped in the pendant does two, send a quick telapathic message to the director instantly filling him in on her and lavos. and two, due to being charged up and her proximity to lavos, sends the pendant(and only the pendant, not her soul or essence}back in time somewhere between the rise of guardia and 600 add. thus ensureing that the pendant would be in marles hands when she met crono, who in turn would be the main man to beat lavos.

now there could be slight variations to that for example instead of schala and the pendant having the powere with lavos to go back in time, she sends the message to the director and he places her in a prototype time machine to go back to the past.... or whatever.

i do wonder if anyone has anythoughts or ideas to what i term the pendant paradox or the directors dilema?

hello! i love the site and are looking forword to being a member. what do i think of?..... that intro movie, the real one....takes me back to when i first played the game on the snes. seeing all the places i havnt been to yet,wondering what secrets the game held, how do i get there?whos that?also..... the first time i made it to the other side of zenan bridge and explored.MAN that was great! 8)

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