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Well, I was going to be looking for a sprite/tile artist once I had gotten enough done to be confident that I would finish; I'm a coder, and I have a friend of mine writing the story for it. I figured I'd do the maps, because I'm okay at it - but help would be cool. I was kind of tired at the time I posted the message above - What I meant to say was that the members of Chrono Compendium who were working on an RD hack already should coordinate.

Yue is a spriter, my friend is a writer, I'm a coder, and Strummer can play the guitar (ha... *cough*) - or maybe do more graphics, or mapping, or something. I have already figured out how to do a couple of the things you asked in my own hack (Just has an opening sequence which pans across a different version of the world of RD, and a small dialogue sequence between Kid and Serge): I changed the default names, and I moved the ship to a different location.

If Yue or Strummer want to coordinate something (which would be pretty sweet), then they could PM me or just post here.

If not, I'll just go sulk in a corner.

Anyway, peace out.


Edit: Although I think that the sprite of Serge that you made looks awesome, it looks much more like the Serge in Chrono Cross than the Serge in Radical Dreamers. And while I admit that the Serge in RD looks kind of... odd, it might be better to make the Serge in your remake into something closer to the original Serge.

Holy crap, is EVERYBODY doing a Radical Dreamer's romhack? I have a friend of mine writing a (slightly-extended) script for it at the moment. Wow. The Chrono Compendium needs to coordinate something - I think.

Chrono Trigger Modification / Overworld Event findings
« on: January 13, 2006, 01:02:42 pm »
Command 28(02, 1) Removing this line causes it to crash....I think it may be in every overworlds code

I believe that's a fade in routine, actually. The first variable is time over which to fade, and the second is whether to fade in/out. Note that this seems to bug up if you have more than one pair of fades (ie, fade in, fade out, move screen, fade in, fade out - the last fade doesn't work in my case).

Command38 is a pause function - It still processes other objects, it just pauses this one.

Command2E and Command31 are tricky. I know that they are used in combination to move the camera; Command2E aims, and 31 actually moves it for the time specified.

It's hard to tell what any value will do in Command2E, so I'll just show you the signature and give you a tip on how to use it.
Command2E(aimage, more aimage, horizontal or vertical)
The two "aimage" parts are how you aim the camera. There's some correlation, but its hard to tell - you think you have it and then... just no.
Here's a trick though: if you want to move left, set the second aimage to FFFF, and the first to something less than that. For moving right, set the second aimage to 0000, and the first to something more than that. Essentially, |aimage1 - aimage2| is how fast you move. Now, you won't get uber-insane speeds, but if you want that, just mess around with the code for a while.

To actually move the camera is much simpler, just call 31 with a number representing how long you want it to move for. Yup.


Chrono Trigger Modification / Temporal Flux Animation Reference Project
« on: January 08, 2006, 03:03:40 pm »
Oops, I didn't log in.
That's all for now though. I'll probably post a bunch more in a while.

Chrono Trigger Modification / How To.........
« on: January 06, 2006, 01:32:36 am »
Hey, I'm wondering if you've been successful in getting Crono to lay in a bed correctly - that is, without all the layers screwing up. I keep copying the code and tile properties from the original scene in the opening, but it doesn't work: Crono ends up above some layers and below others.

Thanks in advance!

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