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Chrono Cross Modification / Re: Chrono Cross Single-Disk Project
« on: June 20, 2019, 12:15:43 am »
So..I'm not sure if what I'm looking for is simply somewhere else and I'm just lost or maybe I did something wrong when downloading some modded files, but..

I am using the "All Doppelgangs" cheat on the regular iso, but I am all about futuristic / giant characters. With this being said..

What I'm looking for is to be able to doppelgang as the following:
Combot (I already know this is possible, even without the cheat)
Guillot (Works with the cheat, but cannot use elements?)
Highwayman (Same problem as Guillot)
Hi-Ho Tank (Save problem as Guillot)
The Terra Tower "Dolls" like Aquator and Anemator (I don't even recall seeing these in the list of doppelgangs, even after using the cheat)
Taurusoid & Gravitor (With the already apparent red screen crashes)
All of the dragons excluding Dragon God (DG looks too funky to me)
possibly Vita & FATE?

@itoikenza I tried out your doppelganger.bin (which I literally downloaded today on 6/19/2019 from google drive), and come to find out that Hi-Ho tank is the only one with the unique elements attached to it
And all my other faves that tend to work are now broken?
When I try to DG(doppelgang) Guillot, the model loads in and quickly morphs into Flea? and causes whoever I used to DG to freeze up, unable to do anything from there
DG'ing Combot or MegaStarky now makes the game hang without loading the info box with health and stuff
I noticed Highwayman was untouched

I can't possibly tell what I might have done wrong, but I also noticed you had .mcf and .ppf files labeled as "The.Power", and I don't recognize those file extensions...are those patch files or osmething?

Can someone fulfill my requests possibly?
Can you tell me what to do to fix these issues?

Thanks in advance  :cry:

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