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Hmm... It seems the soundtrack has been removed from Youtube. Kind of a shame producers of AE see that even though most (game) music is usually available in Youtube, their awesome music should be removed, which hinders accessability. But of course its their decision.

However, I found the official (?) Spotify soundtrack (names in japanese):

Some similar songs, feels or their parts I found

Another Eden: Another Eden 1:06:
Chrono Cross: Scars of Time 1:49:

Another Eden: Palace of the Sea Goddess:
Chrono Cross: Garden of God:

Another Eden: Windy Scented Earth:
Chrono Cross: Fields of Time - Home World:
& Chrono Cross: Voyage - Another World:

Another Eden: Book of Darkness:
Chrono Trigger: Secret Forest:

Another Eden: Victory:
Chrono Cross: Victory - A Gift of Spring:

I've been listening the soundtrack of Another Eden at work during the past few weeks, and the Chrono feel is so strong. Some tracks are a clear mashup of CT's and CC's music.

Check the youtube playlist out here:

I've also wondered how well AE's music would fit CT or CC. A mod of the Chrono games with AE's music would be very interesting.

General Discussion / Re: Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:13:00 am »
For those interested, there is an active subreddit and a wiki with lots of discussion, guides and information. But I would hold off until you've progressed in the story, in order to avoid spoilers.

I do wonder how much of the stuff meant for Chrono Break has been incorporated into this game, and can we identify those parts and connect what they would mean in the Chrono universe!

Spoiler: Like the fact, that there is a certain cat named Alfador which is quite close to the name Aldo...

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Cracking out who exactly is Zoah?
« on: August 07, 2019, 07:15:35 am »
Fortune teller to Zoah:

I sense deep sadness
beneath that mask of
In the near future,
you, too, shall find
your sanctuary of peace...

I'm getting more convinced that Zoah could be meant to be Crono, who lost Marle in the war. Or their son, who lost his parents. This dialogue hints that he indeed lost someone:


I wonder if his name has any etymological meaning in English or Japanese? In English the closer I can find is:

Zoa, (plural of zoon (n.))

"animal form containing all elements of a typical organism of its group," 1864, from Greek zōon "animal," from PIE root *gwei- "to live."

The root, "to live", could match that he lived after all (even after the injury)..

There's also this:

zoanthropy (n.)

form of insanity in which a man imagines himself to be another type of beast, 1845, from French zoanthrope or directly from Modern Latin zoanthropia, from Greek zoion "animal" (from PIE root *gwei- "to live") + anthrōpos "man" (see anthropo-).

Anyone know any Japanese to analyse the Japanese name, ゾア ?

Edit: Zoah also seems to like sleeping a lot. Sounds similar to a certain sleepy head at the start of CT..

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Cracking out who exactly is Zoah?
« on: August 05, 2019, 07:43:11 am »
If Zoah is Crono, Crono's been taking a lot of dbol...

I dunno, Crono is quite buff, although clothed in loose clothes:

Look at those arms!

That is pretty fascinating. I wonder if Kato viewed this as a sort of "redo" of Chrono Trigger (perhaps a parallel universe of sorts)?

I have downloaded this game and it gets a lot of praise for a mobile game. I really need to start playing it...

Maybe. I would say it is not far fetched to assume Kato might have used stories, ideas and plotlines of the cancelled Chrono Break in this game.

Actually I'm overall quite surprised that other Chrono fans have had such a indifferent reaction to this game. It is a goldmine for Chrono theorycrafters, and the story is awesome. Hopefully now that its also released in Europe, it will get critical mass and get people attention :)

Since Another Eden is full of references and straight out straight copies from Chrono Trigger, I thought I'd post a comparison of the games world maps here, incase anyone is interested. Huge huge spoilers up ahead, so stop now if you havent gotten into Another Eden yet. The maps I pulled out of the japanese site.


Present is where both games start and the setting is post-medieval/renaissance type. Another Eden (300AD) is not so high-tech as Chrono Trigger (1000AD) (for example Lucca Ashtear in Another Eden is not tinkering with tech).

Chrono Trigger:

Another Eden:

The maps are definately different, but there are some similarities:
-The starting town is at about the same location
-Some mountain ranges match up
-The island, where you do a similar thing in both games lines up ;)
-The place where beasts live is at a similar location


The Future (1100AD) in Another Eden is partly floating, because the Earth is poisoned. Maybe a reference/another timeline to the domed 1999AD? I'm gonna compare with the CT's 1999AD fanmade map, since I think that is maybe more closer to the Future in AE.

Chrono Trigger:

Another Eden:

The ground in AE is foggy and partly hidden, so its hard to see. It seems there are 3 continents on the ground, and one larger one  and few smaller floating. Some notes:

-The large floating one could be the Porre continent, and the ones on the ground could be the other large ones
-The upper right floating island is again the place where you do the thing ;)
-The floating island on the lower right is called Laula Dome, which underlines the dome thing from Chrono Trigger
-Kingdom of Zeal reference, anyone?


The setting of antiquity in AE is kind of a mix of prehistory and the Kingdom of Zeal royalty, without any tech stuff.

The Antiquity (20,000BC) in AE seems to have a one-continent type thing going on, just like in prehistory of CT. The vicinity of the Volcano is more prehistory-like, whereas the kingdom in the west is more CT-antiquity. This is maybe the map with most similarity. Just move the volcano to the upper right in the big continent and let the river flow into the middle and you could have nearly the same map. Frog from AE is from this time period.

-That island in the corner is "still" there ;)

Hopefully there is something interesting here to look at and speculate about. If you havent yet gotten into it (and you looked at this and partly spoiled yourself), I urge you to give AE a try! There are just so many similar things, that there might even be a canon connection lurking somewhere!  :o

For those who didnt want to play around the apk's and such:

"Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space" will be released to 34 new countries across Europe and South East Asia on June 26th around 2:00 UTC!

Pre-registration is available for the Google Play store!

*Another Eden will be available for download for iOS on the day of the release"

Just listen to this new music from the just released episode (yes, there are content updates!):

General Discussion / Re: Look who I found on Another Eden!
« on: May 10, 2019, 11:20:47 am »
Some of the characters are just toying with us...

Description: A mage wreathed in darkness and death. He has no memory of his past, and hides his scarred face behind a mask. He keeps away from people. Not wanting to be studied, he prefers to do things on his own. "

Design seems like a dark version of Guile:

I would love to have a subforum for analysing the similarities with the Chrono games. I am wondering if they have used elements from the cancelled Chrono Break on this game?

General Discussion / Re: Look who I found on Another Eden!
« on: May 08, 2019, 07:35:01 am »
Very early on there are dummies in a shop (?) that look a LOT like Mojoy from Cross that you can click on, but it just says its just a dummy or something. Raven also seems to be filling in for Guile (his mask & mysterious past are almost identical).

In fact so much of this makes me think I would have enjoyed Cross more if it had been a gacha (would have explained the large cast)...I love that even tho it is gacha most characters DO have personal sidequests that make them more than just combat drones. Now if they'd only throw in Double/Triple Techs I'd be in heaven....

Also since its Mitsuda you HAVE to play w/the sound UP!!

Double tech you say...

Yea I think its very good. The difficulty after first few chapters is also quite challenging, not your basic "overlevel and 1-hit everything" type game.

A few teaser screens...

Mystery woman?:

End of time?!:

Time portals..:

General Discussion / Re: Look who I found on Another Eden!
« on: March 28, 2019, 07:38:24 am »
I'm from Europe and it is not available here. I just downloaded the Another Eden apk from google, installed, and selected Canada as my region. Works fine.

It's been a few years since I used an emulator, so dont know the current ones. Consensus on Reddit seems to be that Bluestacks is quite good. Nox seems to send your info to China, so dont use that.

I've been really liking the game currently! It's very story driven, but also has an interesting (but simple) combat system. It might be a bit slow-paced during dialogue, but I dont mind since the stories are fun and interesting. Music is of course great!

Some slight spoilers on the setting: The time eras seem to be 300AD, 1100AD and Antiquity (still dont know the exact year for Antiquity). 0AD is depicted to be the start of some kingdom. Ashtear resides in 300AD. I dont know whether she's Lucca, her ancestor/descendant or just fan service.

I see the setting as a sort of opposite to the Chrono world. Main character uses a sword, while "Cyrus" the frog man uses a Katana (Opposite of Crono and Frog). The world in the future is floating in Another Eden (12,000BC in Chrono), while the Antiquity in AE seems well-being and civilizationally stable (like 1999AD in Chrono). Main characters are a brother and sister, so I think that theme is also similar to Chrono series. There is also a demi-human race called the Beasts in 300AD, that are angry at humans.

I wouldnt mind a Another Eden subforum, where one could analyse the connections, stories and fan service in AE in comparison to Chrono.

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